Who “lost” Kazakhstan and to whom?

Jauary 09, 2022

Dear friends, Christ is born!  Glorify Him!

The magnitude of the crisis in Kazakhstan has surprised many, including myself.  Some compared what happened to the Euromaidan in Kiev, but that is a very bad comparison, if only because the Euromaidan happened on one square of one city whereas the violent insurrection (because that it was it was!) in Kazakhstan began in the western regions but quickly spread to the entire country (which is huge).  Just by the sheer magnitude of the insurrection (about 20’000 well organized and trained combatants all over the country) and its extreme violence (cops had their heads cut off!), it was pretty obvious that this was not something spontaneous, but something carefully prepared, organized and then executed.  The way the insurgents immediately attacked all TV stations and airports, while bigger mobs were trashing the streets and looting stores, shows a degree of sophistication Ed Luttwak would have approved of!

To me, this is much more similar to what happened in Syria in the cities of Daraa, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Damascus, and many more.

I will admit that my initial reaction also was “wow, how could the Kazakh and Russian intelligence services miss all the indicators and warnings that such a huge insurrection was carefully prepared and about to explode?”.  Then came the news that President Tokaev appealed to The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which up until now was a rather flaccid organization and that very same evening Russia began an air bridge to move forces to Kazakhstan, including the subunits of the 45th Guards Separate Special Forces Brigade, 98th Guards Airborne Division and 31st Guards Airborne Assault Brigade.  Russian military transporters also airlifted small contingents of Armenian, Kyrgyz, Tadjik special forces.  Most interestingly, the Belarusians also sent one reinforced company from their elite 103rd Separate Guards Airborne Brigade (that is the famous Vitebsk Airborne Division, one of the best Soviet Airborne Divisions).  Considering the current tensions with the West over the Ukraine, the speed with which these forces were sent to Kazakhstan indicated to me that this was clearly a prepared move.

In other words, at least the Russians had advanced warning and were fully prepared.  If so, I doubt they said anything to their colleagues from the CSTO, with the possible (likely?) exception of the Belarusians.

Okay, so let’s explore the implications of the above.

If the Russians knew, why did they do nothing at all to prevent what just happened?

Here we first need to revisit what recently happened in Belarus.

President Lukashenko had pretty much the same foreign policy as President Tokaev: something they call a “multi-vector” foreign policy which I would summarize as follows: pump all the aid and money from Russia, while suppressing pro-Russian forces inside your own country and try to show the AngloZionist Empire that we can be bought, just for the right price of course (this is also what Vucic is doing in Serbia right now).  Now let’s recall what happened in Belarus.

The Empire and its vassal states in the EU tried to overthrow Lukashenko who had no other choice than to turn to Russia for help and survival.  Russia, of course, did oblige, but only in exchange for Lukashenko’s “good behavior” and comprehensive abandonment of his “multi-vector” foreign policy.  Lukashenko prevailed, the opposition was crushed, and Russia and Belarus have already taken major further steps towards their integration.

Now I know that there are those out there who love to accuse Putin (personally) that he “showed weakness”, “let the US and NATO blow up countries on the Russian periphery”, etc. etc. etc.  To those inclined to this, I ask a simple question: compare the Belarus before the insurrection and after.  Specifically, from the Russian point of view, was the multi-vectoring Belarus preferable to the fully aligned Belarus of today or not?  The answer, I submit, is absolutely obvious.

Now let’s look at Kazakhstan.  Potentially, this is a much more dangerous country for Russia than Belarus: it has a huge border (7’600km, open and undefended as Kazakhstan is a member of the Eurasian Economic Community!), a strong pan-Turkic underground (supported by Turkey), an equally strong Takfiri underground (supported by various non-state and even state actors in the region), ethnic tensions between the Kazakhs and the Russian minority and very important security ties to Russia.  To have the Empire take over Belarus would have been very bad indeed, but the Empire taking over Kazakhstan would have been even much worse.

Yet, as a direct (and, I submit, predictable) consequence of the insurrection, Tokaev now knows that his fate depends on Russia, just like Lukashenko’s.  Is that a bad or a good outcome for the Kremlin?

I will toss in another name here: Armenia’s Pashinian, who was a notorious russophobe until the Azeris attacked at which point he had no other choice but to turn to Russia for help and, frankly, survival.  That is also true of Erdogan, but he is an ungrateful SOB who can’t ever be trusted, not even for minor matters.

Now remember all those dummies who were screaming urbi et orbi that the CSTO is useless, that the Russians just let the Azeris beat the crap of Armenia and could do nothing about it?  As soon as Russia got involved, the war stopped and the “invincible” Bayraktars stopped flying.  Is that a good or bad outcome for Russia?

And now, oh sweet irony, the self-same Pashinian happens to be the formal head of the CSTO (more like Stoltenberg really, a official mouthpiece with no real authority) and he had to “order” (announce, really) the CSTO operation into Kazakhstan.

So we have Lukashenko, Pashinian and now Tokaev all ex-multi-vector politicians begging Russia for help and getting that help, but at the obvious political price of ditching their former multi-vector policies.

I don’t know about you, but for me this is a triumph for Russia: without any military intervention or “invasion” (what the TV watching infantiles in the West scare themselves with at night), Putin “cracked” three notorious multi-vectorist and got them to be nice, loyal and very grateful (!) partners for Russia.  By the way, Russia also has a very deep “penetration” into all the other “stans” whose leaders are not stupid and who, unlike the western journos and “experts” all read the writing on the wall.  The impact of what just took place in Kazakhstan will reverberate all over Central Asia.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is The_Caucasus_and_Central_Asia_-_Political_Map.jpg

About the CSTO operation itself.  First, the Russian and Belarusian forces (about 3’000 Russians and 500 Belarusians): they are truly elite, top of the line, battle hardened, professional, highly trained and  superbly equipped forces (the other smaller contingents are more for “PR decoration” than for anything else).  Officially, their mission is only to protect key official (Kazakh and Russian) facilities but these forces would be more than enough to make minced meat of out any western or Turkish trained Takfiris or nationalists, even if their numbers are much higher than the 20’000 estimate.  And, in the worst case, these forces happen to be in control of key airports were Russians (and Belarusians) could send in even more forces, including at least two Russian airborne divisions.  That would be a force nothing in Central Asia can even dream of taking on.  I should also mention that Russia has a large and strategically crucial military base in Tadjikistan which has trained to fight against Takfiri terrorists and insurgents for decades now and which could also support any Russian military operation in Central Asia.

So the objective of these forces are:

  • To free up Kazakh security and military forces to put down the uprising (which they are doing)
  • To send a political message to the Kazakh security forces: we got your back, no worries, do your job.
  • To send a political message to the insurgents: you will either lay down arms, flee abroad or die (which is what Putin ordered in both Chechnia and Syria, so these are not empty threats at all).
  • To send a political message to the US and Turkey: Tokaev is our guy now, you lost him and this country!
  • To send a political message to the entire Central Asia and Caucasus: if Russia has your back, you will stay in power even if the idiots at CIA/NED/etc. try to color-revolutionize you.
  • To send yet another message to folks like Erdogan or Vucic – all that multi-vectorness will end up very badly for you, use your head before it is too late (for you, not for us – we are fine either way!).

Some have suggested that the timing of the insurrection Kazakhstan was some kind of attempt by US/NATO to “hurt” Russia in her “weak underbelly” and to show Russia that she has to back down from her ultimatum to the West (negotiations are supposed to start tomorrow, in an atmosphere of general pessimism).  Well, I don’t have any info out of Langley or Mons, but if that was the US plan, then this entire project not only collapsed, but has backfired very very badly indeed.

Remember, the PSYOP narrative was that Putin is either stupid, or weak or sold out to the West, yet when we look at the “before and after” thingie, we see that while the West “almost” (or so they think) “got” Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan and, now, Kazakhstan, the reality is that in each case it appears that the narcissistic megalomaniacs running the West have confidently waltzed into a carefully laid Russian trap which, far from giving the Empire the control of the countries it “almost” acquired, made them lose them for the foreseeable future.

Can you imagine the level of impotent rage and frustration in Langley and Mons when the watch that kind of footage: oy veh!!

Of sure, the AngloZionist propaganda machine and the clueless trolls (paid or not) who parrot that nonsense won’t say a word about all this, but just use your own common sense, use the “before and after” thing, and reach your own conclusions.

Joint briefing by the commander of the collective peacekeeping forces of the CSTO in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Colonel General Andrei Serdyukov, Commander of the Russian Airborne Forces, and Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Lieutenant General Sultan Gamaletdinov.

Speaking of conclusions: how about all those who bitched about the CSTO being a toothless wannabe copy of NATO which can get nothing done?  You still find it so toothless now?

How does it compare to NATO, no, not on paper, but in terms of combat operations capability?

The West wanted to turn Kazakhstan into a “Russian Afghanistan” (same plan for the Ukraine, by the way).  Turkey wanted to turn Kazakhstan into a Turkish-run vassal state.  The Takfiris wanted to turn Kazakhstan into some kind of Emirate.

In your opinion, how do you evaluate the effectiveness of a collective security treaty which could foil all of these plans with only a brigade-sized force and in just a few days?

One more thing: there is something else which Kazakhstan and Syria have in common: there were A LOT of CIA/MI6/Mossad/etc agents around Assad, this became quite clear by the number of high-level Syrian officials who either backed the insurrection, or even led it.  Most later fled to the West, some were killed.  But the point is that the “apple” of the powers structure in Syria was quite rotten.  The same can be said for Kazakhstan where a huge purge is taking place, with the highly influential head of the security services (and former Prime Minister!) not only demoted, but arrested for treason!

So in plain English, the SVR/FSB/GRU will now have a free hand to “clean house” the same way the Russians “cleaned house” around Lukashenko and Assad (in this case with Iranian help): quietly and very effectively,

Again, I can hear the hysterical and desperate wailing out of Langley and Mons.  That’s what you get for believing your own stupid propaganda!

As for those who bought that silly “Putin losing countries all over the former Soviet Union space” PSYOP narrative, they probably feel quite stupid right now, but won’t ever admit it.  Speaking of stupid,

No, Putin is NOT, repeat, NOT trying to “re-create” the Soviet Union.

And while that mediocre non-entity Blinken warns about how the Russians are “hard to get out once they come in” (coming from a US Secretary of State this is both quite hilarious and a new, even higher, level of absolute hypocrisy!), the truth is that most CSTO forces will leave pretty soon, if only because there will be no need to keep them in Kazakhstan.  Why?  Simple: the hardcore trained terrorists and insurgents will soon be dead, the looting rioters will get off the streets and hope that they don’t get a visit from the Kazakh NSC (National Security Committee) or cops, the traitors in power will either leave the country for the EU or be jailed and the Kazakh security and military forces will regain control of the country and maintain law and order.

