Meet Syria’s "freedom fighters"

Meet the FSA

Just imagine what these people will do if they ever come to power…

From Bosnia, to Kosovo, to Chechnia, to Libya, these folks have always had the same
modus operandi: committing the worst type of atrocities while screaming Allahu Akbar! I cannot imagine a worse blasphemy.

Yet, these are the people which the US/EU – and some doubleplusgoodtinking imbeciles in the blogosphere – are trying to put in power in Syria. Sure, these monsters are funded by the KSA and Qatar, but their real masters are in London, Paris, Washington and, of course, Jerusalem. A satanic alliance indeed.

The Saker

Syria Execution Video Shows Militants Committing War Crimes: UN
Local Editor
The United Nations said that a video showing militants executing Syrian soldiers was evidence of war crimes.
insurgents execute soldiers
“It is very likely that this was a war crime, another one,” Rupert Colville, spokesman for UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, told reporters in Geneva.

He was reacting to a video posted on YouTube of showing insurgents beating around 10 soldiers before lining them up on the ground and executing them with automatic rifles.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday that rebels had killed 28 soldiers during attacks on three army checkpoints.

Colville said he and his colleagues had only just seen the video and that it was difficult to verify who was involved.

But, he stressed, the perpetrators should be under no illusion they could get away with their crimes.

“Accountability will follow,” he said, adding that the video could well be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

“We call on all parties to the conflict in Syria to respect international law,” he said.

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