Ethiopian Zionists starve 10 million people to death

During WWII, the leaders of the World Zionist Movement refused an offer by London to help European Jews to immigrate to British occupied Palestine. But they refused the offer. Why? Because they were only interested in the creation of a Western post in the heartland of Islam – Palestine. Their agenda had nothing to do with the creation of a ‘safe heaven’ for the European Jews.

Currently, the pro-Israel Ethiopian minority government has repeated the same story by refusing neighboring Muslim-majority Eritrea’s offer to let its two large ports bring in food aid into Ethiopia and clear a backlog of food aid at the small Djibouti port.

Ethiopia rejected the offer under pressure from Israel and American Jewish Lobby that want a regime change in Eritrea.

According to aid agencies more than 10 million Ethiopians are facing starvation and more than $1.4 billion is needed to deal with the crisis. Only half of that has been secured so far.

But as famine ravaged the horn of Africa nation, aid ships are waiting for days to unload food aid at the Djibouti port, the only that serves the landlocked nation of about 96 million people.

What kind of leaders refuse to save the lives of thousands of their own citizens to die of starvation to please their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv?

The answer comes from Thomas C. Mountain, an investigative journalist living in Asmara (here).

Why isn’t the USA and its lickspittles in the EU pressuring the Ethiopians, who are supposed to be under UN Article 7 Sanctions for their refusal to accept final and binding peace and border agreements, and entirely dependent on foreign loans to keep running ($11 billion in 2015)? The politics of famine is what it’s all about as death from starvation stalks Ethiopia, again.” Mountain said.

The US and Israel which are world’s greatest human rights abusers, have always been in the forefront for waging so-called ‘humanitarian wars’ against regimes that refuse subservience to the world Zionist power. Like Sudan, Eritrea had been accused of human rights violations, and supporting al-Shabaab in Somalia. The country has been under the US sanctions even though all the allegations have been refuted by the UN officials.

The so-called ‘terrorist group’ al-Shabaab was created and is funded by the USand Israel to demonize Muslims and destabilize African Muslim majority nation-states just like the ISIS/ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

The Zionist enemies of Eritreans don’t want them to live under an independent sovereign government that refuse to take orders from the anti-African Western colonial powers. But Eritreans will not surrender their sovereign rights nor they will abandon their support for the government’s independent political stance under any PR lies including the human rights violations.

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