Why would the Russian paratroopers and special forces need to stay?

Furthermore, Russia has no need, or desire, to invade or, even less so, administer poor, mostly dysfunctional countries, with major social problems and very little actual benefits to offer Russia.  And now that Lukashenko, Pashinian, and Tokaev know that they serve at the pleasure of the Kremlin, you can rest assured that they will generally “behave”.  Oh sure, they will remain mostly corrupt states, with nepotism, tribal affiliation, and religious extremism all brewing at some level, but as long as they represent no threat to a) the Russian minority in these states and 2) to Russian national security interests, the Kremlin will not micro-manage them.  But at the first sign of a resurgence of “multi-vectoriality” (possibly inspired by the many western corporations working in Kazakhstan) the chairs upon which these leaders currently sit will immediately begin shaking pretty badly and they will know whom to call to stop this.

Speaking of weak “idiots” who “lost” countries to the Empire, does anybody care to make a list of countries the Empire has ACTUALLY snatched away from Russia (or any other adversary) and succeeded in keeping?  Syria?  Libya?  Afghanistan?  Iraq maybe?  Yemen?  And that is after the “Mission Accomplished” declaration by a “triumphant” US President 🙂

Okay, the three Baltic statelets.  Bravo!  Captain America won another Grenada!

Ah, I can hear the voices chanting “the Ukraine!  What about the Ukraine!?”.  Well, what about the Ukraine?

There is a Russian saying (цыплят по осени считают) which can be roughly translated as “do not count your chickens before they are hatched“.  Right now, NOBODY can confidently predict what will happen with the Ukraine further down the road.  Not only has the Ukraine become a country 404 deindustrialized shithole, it now is run by an entire class (in the Marxist sense) of Nazis whom, apparently, nobody has the will or the ability to de-Nazify (Russia could, but has exactly zero motive to do so, as for the US/NATO, LOL!!).  Even if Russia and the US agree to some kind of neutral status for the Ukraine, this will not remove a single Nazi from power and, if anything will create the conditions for an even bigger breakup of the country (which is what I think will eventually happen anyway, but very slowly and very very painfully).

The one thing which the Ukraine does have in common with Kazakhstan is that these are both invented countries created by the rabidly Russophobic Bolsheviks: not only are their current borders meaningless (and I mean totally completely meaningless), but these borders bring under one totally artificial political “roof” completely different regions and ethnic groups.  The big difference is, of course, that the Ukie leaders, all of them, were, and still are, infinitely worse than either Nazarbaev or Tokaev ever were.  Also, Ukie nationalism is the most hate-filled and demented on the planet, they can only be compared with the Hutu Interahamwe in Rwanda.  Yes, there is definitely a nationalist streak in the Kazakh society (lovingly nourished and fed by the West for decades), but in comparison with the Ukronazis, these are soft-spoken and mostly mentally sane humanitarians.  In my personal, and therefore admittedly subjective, experience, Kazakhs and Russians get along much better than Ukrainians and Russians.

Belarusian-style “housecleaning” in Kazakhstan has already begun!

Belarusian-style “housecleaning” in Kazakhstan has already begun!

Last, but not least, it will take decades to de-Nazify the Ukraine, and God only knows who will be willing and capable of doing that (certainly NOT Russia!) whereas Kazakhstan’s insurgents are already being killed, in large numbers (several thousand by some accounts), by Kazakh security forces.  As for the Kazakh oligarchs and officials who assisted them, they are either dead or in jail or already abroad.

Did I mention China?  It is a very important actor in Kazakhstan.  On one level, China and Russia are economic and even political competitors in Kazakhstan, however China absolutely and categorically cannot allow Kazakhstan to be taken over by either the US/NATO, or the Takfiris or the pan-Turkists.  The Chinese have not flexed their military muscle (yet), but they could, and you can be rest assured that they will flex with (immense) economic muscle to prevent such an outcome.  So while the poor Ukraine has Poland as a neighbor, Kazakhstan has both Russia and China which are absolutely determined not to allow any hostile force (anti-Chinese or anti-Russian, these are the same forces) to color-revolutionize Kazakhstan and turn it into the kind of nightmarish shithole the Empire turned so many countries into, from the US-occupied EU to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine (before eventually losing them anyway!).

The bottom line about the Ukraine is this: let’s wait and see what kind of chickens the Ukie eggs will hatch in time and whether the eventual outcome will be worse or better for Russia.  And, by “outcome” I do not refer to the roaring statements coming from western politicians and the talking heads on the idiot box, I mean actual outcomes, which in such matters can take months or even years before becoming fully apparent.  (I know, those dead set on the “Putin is weak” thing will ignore my advice or any facts or logic, I am mostly addressing these suggestions to those who hear that narrative and want to figure out for themselves whether it is true or false).


What just happened in Kazakhstan was both a US-triggered full-scale insurrection AND an attempted coup.  There is overwhelming evidence that the Russians were aware of what was coming and allowed the chaos to get just bad enough to give only one possible option to Tokaev: to appeal for a CSTO intervention.  The extreme swiftness of the Russian military operation took everybody by surprise and none of the parties involved in that insurrection+coup (the US, the Takfiris and the Turks) had any time to react to prevent the quick deployment of (extremely) combat-capable forces which then made it possible for the Kazakh military and security forces to regroup and go on the offensive.  Having Pashinian “order” this CSTO operation was beautiful, karmic, cherry on the cake 🙂

All in all, this is just the latest in a series of cataclysmic failures of the leaders of the (already dead) AngloZionist Empire and the (equally dead) USA to actually get something, anything, done.  In the confrontation between western hot air and Russian military action, the latter has prevailed, yet again.

Tomorrow the US will try to scare Russia with talks about “sanctions from hell”.  Good luck with that!



Quds Force Deputy Cmdr. to Al-Ahed: Resistance Men to Remain Firm on the Path of Martyr Soleimani

December 30 2021

By Mokhtar Haddad

Tehran – The Deputy Commander of the Quds Force in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard [IRG], Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Fallahzadeh [Abu Baqir], told Al-Ahed that “recent American and Zionist threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran are empty and are no more than propaganda campaigns that are part of their psychological warfare against Iran.”

“They will not achieve anything. The resistance soldiers will remain firm on the path of martyr Qassem Soleimani and will stand alongside the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on this path. They will remain steadfast until the divine promise of the demise of the Zionist entity and the disruption of America’s feeble projects in the region are fulfilled.”

In an exclusive interview with Al-Ahed on the occasion of the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Major General Qassem Soleimani, Commander Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and their companions, Brigadier General Fallahzadeh sent his “deep condolences on this anniversary to Sahib Al-Zaman, the Leader of the Revolution, to the entire Islamic nation, and to the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Responding to a question about the Zionist entity’s recent acknowledgment of its role in the assassination, Fallahzadeh said: “In fact, the Zionist entity and America are two sides of the same coin – the front of falsehood. They have grown up in one trench throughout history, always preoccupied with suppressing popular uprisings and those with rights. From the era of the Messenger Muhammad [PBUH] to the stage of Ali al-Murtada [PBUH] and the pure imams [PBUT] and until now, that evil front is still fighting the front of truth. And since the victory of the Islamic Revolution until today, the enemy front has spared no effort to put down this revolution.”

“Their aim of assassinating martyr Soleimani was to extinguish the flame of the resistance, bring about geopolitical transformations in the region, and block the way for the Islamic Revolution and obstruct the path of its progress. Thank God they were unable to achieve their flimsy goals, and they will not achieve them in the future, too.”

“Both the Zionist entity and America are under the illusion that they are able to destroy the wheels of progress of the Islamic Revolution, but in light of our belief and under the wise leadership of the Islamic Revolution, they will not be able to achieve any of their miserable plans,” Fallahzadeh added. “We will continue on this path until the appearance of Imam Mahdi. On the other hand, they are the ones who are heading towards destruction and collapse, and every day we witness their fall into the cliff of decline. We see now how the Zionist entity is heading towards demise, collapse, and destruction, and we are also witnessing the decline and collapse of America’s power. Hence, the front of truth will always be victorious, and its strength will grow and increase day after day with glory and might.”

Regarding the recent wave of threats looming by both America and the Zionist entity, Brigadier General Fallahzadeh told Al-Ahed that “these empty threats are no more than propaganda campaigns that come in the context of their psychological warfare against the Islamic Republic, but they will not achieve anything from it. The resistance soldiers will remain firm on the path of martyr Qassem Soleimani and will stand alongside the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on this path. They will remain steadfast until the divine promise of the demise of the Zionist entity and the disruption of America’s feeble projects in the region are fulfilled.”

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من عام إلى عام… من خطر الانفجار إلى بداية الانفراج

ناصر قنديل

مع نهاية عام وبداية عام جديد يقوم الناس بجردة حساب لما مضى ومحاولة رسم الآفاق لما هو قادم، وهذا يحدث على المستوى الفردي الشخصي وكذلك على مستوى الجماعات والشعوب والدول، والمنطقة التي نعيش فيها والعالم الذي ننتمي إليه، وقد شهد العالم أكبر التحولات التي تؤسس للعام المقبل، مع الانسحاب الأميركي من أفغانستان الذي شكل أول حدث من نوعه منذ الانسحاب السوفياتي من أفغانستان، الذي أدى بتداعياته إلى إطلاق مسار انهيار الاتحاد السوفياتي، وقبله الانسحاب الأميركي من فييتنام الذي بقي مصدر ردع يمنع الذهاب الأميركي إلى حروب جديدة لعقود طويلة، وهذا الانسحاب الأميركي من أفغانستان الذي قال الرئيس الأميركي جو بايدن إنه ترجمة لقناعة ثابتة بأن التدخل العسكري ثبت فشله كطريق لصناعة السياسة وتعميم الديمقراطية، وأن المزيد من البقاء سيعني المزيد من الخسائر والمزيد من الفشل.

في المنطقة شهد العام الذي يلملم ما تبقى منه ليرحل، أبرز تطور في القضية التي تحكم مستقبل السياسة فيها، عبر المعركة الفاصلة التي عرفت بسيف القدس، بين قوى المقاومة في غزة، وجيش الاحتلال، وخلال أيام المعركة برزت معادلة ردع جديدة كانت خلالها تل أبيب تحت صواريخ المقاومة، فيما كانت الأراضي المحتلة عام 48 تسجل أعظم انتفاضاتها المستدامة، والقدس تقدم شبابها وصباياها شهداء في عمليات الطعن والدهس، ليدخل الصراع في المنطقة مرحلة جديدة عنوانها بلوغ التراجع الإسرائيلي مرحلة غير مسبوقة منذ نشأة هذا الكيان وتسيده على المنطقة، بصفته القوة الوحيدة القادرة على صناعة الحرب، وبقوة جيش قيل عنه إنه لايقهر، وبات يقهر ويقهر ويقهر.

بين العالم والمنطقة يدخل التفاوض في فيينا اختبار البحث عن فرص السياسة لتجاوز الاستعصاء وملء الفراغات بالسياسة، فالإدارة الأميركية التي تحاول أن تتماسك الاخفاء الندوب التي تملء جسمها الاجتماعي والسياسي والاقتصادي، وترفع صوتها وتصرخ، على أمل تحسين شروط التفاوض بحثاً عن سنوات ضرورية لالتقاط الأنفاس، وتطلق عليها أسماء جذابة وبراقة، كالعودة إلى الدبلوماسية والسياسة، وأولوية أميركا العظيمة على أميركا العظمى، وتشكل العودة الأميركية إلى الإتفاق النووي إعلان نهاية زمن العقوبات كأداة لصناعة السياسة، بمثل ما شكل الانسحاب من أفغانستان إعلان نهاية زمن القوة العسكرية في صناعة السياسة، لتظهر المفاوضات مع روسيا إعلاناً مزدوجاً لنهاية الزمنيين معاً، فتفقد أميركا القدمين اللتين كانت تقف عليهما في العالم، القوة والمال، بمثل ما فقدت “إسرائيل” قدميها أيضاً، الاحتلال والردع، وبعدما فشلت حروب الوكالة أو الحرب الناعمة فرصها في تشكيل بديل مناسب، وكانت سورية الإعلان الأهم لهذا الفشل، حيث كانت أيضاً روسيا، وكانت إيران، وكان الشهيد قاسم سليماني الذي تحل ذكراه بعد أيام وتخصص له البناء عدداً خاصاً يوم الثلاثاء تشارك في مقالاته أسماء لها باعها في صناعة السياسة، يتقدمها وزير خارجية سورية الدكتور فيصل المقداد ورئيس كتلة الوفاء للمقاومة النائب محمد رعد، تبدو واشنطن وتل أبيب في العام الجديد على موعد مع الفراغ الاستراتيجي، وفيما تملك واشنطن استراتيجية الخروج بالتفاوض، تواجه “إسرائيل مستقبلها القاتم، كما سبق وحذرتها وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية السابقة هيلاري كلينتون.

في لبنان حيث الرقص فوق صفيح ساخن، سجل العام الذي يمضي نهاية حركة الشارع التي بدأت مع انتفاضة 17 تشرين الأول عام 2019، وتحول الرهان على إعادة رسم توازنات النظام السياسي نحو الانتخابات، التي يدرك الجميع أنها لن تحمل أكثر من تعديلات في الأوزان والأحجام ستحفظ بمفهوم الديمقراطية التوافقية، حق الفيتو لجميع اللاعبين الكبار، وكما يظهر لبنان الغارق في انهيار اقتصادي وسياسي وانسداد قدرة المؤسسات الدستورية على التعامل مع الأزمات، تبدو الإشارة الوحيدة الايجابية هي أن لبنان الذي ذهب في أزمات مماثلة إلى الحرب الأهلية، يبدو بعيداً عنها بسبب معادلة قوامها “أن من يقدر عليها لا يريدها، ومن يريدها لا يقدر عليها”، وبفعل قوة المقاومة سيكون أمام لبنان فرصة للاستفادة من عائدات التحولات الاقليمية المقبلة، ليقف على طرف التلقي الايجابي بدلاً من موقع تقليدي كان يحجز له هو الوقوف على طرف التلقي السلبي.

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Two Years since the Assassination of Commander Soleimani: Biography and Goals

December 30 2021

By Ali Abadi

Why was the assassination of Major General Qassem Soleimani and his companion Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis an exceptional event? What are the motives behind the assassination? And how did the regional reality change two years after the assassination?

The fact that the United States of America committed this crime against a high-ranking Iranian military official and then declared responsibility, constitutes a significant regional development. It clearly meant that the US administration had lost its indirect tools of influence and deterrence in the face of the axis of resistance and that it needed to change the rules of engagement and restorte to the old methods based on assassinations and bullying.

Why Soleimani in particular?

Choosing Major General Soleimani as a direct target was based on two factors:

The first factor: The effective role the Quds Force played under his leadership over a period of three decades that undermined American hegemony and the tyranny of the Zionist occupation.

This role had different dimensions: arming the resistance wings, training, and coordination. The martyr realized the importance of countering the US political influence, not just its military presence.

For example, he was keen to track and thwart American projects and steps aimed at perpetuating the US presence in Iraq. And whenever the Americans tried to gather the threads of their political proxies in this country, Commander Soleimani would obstruct it. His presence disrupted those proxies and plans.

If he heard that the Americans were supporting the nomination of so-and-so to a senior position in this country, he pushed things in the opposite direction, knowing that the Americans want their interests first and foremost.

Of course, he wouldn’t have assumed such a great role had it not been for the leadership of the Islamic Republic and its various apparatuses forcefully backing the Quds Force in carrying out its duties.

The second factor: The unique personality of the martyr, which combines several traits, the most prominent of which were:

1- The clarity of the ideological-political premise of the school he represents, which is the school of Imam Khomeini. This school produced many cadres and leaders who became martyrs in the battlefields of Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

By ideological premise, we mean here the radical stance against the Zionist entity and the American policies that the late Imam described as arrogant policies. It is well-known that Hajj Qassem was asked by a US commander in Iraq to discuss the possibility of coordinating the war against Daesh, and he refused to open a dialogue with the American.

2- The strategic vision: Martyr Soleimani had a comprehensive vision of the conflict with the American and “Israeli” enemies. He viewed the region from Afghanistan to Palestine as an integrated field of action, even if the circumstances of each country differed from the other. For example, he was fully aware of the importance of removing the American occupation from the region, specifically from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, considering this presence as a factor of instability and a reason for direct intervention in determining the future of these countries and a direct threat to the Islamic Republic. He was also very serious in strengthening the capabilities of the resistance against the Zionist occupation, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

3- Field presence: Martyr Soleimani was distinguished as a man of the battlefield. He had a special dynamic. He was fond of being on the frontlines among the fighters so he could get a closer look at the nature of the situation, to strengthen them, and to show the importance of their battle at these pivotal stations. This had a significant impact on recharging the resolve, concentrating military and political efforts, and achieving victories.

4- The role model and the example: He was keen to set an example in the fraternal and cordial dealings with the fighters to give the battle its true moral dimension. The two opposing fronts are not distinguished by military force or political position, but rather by the spiritual values that each group carries and translates into Islamic behavior based on the teachings of the Messenger’s household [PBUT].

5- The initiative: It is true that Major General Soleimani was a military leader, but he was distinguished from many military leaders in that he was a man of initiative; he did not wait to receive the taklifs [obligations]. Rather, by virtue of his long experience and his all-pervading sense, he diagnosed what was required and then moved to obtaine approval from the leadership.

The Goals of the Assassination:

Far from the American pretext that was given to justify the assassination, which centered on allegations that martyr Soleimani planned an imminent attack on the American embassy in Baghdad – the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary, or arbitrary executions Agnes Callamard described the killing of General Qassem Soleimani was an “arbitrary killing” that violated the UN Charter, and that the United States did not provide evidence that planning was underway for an “imminent attack” on its interests – motives for this crime and the manner in which it was committed can be identified as follows:

– Spreading fear and demoralizing within the resistance axis (through the method of intimidation) and trying to re-establish deterrence in the face of Iran and push it to withdraw its support from its allies. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed this trend at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution in January 2020, in a symposium titled “The Restoration of Deterrence: The Iranian Example”. He noted that Soleimani was killed as part of a broader strategy to deter challenges posed by Washington’s opponents, focusing in particular on Iran.

This strategy was previously eroded by the axis of resistance amid the decline in the American prestige and presence in the region, which was established by almost no achievement in all areas. Meanwhile, the axis of resistance was advancing and besieging the American military presence and influence in Iraq and was pushing Washington to think about withdrawing its forces from Syria as it failed to arrange any gains that would contribute to changing the reality there.

The failure of America’s allies in Yemen, the accumulated American military deficit in Afghanistan, and the failure of the Zionist entity to confront the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon were additional reasons for demolishing the image of US policy in the Middle East.

During the Trump era, the Americans felt that the axis of resistance was becoming increasingly emboldened. There are numerous examples – the attack on the Abqaiq oil facility in Saudi Arabia, Iran’s downing of a 130-million-dollar American drone, and the intensification of the frequency of operations against American forces in Iraq.

– Getting Iran to submit to its nuclear program. Trump’s ambition was to reformulate the nuclear agreement in a way that takes into account the viewpoint of his allies on the Zionist right.

– Restoring the confidence of America’s allies in Iraq and the region. This confidence and bets on the United States have been shaken by the experiences in recent years, despite the massive American military spending. Washington realized that removing its forces from Iraq again (after the first exit in 2011) means losing the greatest political influence in this country and its surroundings. That is why the Americans were keen to maintain a military presence there to install their allies and tools.

– Attempting to enhance the image of the Trump administration inside the United States and rallying up the masses against external enemies (specifically Islamic ones). This is important in light of the sharp internal partisan polarization in this country.

– Was Soleimani’s assassination also an “Israeli” demand? This may be one of the most important and perhaps main motives in light of Netanyahu’s and the Zionist lobby’s extraordinary influence on the American president at the time. And Donald Trump recently – about a year after his exit from office – expressed his dissatisfaction with Netanyahu for believing that he used him to assassinate Soleimani.  According to the American Axios news website, Trump said that Netanyahu was “willing to fight Iran to the last American soldier.”

The former head of the “Israeli” Military Intelligence Division, Tamir Hayman, also revealed that the Mossad played a role in the assassination of the commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, according to the “Israeli” Kan radio station.

We can guess the reason why the enemy pushed the US administration to get rid of a high-ranking leader of Soleimani’s stature, in light of the role he played at the head of the Quds Force in terms of strengthening the resistance wings, providing them with the means of strength, and deterring the Zionist entity.

The strategic response

All these motives and goals did not change the outcome of the reality of US policy in the region. The axis of resistance was affected for some time by the assassination of Soleimani, but it has maintained its goals and program of work and is continuing to implement the strategy of removing US forces from the region, starting with Iraq and Syria.

Here, it’s worth recalling what the Leader [Imam] Khamenei said on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Quds Force commander, when he stressed that “driving out the American forces from the region will be the most powerful blow” to respond to his assassination, after the initial bold response to the crime.

He also vowed to avenge Soleimani by punishing those responsible for giving orders and carrying out the assassination “whenever the opportunity arises.” His Eminence called for accelerating technological, scientific, and military progress to enhance deterrence against the enemy, which is becoming evident day after day.

Thus, Washington and those who seek refuge under its umbrella were disappointed that Soleimani’s absence had no impact on the strategy of the axis of resistance. And the rush by the United States to arrange its military presence in Iraq before the end of 2021 is an indication of the continuing presence and influence of this axis, despite all the tremendous pressures exerted by successive US administrations.

Hajj Qassem Soleimani in the Words of Imam Khamenei

The Staff of Soleimani

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Nato in Russia’s crosshairs?

December 26, 2021

By Noel Monteiro

Many comments have been written about Russia’s proposals to Nato, for a new defense framework in the west of Russia, and the Saker website has done a very good job of portraying it all from the Russian viewpoint, including the whole series of comments on/about Russia’s unambiguous and bluntly hard-worded proposals. There is no doubt, that the meaning of the words used, can be read as an ultimatum to Nato, the military-economic arm of the Anglo-Zionist empire. But to my mind, there seems to be more going on.

NEAR ABROAD OF RUSSIA, CHINA, AND IRAN: Russia is part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, like China and Iran, which espouse the principle of multi-polarity, and so we must take a step back and try to discern what else is going on in the Near Abroad of these three states of the main island of Asia, and between the collective rimland West, as per Mackinder. The situation may appear complex, but then a very simple scenario emerges. First what happened on Dec 15, 2021.

RUSSIA: These are only some of the events being recounted, of which we, armchair analyst types, will never know everything, although the Russias know everything happening around their borders, as they should.

— Putin and Xi had a meeting at 11.20AM Moscow time, on Wednesday Dec 15 and some sort of a decision was finalised.

— Ultimatum Papers were handed to US Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried on the same Wednesday morning in another part of Moscow, but announced on Friday.

— Tehran Times newspaper published their Israel targetting map on Dec 15.

The situation on Russias western border has been destabilising for the last few months, with reports of chemical weapons being prepared by Ukraine to be used in Donbass; US weapons removed from Afghanistan and appearing in the Ukraine theatre; a build up of all types of military weapons, including nuclear, to bases in Italy, Romania, Poland, and Ukraine; provocations along Russia’s borders, with western aircraft flying straight at Russia’s border to provoke AD radars, so more could be learnt about air defences, really the electronic version of probing attacks; and in the Black Sea, an American battle management ship operational while a British destroyer, sailing off Crimea, played possum.

The HMS Defender was offered sacrifically to Russia for capture (or sinking), but Russia declined the gambit. In any event, it would have been small potatoes, or small change for Russia, which wanted to know what Nato was really brewing in Eurasia’s west.

From the Geographical context, the Ukraine-Black Sea region exists in close proximity to Russia, similar to Syria’s position in 2014, to southern Russia and Iran, as well as the Rzhev area in winter of 1941-42 to the Moscow region. In all three cases, these proximate regions are temporary collection and staging areas, for stockpile of troops and weapons to launch future proximate attacks. From the Russian standpoint, in Rzhev east of Moscow, to enable the German Wehrmacht to be able to launch future attacks on Moscow. In Syria 2014, the 80-nation western coalition to be able to stage attacks on Russia or Iran. And in the present day from western Ukraine, for the Nato coalition to also stage threats of attack on Russia. This is exactly how Russians view their developing situation, and their response to Nato has been naturally, no less blunt and harsh.

IRAN: On Dec 15, 2021, Iran’s Tehran Times English language newspaper put out a map graphic, showing tens or scores of target roundels in red color all over Israel. The main newspaper headline simply read “Just One Wrong Move!”. The graphic image message conveys much more than what words can say. The image appeared on Twitter.

The Tehran Times is an 8-page broadsheet, a small newspaper. It will not have a very large circulation in Iran because the national language is Farsi, not English. As print media in a country where English is not the first language, any simple Farsi language newspaper will have a circulation ten times more than any English language publication. This was the print newspaper situation in Pakistan too where I worked. Therefore my opinion is that the Tehran Times with its small English circulation has been used to pass a simple message to the collective west.

The words “Just One Wrong Move!” and the attendant map can be read as an ultimatum, or a declaration of war, to Israel, framed in simple graphic terms with four blunt words. Very unlike the long-winded, hard-worded message of the Russian proposals.

Units of messages or signals are dynamic things. Thus this headline communication traversing from Iran to the English language West, implicitly could be telling/informing, that we, Iran, are now policing Israel; or have moved on from dealing with Saudi Arabia and its war in Yemen, and our objective has shifted to minding the Israeli heartland itself; or it could mean that Saudi Arabia has thrown in the towel, to SCO, and the world must be informed accordingly; or that the conflict between proxies (USA) Saudi Arabia and (Iran) Yemen is now over, it has been won. Unless the West/Nato, using their own armies, would like to forcibly take over the Saudi oilfield network. The deeper question here is whether Dr. H. Kissinger’s financial mechanism to link the US dollar economy to Saudi oil production output, is still viable after the dollar was delinked from the Gold standard. Or does this Kissenger US dollar/Saudi oil output arrangement, hang on a knife-edge? This Iranian graphic may contain an economic dimension or warning.

In saying this I do not wish to cover Israel’s intentions and actions over Iran, already heavily covered in the western MSM.

CHINA: In the first week of October, a surprisingly emphatic news report in the Pakistan media announced, that a US submarine had been seriously damaged, not sunk, in the near abroad of the South China Sea, and had been sent packing. But nothing appeared in the MSM news for days, except for some propaganda shadow boxing about China wanting to invade Taiwan; China flying 150 aircraft and being warned by a Western armada to the east of Taiwan not to invade Taiwan.

“Oh!” I thought to myself. “There are several fleets gathered east of Taiwan. Why?”.

Then a Russian fleet left Vladivostok port and fired a missile from the Sea of Japan. Then some photos appeared of the damaged submarine on the Sub Brief YouTube channel. “Ahh-ha…. Military tensions rising east of Eurasia, reflects a mirror image of rising military tensions, recently west of Eurasia. But to what end? “

Then sudden news about a hypersonic missile gauntlet, thrown by China into the sea, in front of the accumulated western armada. The missile was reported to have landed “inaccurately” 40 miles from the nearest military ship. But here is the technical rub. It took less than 20 minutes from launch into space, to hypersonic glide splashdown from directly above the armada. Astoundingly fast. A new Chinese weapon was demonstrated for which no western defense existed. The armada could just watch and do nothing. But US navy FONOPs east of Eurasia are unstoppable.

In late November, riots against Chinese nationals, businesses, and interests erupted in the Solomon Islands, with, most peculiarly, video showing the rioters carrying Israeli flags. A Global Times editorial blamed Australia for fomenting the riots. Fijian and Australian military were sent to police the troubles. One month later Australian media reported China would send an ad-hoc police advisory group to help the island administration. The Solomon Islands finds itself now in the contested geopolitical influence area, between where the Eurasian grinding wheel, and the Western grinding wheel turn.

The most intense, interesting and numerous developments have been along the India-China-Pakistan border, where slowly and surely, in many small ways, India is being methodically tied down, as if into a small straitjacket. I can only write about a couple.

In mid-October, China and Bhutan agreed on a three-step roadmap, to settle their 400km common border issues. There had been 24 rounds of talks since 1984. Pakistan media reported that the deal permits China to station troops legally on its own territory, in a balcony position overlooking India’s Siliguri Corridor (The Chicken’s Neck area). In exchange, Bhutan gets a larger land area from China, attached to itself facing the relatively peaceful north, bordering China. India is now the only state left, not to have finalized a border agreement with China.

A Chinese BRI infrastructure and military buildup continue all along the northern border in Ladakh, Utarakhand, and Arunachal Pradesh, which keeps India subdued. India is peculiar. Too large that it cannot be ignored, nor can it be permitted to get away from Asia, to cause trouble further on, or make unreasonable demands, and, a careful watch must be kept over India as much as possible.

MACROECONOMIC BACKGROUND: This is a very short description of the current western economic situation and background, as described by Alastair Crooke. I would recommend you read his full article, to obtain a whiff of an idea of the rising fear and desperation, all over the western woke camp, against which real political events are unfolding. He says that the window of opportunity to accomplish “The Great Reset” economic program may be closing faster than anticipated or planned, and a visible panic contagion has begun to set, in Zone A.

I think the window of opportunity opened too late, as a result of the general mismanagement of all aspects of the Covid outbreak.  But so too did the Inflation Ogre arrive unexpectedly early, and is marching in lockstep with the Reset. Did the lord money managers, churning out the money, not take inflation into consideration? Maybe not.

Populations all over the Western world have become restive. This special and particular smell of fear, the dry mouth, grows as it is beginning to become apparent that the various “transitions” planned under the garb of “The Great Reset”, may never come to fruition.

Outside in Zone B, the SCO states have now got wind of this fear contagion in the West. It is the kind of pit of the stomach fear, where, in the blink of an eye, the tables are turned, and the Nato predator now becomes the hunted. Maybe Russia realizes that this is the correct timing to clean up the Ukraine situation.

CONCLUSION: These messages and events seem to indicate a shift in the geopolitical dynamics, where previously the SCO states hunkered down in defensive consolidation posture in the previous 20 years. Now they are stirring towards a stronger pro-active defensive posture. Metaphorically we see China in Eurasia’s east, holding a strong forearm keeping at bay an untrustworthy India, Australia, and western navies. In the center of Eurasia, Iran, with its thousands of missiles, locks down and immobilizes the main western outpost of Israel. While to the west of Eurasia, we really can’t tell what Russia will do, or when. On the other hand, we may just see Russia delivering at the operational level, a delicately precise PIT maneuver, or a karate chop, to derail and despatch Nato felons and its Article 5. In Syria between September 2015 and June 2016, Russia in concert with other states similarly derailed an 80-state coalition, hell-bent on a path to Persia. Today, it is the Nato coalition that may unravel. I am deliberately understating the situation, as I know, it will not be all hunky-dory. The timing is just about right, and Russia feels it must make haste.

Here I have to pause and ask. Is this the Multi-Polarity Doctrine running in breathtaking dynamic operation, for all to witness?

Myself, I have a sneaking suspicion, (and I fear greatly) that this Russian ultimatum, will turn out, at the geopolitical financial level, to have delivered a crack shot PIT maneuver, with the correct timing, to completely unhinge the collective Western economy from its present state, even as the MSM orchestra, sings the Covid and Reset Symphony to us all in superb propaganda distraction.


——PIT Manoeuvre Technique, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PIT_maneuver

——-Crooke, Alastair, Dec 1, 2021, Now or Never, The Great Transition Must Be Imposed.

صيحات الحرب «الإسرائيلية» عاصفة في فنجان…

الخميس 23 كانون أول 2021

 ناصر قنديل

بين جولتين للتفاوض حول الملف النووي الإيراني توضحت صورة واشنطن بصيحات الحرب الصادرة عن الحلفاء المذعورين، فمن جهة تصعيد سعودي يتخطى كلّ ضوابط القانون الدولي الإنساني بإعلان استهداف أماكن المدنيين والمنشآت المدنية، ومن جهة مقابلة خطاب «إسرائيلي» عالي النبرة عن نية شن حرب على إيران، وكأن واشنطن قالت لحلفائها أفعلوا ما تستطيعون فعله بين الجولتين لأن الوقت ينفذ، وما لن تنجحوا بفعله بين الجولتين لن يكون متاحاً بعد الجولة المقبلة، ومثلما يبدو التصعيد السعودي عاجزاً عن تغيير موازين القوة التي تحكم الحرب في اليمن، وتبدو الجبهات العسكرية الحاسمة كجبهة مأرب تترنح أمام أنصار الله، تبدو الردود اليمنية المرتقبة على العمق السعودي مصدراً كبيراً للقلق بلا جواب حول كيفية التعامل معه، وما كان مع توقيع النسخة الأولى من الإتفاق 2015 من فرص للسعودية بحسم اليمن وفشل خلال سنوات لن ينجح في أيام وأسابيع.

بالتوازي قيادة كيان الاحتلال التي كانت في ظروف أفضل عسكرياً وسياسياً واقليمياً عند توقيع الاتفاق بنسخته الأولى، فشلت بخلق وقائع لصالحها على رغم تمديد مهلة التوقيع من تشرين الثاني 2014 إلى تموز 2015، وفي كل الفترة الفاصلة بين التوقيع على النسخة الأولى والمفاوضات الحالية، لم تحصد «إسرائيل» سوى المزيد من الفشل، فخلال هذه السنوات سجلت إيران قفزات هائلة في برنامجها الصاروخي، وراكمت حركات المقاومة مخزوناً لم يكن لديها من سلاح نوعي مثلته صواريخ بالستية دقيقة وطائرت مسيرة محدثة، وجاءت معركة سيف القدس تقدم مثالاً عن حجم التحديات التي تنتظر كيان الاحتلال، مع حجم الاختلال في موازين القوى، وخلال فترة الرئيس الأميركي السابق دونالد ترامب، كانت ورقة الحظ «الإسرائيلية» لفعل ما تستطيع فعله، فأطلقت يدها في رهان على تقييد برنامج إيران النووي وصولاً لتدميره إن أمكن، وبعد الانسحاب الأميركي من الاتفاق أملاً بإضعاف عاملي القوة الإيرانيين، بالتحرر من الاتفاق العودة للضغوط المالي ورفع وتيرتها، حاولت «إسرائيل» تعطيل البرنامج النووي فاستهدفت المنشآت وقتلت العلماء، لكنها اعترفت أن البرنامج النووي الإيراني يتقدم، ومحاولات وقفه أو تدميره باءت بالفشل، ولو كانت «إسرائيل» قادرة على خوض حرب على إيران كما يزعم قادتها اليوم، لفعلتها في ذلك الزمن، وما نشهده من عودة أميركية للتفاوض مع إيران ليس إلا النتيجة لفشل الراهن الأميركي- الإسرائيلي على الضغوط المالي والتهديد العسكري، ففي تلك المرحلة عندما أسقطت إيران بصواريخ دفاعها الجوي الطائرة الأميركية العملاقة التجسسية، ولم تجرؤ واشنطن على الرد، كان واضحاً أن الأمر ليس كرم أخلاق بل إقرار بالعجز، ولو كانت إسرائيل تملك قدرة شن حرب لفعلت يومها وقدّمت لأميركا الهدية الكبرى بإنجاز إلحاق الأذى الكبير ببرنامج إيران النووي.

ما جرى مع اغتيال قائد فيلق القدس  قاسم سليماني، وتعرّض قاعدة عين الأسد الأميركية للقصف من إيران، وفقاً لما كشفه الرئيس ترامب، يكفي لفهم الحال الإسرائيلية، فهو يقول إنّ رئيس حكومة الإحتلال بنيامين نتنياهو، حاول تجنب أيّ ظهور في صورة الشريك في عملية الاغتيال بأيّ تسهيلات لوجستية أو شراكة استخبارية خشية أن يلحق «إسرائيل» بعض الردّ الإيراني، أو أن تجد إيران في ذلك فرصة لشنّ حملة استهداف صاروخية على المنشآت «الإسرائيلية»، ويبدو أنّ ما جاء يفعله مستشار الأمن القومي الأميركي جايك سوليفان في تل أبيب، يشبه ما جاء يفعله قبل خمس سنوات جون كيري تمهيداً لتوقيع الاتفاق مع إيران.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

هكذا دمَر أل سعود مكة وأثار المسلمين ..هذا ما فعلوه

تدمير مكة: عن الذي فعلته السعودية بالمسلمين

خمسون عامًا مضت على زيارة مالكوم إكس، ولا يمكن لأحد يزور مكة الآن أن يصفها بالجمال، أو أن يربط ما يرى بأقدس مدن الإسلام، سوف يؤدي المسلمون الحج هذا الأسبوع وسوف يحاولون عبثًا أن يروا في مكة تاريخ الإسلام.

عندما زار مالكوم إكس مكة المكرمة عام 1964، كان مسحورًا بما رأى!. لقد وجد المدينة “قديمة قدم الزمان”، وكتب أن التوسعة التي كانت قد بدأت بشكل جزئي في ذلك الوقت، ستجعل جمال المسجد الحرام يتجاوز الجمال المعماري لتاج محل في الهند.

خمسون عامًا مضت، ولا يمكن لأحد يزور مكة الآن أن يصفها بالجمال، أو أن يربط ما يرى بأقدس مدن الإسلام، سوف يؤدي المسلمون الحج هذا الأسبوع وسوف يحاولون عبثًا أن يروا في مكة تاريخ الإسلام.

الموقع المعماري المهيمن على المدينة ليس المسجد الحرام حيث الكعبة المشرفة، محط أنظار وصلوات المسلمين في كل مكان، لكن ما يهيمن على المشهد هو فندق مكة الملكي وبرج ساعته البغيض الذي يرتفع لـ 1972 قدمًا فوق الأرض، هو واحد من أطول المباني في العالم، بل هو تطور ضخم لناطحات السحاب حيث يضم مراكز تسوق فاخرة وفنادق ومطاعم لفاحشي الثراء، لم تعد القمم الوعرة تهيمن على الرائي، لقد دُكت الجبال القديمة دكًا، ويحيط بالكعبة الآن التي تبدو كقزم هياكل الصلب والخرسانة، فيما يبدو مزيجًا قميئًا من ديزني لاند ولاس فيغاس.

“حراس” المدينة المقدسة والأوصياء عليها، حكام المملكة العربية السعودية، ورجال الدين الوهابيون الذين يمنحونهم الشرعية يملكون كراهية عميقة لتاريخ المسلمين، إنهم يريدون أن يبدو كل شيء جديدًا، وبينما يفعلون ذلك، يوسعون المواقع المقدسة لتستوعب الأعداد المتزايدة من الحجاج، عندما زار مالكوم إكس مكة كان عدد الحجاج لا يتجاوز 200 ألفًا، لكن العدد الآن يقارب 3 ملايين.

بدأت المرحلة الأولى من تدمير مكة المكرمة في منتصف التسعينات، وقد كنت هناك لأشهد ذلك.

المباني القديمة التي لا تُحصى، بما في ذلك مسجد بلال، والتي يعود تاريخها إلى عهد النبي محمد – صلى الله عليه وسلم -، تم تجريفها من أساسها، البيوت العثمانية القديمة مع مشربياتها الجميلة وأبوابها المنحوتة ببراعة، تم استبدالها بأخرى حديثة بشعة، وفي غضون بضع سنوات، تحولت مكة المكرمة إلى مدينة حديثة مع طرق متعددة الحارات تظهر للرائي كتقاطعات السباغيتي! ولا يمكن لعينك أن تخطئ الفنادق المبهرجة ومراكز التسوق.

أما القلة الباقية من المباني والمواقع ذات الأهمية الدينية والثقافية فقد تم تدميرها في الآونة الأخيرة، تم بناء برج الساعة في 2012 على أنقاض نحو 400 موقع تاريخي وثقافي، بما في ذلك المباني القليلة المتبقية والتي يعود عمرها لأكثر من ألف سنة، وصلت الجرافات في منتصف الليل، وشُردت الأسر التي عاشت هناك منذ قرون.

المجمع يقف على قمة قلعة أجياد، التي بُنيت حوالي 1780م لحماية مكة المكرمة من اللصوص والغزاة، بيت السيدة خديجة، الزوجة الأولى للنبي محمد تحول إلى كتلة من المراحيض، أما مكة هيلتون فقد بُني على بيت أبي بكر الصديق، أقرب رفيق لرسول الله وخليفته الأول.

بصرف النظر عن الكعبة نفسها، يحتفظ أصل المسجد الحرام بجزء ضخم من التاريخ، أعمدته الرخامية المنحوتة بشكل معقد تزينت بأسماء الصحابة، بنى تلك الأعمدة السلاطين العثمانيون، تعود تلك الأعمدة لأوائل القرن 16، وحتى الآن، هناك خطط تجري على قدم وساق لهدمها، وكذلك كل المناطق الداخلية من المسجد، ليتم استبدالها بمبنى على شكل كعكة الدونت!

المبنى الوحيد المتبقي ذو الأهمية الدينية هو البيت الذي نشأ فيه النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، فعلى مدار معظم التاريخ السعودي، كان يُستخدم كسوق للماشية، قبل أن يتحول إلى مكتبة، ولم تكن مفتوحة للناس بالمناسبة.

لكن حتى على الرغم من ذلك، كان ذلك كثيرًا بالنسبة للوهابيين وآل سعود! فدعا شيوخ الوهابية مرارًا وتكرارًا لهدم البيت وتدميره، يخشى الشيوخ أن يسجد المسلمون لرسول الله دونًا عن الله!! ويبدو أن الأمر لم يعد سوى مسألة وقت فقط قبل أن يُهدم البيت النبوي ليُقام مكانه – على الأرجح – موقف للسيارات.

التخريب المتعمد لمكة المكرمة حول شكل المدينة تمامًا! فعلى العكس من بغداد ودمشق والقاهرة، لم تكن مكة مركزًا للفكر الإسلامي، إلا أنها كانت كعبة التجانس والتعددية حيث يتصاعد النقاش بين المذاهب والمدارس الفكرية الإسلامية المختلفة. الآن، تم تقليص التعددية إلى مذهب واحد يرفض التراث والتاريخ ويفسر الإسلام تفسيرًا حرفيًا ويُخطّئ – أو يكفر – كل من يخرج على المدرسة السلفية السعودية، في الواقع، كثيرًا ما يهدد المتطرفون الحجاج من المذاهب الأخرى، في العام الماضي، هوجم مجموعة من الحجاج الشيعة القادمين من الولايات المتحدة بالسكاكين، وفي أغسطس، كتبت مجموعات من المسلمين الأمريكيين للسلطات الأمريكية تطلب منهم الحماية وقت الحج هذا العام.

كان لمحو التاريخ المكي أثر هائل على الحج نفسه، كلمة الحج، تعني “الجهد”، هذا الجهد يعني عناء الذهاب إلى مكة، والمشي من موقع إلى آخر، وإيجاد المسلمين من أصحاب الثقافات الأخرى والتواصل معهم، والتمرغ في تاريخ الإسلام، وبهذا يعود الحجاج بفائدة دنيوية ضخمة كما الإشباع الروحي، لكن الآن، الحج هو رحلة سياحية متكاملة! عندما تتحرك، تتحرك ضمن مجموعة، من فندق إلى آخر، ونادرًا ما تصادف أشخاصًا من ثقافات وأعراق مختلفة، استُنزف التاريخ والثقافة والتعدد، ولم يعد الحج تجربة روحية لا تتكرر، بل أصبح ممارسة اعتيادية – سنوية للكثيرين – يختلط فيها التسوق بممارسة الطقوس.
مكة هي صورة مصغرة من العالم الإسلامي، ما يحدث فيها له تأثير عميق على المسلمين في كل مكان، إنها القلب الروحي للإسلام، وهي الآن تغرق في الحداثة، لا يتم التسامح فيها مع الاختلاف، وأُفرغت من تاريخها، وأصبح الاستهلاك هو الهدف الأسمى من زيارتها.

لم يعد من المستغرب إذن أن النصوصية الحرفية، والتأويلات القاتلة التي يتم استقاءها من الإسلام أصبحت هي الأعلى صوتًا في بلاد المسلمين.

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From 20;07

The upcoming Summit for Democracy as a time machine

November 29, 2021


Biden’s “Summit for Democracy” scheduled for December 9-10, 2021, has posted its final list of invited countries.

Let’s take a look:

Antigua and Barbuda
Cabo Verde
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo
Dominican Republic
European Union
Marshall Islands
New Zealand
North Macedonia
Papua New Guinea
Republic of Korea
Saint Kitts and Nevis­
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sao Tome and Principe
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Trinidad and Tobago
United Kingdom

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace also published this very helpful map:

Finally, let us also recall the purpose of this summit, as explained by the US Department of State:

  1. Defending against authoritarianism
  2. Addressing and fighting corruption
  3. Promoting respect for human rights

Next, the first thing we need to do is to translate the above into plain English.  Here is how I would translate all this:

  1. Faithfully supporting a single World Hegemony of the (already dead, but nevermind that, they can pretend it is still alive) AngloZionist Empire and obediently participate in any anti-Russian and anti-Chinese operations to prevent the latter from creating a multi-polar world.
  2. Overthrow those government who refuse to participate in the operations mentioned under #1 and/or get rid of some truly useless and too embarrassing “our SOBs” (Zelenskii anybody?)
  3. Participating in strategic PSYOPs to demonize those countries not invited to the Summit while allowing those invited to use any level of repression/suppression of dissent needed to stay in power.

How relevant is this summit in reality?

By itself, such a summit has zero value, if only because it tries to unite around a single (and vapid) agenda countries with totally different circumstances.  It is therefore pretty obvious that all that which come out from this grand show is some insipid declaration “for everything good and against everything bad” (Russian expression).

Results of the regional and municipal elections in Venezuela

One telling example shows how out of touch with reality this entire endeavor will be: the White House has even extended an invitation to uberloser Juan Guaido!  That in spite of the fact that the people of Venezuela have recently massively rejected Guaido and everything he stands for.

This, by the way, also strongly suggest that even though, for example, almost all Latin American countries have been invited to the Summit, this participation is a very good illustration of the comprador nature of the ruling classes in Latin American.  If the people were given the right to decide whether they want to subserviently support the “Yankee/gringo” Empire or not, very few, if any, of the invited countries would send delegates.

In other words, this Summit is first and foremost about APPEARANCES, a PR move destined to strong-arm each government on the planet to make a simple choice, the very same choice Baby Bush offered when he said that “you are either with us or with the terrorists”.  The updated version of this could be “you are either with us, or with the evil Russians and the evil Chinese”.

[BTW – This is the list of countries which have not been invited (for various reasons): Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cote D’Ivoire, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Comoros, Congo, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, The Holy See, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Libya, Liechtenstein, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Monaco, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Swaziland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.]

The real (people’s) map would look very differently

What would a realistic map look like?

First, almost none of the Latin American countries would be represented.

Second, all of Europe would, but primarily because the EU’s comprador elites are desperate to get from this summit a legitimacy which they are increasingly losing in their own countries due to the truly phenomenal, I would even say, suicidal policies of the EU member states (economy, energy, COVID, crime, immigration, Wokism, etc.).

Next, all of Africa would participate, in a desperate attempt to get as much aid as possible (military, economic, political, etc.) and to show how abjectly subservient to their colonial masters all the African governments still are.  This is hardly their fault, true, but that does not change the abject reality of African politics…

Next, the wider Middle-East, India and Pakistan would also participate, but for very different reasons: these governments have all read the writing on the wall, albeit with some differences, and they know that the US is on the way out, but they want that “out” to be played on terms advantageous to them.  Nobody wants to be the “next Erdogan” and be overthrown by CENTCOM.  I would also add that while CENTCOM ain’t much of a military force anymore, there are numerous multi-billion dollar contracts still linking the USA to these countries and that is reason enough to show up at the Summit, and say all the right things, and then come home and return to business as usual.

Which leaves the entire Asian continent, including Russia, China, Central and Far East Asia.  Here the map is simple: countries near Russia and China are not invited, countries near(er) Australia are.  Asia currently is the continent with the most agency, by far, and the one with the brightest future due not only to its immense resources (human and natural) but also due to the fact that the two Asian giants (Russia and China) are moving together as one to begin to build the multi-polar world they eventually want to see worldwide on the continent they share.  Russia and China also happen to have the most powerful militaries on the planet (especially if counted together, which they increasingly should).

If Malcolm X was still alive today he would probably say that “all the house Negroes have been invited and all the field Negroes have not” (see here) 🙂

The Summit for Democracy as a time machine?

I would argue that the upcoming Summit is like a time machine, not one which allows us to actually travel in time, but one which shows us who will be part of shaping the future of our planet and who will not.  The folks invited by the (already dead) AngloZionist Empire are either comprador elites, or regimes with no real agency (and, therefore, no real legitimacy), and a few desperately poor countries which are literally willing to do anything, anything at all, to please their current masters.  They have no real future to speak of.

As for the future, it is pretty evident that Asia will be, by far, the most important continent to set the agenda for the foreseeable future.  I personally believe that Latin America will be next, all that is needed their is for a few well chosen “dominoes” to fall and the entire continent will be flipped very quickly.  True, right now, if we ONLY look at the official map, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Bolivia look rather isolated.  But let’s look at this differently, the fact that these countries can survive while being surrounded by pro-USA regimes is a very telling sign by itself.  Furthermore, there are also two giants in Latin America: Argentina and Brazil, especially the latter.  Should Brazil be “flipped”, then that would have a huge impact on the rest of the continent.

Next, the two regions which will “fall” next would be the Middle-East, first, and eventually, Europe, second.

There is very little, if anything, the Empire or the USA can do about the Middle-East: the truth is that the future of the region will be set by Iran (the regional superpower) and Russia.  Yes, the Axis of Kindness countries (US+KSA+Israel) can still trigger a major regional war.  But they can’t win it.  That ship has now sailed.

With the EU, however, things are much more complicated and all the Kabuki theatre we currently see about the “imminent” Russian invasion is all about two things: first, “elegantly” get rid of the Ukraine (to a Russian invasion would be best) and about reasserting the Anglo dominance over the European continent.  That plan might still succeed, especially when we consider the very real political power the UK+3B+PU gang has ever EU decision (yes, even the UK still has a lot of influence over the EU ruling classes via its still very real financial power!).

As for Oceania and Africa, they simply don’t matter very much, the former a nicely isolated by distance, the latter has no agency and is totally dependent on some kind of foreign masters.

In the meantime, the brain-dead EU politicians, which should have been placed on suicide watch years ago, are still at it: NATO threatens Russia with “consequences” while the US declares that “all options are on the table“.  We can be sure that Putin personally and everybody else in Russia are absolutely *terrified* by such language, and that is why when the “imminent” Russian invasion does not materialize, the leaders of the (long dead) Empire will proclaim themselves “victorious” against the “Putin regime”!  Bravo!

And even if the Ukies succeed in forcing Russia to intervene, then NATO will proudly declared that its invincible might is what forced the Russians to stop (doesn’t really matter where exactly). Again, bravo!

All this craziness actually makes perfect sense, as an imaginary war is the only one these losers can “win”.


Father Elias Zahlawi: Syrian Priest’s Letters Rattle the Vatican

16 Nov 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

Tim Anderson

Not once has the Pontiff pointed a finger at “Israel” or the USA for their roles in two decades of slaughter and ethnic cleansing, including the expulsion of Christians.

Syrian priest Father Elias Zahlawi has reportedly shaken Pope Francis over the Vatican’s vague statements on the US-driven Middle East wars. Not once has the Pontiff pointed a finger at “Israel” or the USA for their roles in two decades of slaughter and ethnic cleansing, including the expulsion of Christians.

While both men are in their 80s, Father Zahlawi has ministered in Damascus since the 1960s and, since 1975, at the Church of Our Lady of Damascus. Syrian-born, he studied in Jerusalem and founded the now famous Damascus ‘Choir of Joy’ in 1977. That huge choir has toured Europe.

Pope Francis attained the highest rank in the Catholic Church after being an Archbishop in Argentina, but he is said to be ‘haunted’ by accusations of his involvement in Argentina’s dirty war, carried out by a US-backed military dictatorship. No charge was ever laid against him but some years ago the Argentine judiciary found that the Catholic Church was “complicit in abuses”. 

According to some Syrian Christians, Father Zahlawi’s accusations over the Pope’s meaningless words – in face of the US and Israeli-led atrocities in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen – touched a raw nerve. 

Syrian Priest Tells Al-Ahed How Hezbollah protected Christians in Qalamoun

The gentle, humble priest in Damascus, now 89 years old, wrote a series of letters to US and Syrian leaders, to the European Parliament, and to the last two Popes. But his first two letters to Pope Francis, in 2018 and 2019, were probably the most incisive. 

On 29 June 2018, Father Zahlawi asked Pope Francis:

“Why don’t you decisively and unequivocally adopt this very clear position of Saint Peter, against a western world that has spared nothing in its pursuit of total and absolute world dominance … including the systematic and continuous killing and destruction of total peoples and countries, including my homeland Syria?

“All of that is happening … either with complete media silence or worse yet, with the roaring noise of fabricated “facts”, designed to give credence to the worst obscenities, under the banner of “human rights, democracy, and freedom”.

“I have continued to read ‘with sorrow and dismay’ … the Roman Observer, hoping that one day I will find in it even one word of activism, [but] to be honest I only find in it … empty words, of the usual clerical content that we have gotten used to since the Emperor Constantine, with very rare exceptions. Yet outside the Church, in the west, there are many courageous and honorable voices.”

On 12 February 2019, he wrote again, after the Pope’s address to ROACO, the Board of the Society for Support of the Eastern Churches, where Francis was reported to have denounced the “great sin of war”, the thirst for “domination” of great “World Powers” and a refugee crisis which carries with it the risk of “eliminating Christians” from the Middle East. 

This was a more carefully thought out letter, in which Father Zahlawi raised eight points. He began by asking, gently: “I wonder if the many grave issues you raised … did not deserve a clearer stand of more commitment and responsibility?” 

His first point was to do with the Pope’s refusal to address the ethnic cleansing in Palestine:

“You say that “In the Middle East there is also a danger … of eradicating the Christians” … [but] do you believe that your audience and consequently your readers are ignorant, as your words suggest, of the countries which strive, with open insistence, and since the establishment of Israel, to totally eradicate the Christian existence in the whole Near East at the time they are about to accomplish this in occupied Palestine, which you call “the land of Jesus” and which has become the land of injustice, vengeance and death, and whose true name has been obliterated to become only ‘The Holy Land’?

In a second point he refers to the failure of the Pope’s generic words about the “pain” of the Middle East, and of land theft by ‘World Powers’, to address the US-led assault on his own country, Syria: 

“these ‘World Powers’, at the head of which is the United States of America … forced about 140 member states countries … to declare war on my home country, Syria, and drove to it, from a hundred countries … jihadis, haunted by the evil of money, blood, avarice, and power.”

Third, Father Zahlawi chastises the Pope for suggesting that the “diminishing” numbers of Christians in the region might be due to pressure from Muslims. “If you want to suggest that the Muslims are the ones who force Christians to leave ‘the land they love’ … how can you explain their emigration at a worrisome rate since the establishment of “Israel” while they [Christians] throughout hundreds of years, lived … side by side with the Muslims?” 

In his fourth point, he asks if the Pope while speaking of the Middle East as ‘the cradle of Christianity’ can possibly be ignorant that the “the Judaising of occupied Palestine …will very soon end every presence of Christians in ‘the land of Jesus’?”

Fifth, with regard to the Pope’s references to “great churches” in the Middle East, and ignoring the role of “Israel”, Father Zahlawi says “what you are practically doing … shackled by a horrific and sickly guilt complex towards the Jews” is to ignore and close your eyes to “the atrocities that are being committed openly and in flagrant violation of all laws, against all the Arabs, Muslims and Christians equally”, while even “some distinguished Jews” speak out against these crimes.

Sixth, he finds fault in the Pope’s overly general words about “the Middle East … [as] a land of death and emigration”, as the pontiff says nothing about the displacement of 12 million of the 23 million people in Syria, “without pointing an accusing finger at those who are responsible for these planned and inhuman emigrations in a country that was considered, before the so-called Arab Spring, as one of the safest countries on earth?”

In a seventh point, Father Zahlawi cites the Pope’s reference to “the grave sin … the sin of war”. But what does this mean, he asks, “without pointing, in the end, an accusing finger to countries such as the United States of America, Britain, and France, on the global scope, and at “Israel” on the scope of the Middle East, as they do not stop exploding totally unjust war … [in the name of] Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights?”

Finally, he refers to the Pope’s call that “the Middle East is a hope that we must take care of”, linking this to a revelation said to have taken place in Soufaniyeh Alley in Damascus in 2014, in the midst of the war on Syria. This revelation likens the wounds on Syria to those on Jesus. The clear, implicit message is: why has Pope Francis not denounced those who, like Judas, betrayed the people of Syria? 

Open Letter To Pope Benedict XVI From Arab Catholic Priest Father Elias Zahlawi

 April 1, 2010

By Father Elias Zahlawi
Father, Your Holiness

During these hard and critical times, which the world in general and our Orient in particular is undergoing, I would like to take the opportunity to tell you what is going on in my mind, what burdens my heart, especially being an Arab Catholic priest from Syria, concerning the invitation you kindly extended a few months ago to those responsible for the Eastern Catholic Churches, to hold a convention during October 2010 to discuss the conditions Arab and non-Arab Christians are passing through throughout the countries of the Orient.

There are three points that I would like to raise and discuss with your Holiness, from a son to his father.

The first subject is in relation to this conference.

I trust that all those who received your kind invitation had lauded this initiative.

But did anybody tell you that it came too late?

I am sure that the papers, which were put into their hands received their “admiration”.

But did anybody tell your Holiness that they do not reflect the facts on the ground in our Orient, past and present, except what the West sees and wants the rest of the world to see, whether the people of the Orient like it or not?

I am certain that the Vatican’s “specialized experts” as well as your ambassadors in the Orient try to honesty report what’s going on in it.

But would any of those attending the convention, those “experts” and “ambassadors”, see in general anything bu what those responsible for the Churches of the Orient want them to see? Or what their sphere of responsibilities allows them to see?…

Last but not least, I am certain that those who shall be attending said convention had uncovered dangerous gaps in the “important” papers submitted to them.

But did anybody tell your Holiness personally or in public during the previous convention’s meetings, that there are gaps that they did not discover? And why not, the Vatican or its many or few Western “experts” just ignored in the absence or just the small number of Arab or Oriental experts?

The second point is concerning those invited to the previous and/or forthcoming councils.

It is well known that those invited are either patriarchs, archbishops and/or heads of the various monastic orders.

May I take the permission to ask your Holiness: are you fully convinced that those who are invited do really represent Oriental Christianity, in what is for or against it, especially during these critical, not to say fateful, times?

I am afraid that the majority of them are outside what the Orient as a whole expects of them, both and equally its Christians and Muslims, which is due to their costly stances and declarations, as they have learned due to their positions and their own personal considerations to avoid or mitigate them, which exclude them for incorporeal or material reasons, which is apparent to all.

I said that this conference came late… too late. But what I am afraid of is that it shall come out to the world with phoney introductions, and hollow resolutions and decisions or wishes that shall not bring advances, but rather may delay them too much, because it could add new and heavy failures and fiascos, over and above the historical heavy and exhausting weights, wrongful Western policies and internally confusing and sometimes shameful and floundering policies.

As a result, I found that it is necessary, with your permission, to suggest expending the span of invitations extended by the Apostolic See, to cover courageous and effective voices of various Christian circles both Catholic and Orthodox, both cleric and secularist, in addition to the various Islamic circles, especially as most of the inhabitants of the Orient are Muslims, it is supposed that what is to be said in this convention or what is to be issued by it, should concern them equally much as they concern Christians.

Point three, is the span of Western churches, especially the Vatican, regarding to what takes place all over the world, and especially to the Arab and non-Arab Orient.

My first question is: Is it possible that I could be distancing myself from truth if I say that everything that is taking place all over the world in general and in the Orient in particular, was done by the West, I mean the United States, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and Russia in particular, these countries that appropriate all the wealth of our globe, and solely possess the great part of the striking force around it up till now?

My second question is: Am I distancing myself from truth if I say that most of what is now taking place, first in the Arab homeland and in the Islamic world and in the second place in the Islamic areas all around the world, is nothing but a reaction to the West’s grievances, which are reactions that started and continued in most cases, demagogic, bloody and spontaneous, then some of them continued in two modes of armed movements, first legal resistance in occupied Palestine, which was unjustly described by the European Union in September 2002 as being carried out by groups they labelled as terrorist organizations, second the fundamentalist resistance, starting first in Afghanistan against Russia and later against U.S. aggression then in Iraq and Pakistan that was the case of the Taliban and the al Qaida movements.

But, is there anybody who doesn’t know that these two movements were originally created by the United States itself?

But what is taking place in the heart of the Arab homeland, which is Palestine in particular, Palestine, which you no more call it in your Western churches other than “The Holy Land”, are not but wrongful wars and occupation that deem permissible anything: killing, imprisoning, torturing, siege and displacement against all the Palestinian Arab people, Christians and Muslims, and all of that is taking place under the eye sight of the entire world, with full support of the West, and what made Mrs. Clinton say: “Attacking Israel is equal to attacking an American city like “San Diego”, and what made Mrs. Merkel, the German Chancellor, say also shamelessly: “Attacking Tel Aviv is exactly like attacking Germany in particular…”.

But what has taken place and is still taking place against Palestinian Arabs by “Israeli” Zionist occupation!

What is the relation between what happened and what is happening to the Palestinian Arab people, for longer than sixty years, by Zionist “Israeli” hands, if compared to human rights as announced in “The Human Rights Charter”, and all international treaties, especially the Geneva Conventions, as well as hundreds of resolutions taken against “Israel” by the United Nations and its miserable Security Council? Did all the West become a slave to Zionism, to follow these dissolute double standards in the West’s relations with the Zionist entity on the one hand and the rest of the world on the other, which are the weak and deemed weak peoples, on the other hand?

With all of that, all European Churches keep silent. Yes we mean all of them, starting with the Vatican itself. It kept silent after the passing away of Pope John Paul II, with the exception of the courageous the Cardinal of Boston, Bernard Law.

I have been thoroughly and regularly reading for years the Vatican’s daily newspaper “corriereromano” http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.corriereromano.it, and was aware that since you became Pope, its language was flattened and neutralized in relation to the Arab / Zionist conflict, and the same concerning war tragedies, hunger, diseases, poverty, exploitation, forgery and organized plundering, which are tragedies that their beastly spreading over the world is aggravating… day in and day out!

This became apparent in a grievous manner during your personal visit to occupied Palestine, I expected from you words that are at least equal in courage and trueness of that your predecessor, Pope John Paul II, the moment he laid foot on the land of Syria in 2001, as he immediately demanded the execution of United Nations resolutions for a just and comprehensive solution of the Arab / Zionist struggle!

I was also expecting from you words, which are sympathetic, strong and courageous towards the Palestinian Arab people, that Zionism had been subjugating for more than sixty years to a terrible and continuous uninterrupted “Shoah” (Holocaust), with unlimited Western support, words that are at least a little equal to the sweeping sympathy that you expressed towards the Jewish “people”, for example what you expressed during your meeting with some of its American leaders during your visit to the United States on Feb. 12th 2009, and during the visit of the leading “Israeli” Rabbis to the Vatican on March 12th 2009! As for what you said on January 1st 2010 on the memory day of the “Shoah”, which the “corriereromano” (Page 2) that expresses that what is taking place in what remains of Palestine (The West Bank and the Gaza Strip) for over sixty years is completely absent from your memory!

I regret to add that the complete silence of Western churches was expressed in wretched words written by some Catholic bishops in France, Germany and Canada after their visits to the “Holy Land”, where they equated between the Arab victim and the Zionist butcher. They also expressed their “great” disturbance for the pains both peoples are suffering, and they were always concluding their word with calling on their peoples to raise prayers for “peace”, and to give financial help to the: “Holy Lands”.

We feel as if they have lost their eyesight, and they can no more see, erased their brains and thus can no more remember the history of Palestine, the homeland of Jesus Christ, neither the old nor the contemporary, and the vital change that is taking place in this homeland in its historical landmarks. And what happened to its indigenous population, Christians and Muslims, of massacres, displacement and genocide/extermination!

Father, Your Holiness,
At last, I have six questions, that I find necessary to raise to you at the end of this letter:

1st Question: does the anti-Semitism that the West, the Church, authority and people, practiced against the Jews, justify today’s spilling the blood of the people of the Arab and non-Arab East, starting with Palestinian Arabs, for the sake of the “poor” Jewish “people”? And does it justify all Western Churches keeping silence, concerning this injustice, while they continue to request remission for the sin of anti-Semitism, that it alone committed, excluding Arabs and Muslims?

2nd Question: isn’t it clear for all the West including these Western Churches, that this situation shall end up with two formidable evils that I find no possible forgiveness for:

The first evil, is the transforming of all the “poor” Jewish “people” to become a group of killers?

The second evil, is the emptying of all the Orient from its indigenous Christians?

3rd Question: Don’t you see with me a fearful and shameful similarity between what all Western powers are doing today all over the world in general and the Arab homeland and the Islamic world in particular, and what Western powers, which invaded the American continents starting with the 15th century had done? I mean the savage and systematic extermination of about forty to fifty million people of the indigenous population as per Western researchers themselves?

4th question, in facing all these crimes against humanity, is it enough that a new Pope to come, after four hundred years, requests the forgiveness from the slaughtered peoples, as the brave Paul John Paul II did, during his extraordinary visits to the world, so as the Church would say the Church had done what it had to do?

5th question, is it not necessary for Western churches today, and before tomorrow to get out of their silence, and speak the Gospel’s words, to defend the wronged, the poor, the hungry, the sick and the prisoners of war that Jesus identified all his love for them, who are no more individuals as Matthew the Apostle’s gospel said? On the contrary, they became peoples who cover the greater part of the world? Some may hear it and we be able to liberate some of the Western, the “rich” and the “haughty”, whether those who were fully liberated from God, or those who exploited him, as what is taking place in the United States of America, so as to finish of, in his name, with the Christians and the Muslims of all the Orient, and stir the peoples against each other, through sectarian and ethnic wars that spread day after day, and shall not grant mercy to anybody?

6th Question, which is a question that I hear you forwarding to me, as many Western bishops and priests had already addressed it to me: But “is there anybody to hear?” In turn I shall tell you and the whole Western Church: You are no better then Jesus, “He came to his special people, but they didn’t accept him”. But in spite of that, he spoke, and what Jesus said, nobody had ever said it, and nobody shall ever say it!

Yes, Your Holiness, I have something else to add.

Father, Your Holiness, please, I am your son, the Arab Catholic priest from Syria, I beg you, with all the love and importunity, to take the initiative and invite the truthful elite of those responsible in Western Churches and secularists, so as to discuss with those responsible and the truthful in the Eastern Churches and the rest of the world to discuss, discuss with Christians and Muslims, during the forthcoming convention, which you called for in October 2010, about the responsibilities of what is taking place today in the Orient and the rest of the world, so as to take the required and sincere stances before it is too late.

A lot of time has passed, and days are pregnant with new tragedies, that nobody wishes upon anybody else.

God’s world is spacious, as spacious as God’s heart, so I hope that your heart shall be spacious enough to grasp my words,

You, Your Holiness,

I beg you to pray for all my brethren in the Orient, Muslims, Christians and Jews, please accept your son’s love and respect.

Father Elias Zahlawi  – 13/3/2010

Translated from Arabic by: Adib S. Kawar and revised by Mary Rizzo for Tlaxcala

This letter was published at the Palestine Think Tank on March 22, 2010

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Iran Has Upper Hand on Battlefield to Confront Enemy – Navy Chief

Nov 8, 2021

Iran Has Upper Hand on Battlefield to Confront Enemy – Navy Chief

By Staff, Agencies

Iranian Army Navy commander said that today, Iran has the upper hand on the battlefield in case of confrontation with an enemy, in reference to the aims of holding the ‘Zolfaghar 1400’ drill in the southeast of the country.

Rear Admiral Shahram Irani stated that coordinating among armed forces of the country and transferring technical know-how and knowledge to young individuals is the main aim of the military exercise.

Irani made his remarks on the sidelines of holding the army’s military exercise dubbed “Zolfaghar 1400.”

Showing capabilities of the Armed Forces and in particular, the army’s strategic forces in ensuring the security of the country’s interests as well as familiarizing young personnel with the real scenes of battle are among the other objectives of holding this large-scale military exercise, he added.

Referring to the mission of various naval fleets of Iran’s Army Navy in the fight against terrorism, piracy and escorting merchant ships and oil tankers, the commander said, “Iran’s Army Navy forces have secured the country’s economic lifeline by escorting vessels and tankers as well as merchant ships.”

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the upper hand to face an enemy on the battlefield, he reiterated.

The joint military exercise kicked off on Sunday under the command of the Army’s Zolfaghar base.

Monitoring of the country’s airspace and general training area in the southern part of the country by the Air Defense Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as combating hostile targets are among the targets of the ‘Zolfaghar 1400’ joint exercise, the commander noted.

إعادة ترتيب الإقليم وفق الأجندة الأميركية… أو على إيقاع إنجازات محور المقاومة؟


د. ميادة إبراهيم رزوق

بنظرة بانورامية لمشهد المنطقة من بحر البلطيق، مروراً بأفغانستان نحو بحر قزوين وجنوب القوقاز إلى قوى ودول محور حلف المقاومة، وكأنّ العدوين اللدودين الولايات المتحدة الأميركية وروسيا الاتحادية كلاً مع حلفائه، خاصة بعد قمة جنيف «بوتين – بايدن» في 16/06/2021  على رقعة شطرنج المنطقة يعيدون ترتيب أحجارهم وتنضيد ملفاتهم قبل الجلوس على طاولة التسويات الكبرى، والتي قد تُحسم قبل الوصول إليها إذا تدحرجت المنطقة نحو حرب كبرى شاملة، نستبعد حدوثها وفق الوقائع والمعطيات لدى المحورين.

بدأت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية وضمن مخطط الخروج الأميركي من غرب آسيا بإعادة تموضع استراتيجي جديد بترتيب مجموعة من الأوراق في عهد الإدارة الأميركية السابقة برئاسة دونالد ترامب بما يحقق نشر الفتنة وزعزعة الاستقرار، وتطويق إيران وتشديد الحصار الدبلوماسي والاقتصادي، وعرقلة مشروع الحزام والطريق الصيني، وضمان الأمن القومي لكيان الاحتلال الصهيوني، فكانت البداية مع اتفاقيات «ابراهام»، اتفاقيات التطبيع بين كيان الاحتلال الصهيوني وبعض الأنظمة الخليجية كالإمارات والبحرين بالإضافة إلى السودان (الذي لم يوقع أحرفها النهائية) والمغرب، استكمالاً لسيناريو صفقة القرن، ونقل السفارة الأميركية من تل أبيب إلى القدس، والاعتراف بالسيادة «الإسرائيلية» على الجولان المحتل، بهدف إضفاء الشرعية على كيان الاحتلال الصهيوني، وتطويق الشعب الفلسطيني، وتصفية القضية الفلسطينية التي باتت عبئاً على الأنظمة الرجعية العربية فينبغي التخلص منها، بالإضافة إلى نسج تحالفات إقليمية بأبعاد استراتيجية أخرى ترتبط بمحاولة بناء خطوط دفاع أمامية لحماية الأمن القومي لكيان الاحتلال الصهيوني، ترتكز على التعاون والتنسيق التكنولوجي والاستخبارتي والعسكري، خاصة إذا ما تضمنت عمليات رصد واعتراض جوي في مواجهة تطور قدرات محور المقاومة على مستوى الطائرات المسيرة، وصواريخ «كروز» وغيرها وفق ما تؤكده التقارير «الإسرائيلية»، وتعززت الحاجة إلى هذا المخطط، بالإضافة إلى قرار وزارة الدفاع الأميركية «البنتاغون» بنقل «إسرائيل» من القيادة الأوروبية للجيش الأميركي «إيكوم» إلى القيادة المركزية «سنتكوم» التي تشمل الشرق الأوسط، بما يسمح بتطور التنسيق بين كيان الاحتلال الصهيوني والأنظمة المطبعة استجابة لدعوات وجهتها جماعات موالية لـ «إسرائيل» من بينها «المعهد اليهودي للأمن القومي الأميركي» وهو مجموعة مقرها واشنطن تدعم التعاون العسكري الوثيق بين الولايات المتحدة الأميركية و»إسرائيل»، فقد أوضح تقرير المعهد اليهودي للأمن القومي أنه في حين أدى وجود «إسرائيل» ضمن نطاق عمليات القيادة العسكرية في أوروبا إلى منافع متبادلة واضحة على مر السنين، فإن أولوية «سنتكوم» هي «مواجهة إيران وقوى التطرف الأخرى في الشرق الأوسط». وأضاف التقرير «جميع شركائنا في المنطقة، بما في ذلك إسرائيل يتحدون حول وجهة نظر مشتركة لهذا التهديد، واتخاذ خطوات جريئة مثل الاتفاقيات الإبراهيمية لمواجهته بشكل تعاوني»، وأتى هذا الانضمام عقب إعلان السعودية في 5 كانون الثاني من العام الحالي اتفاقاً بدعم أميركي بإنهاء الخلاف مع قطر التي تستضيف أكبر قاعدة عسكرية أميركية في المنطقة، وتتمركز فيها القيادة المركزية الأميركية، وبالتالي سيتمثل ذلك بدايةً بوجود عسكري «إسرائيلي» في بلدان الأنظمة المطبعة في وفود من الضباط أو الشرطة أو الخلايا الاستخبارية، وذلك في ضوء استمرار المسار التصاعدي لمحور المقاومة في اتجاهين، اتساع نطاقه الجغرافي وتقدمه العسكري، مقابل فقدان كيان الاحتلال الصهيوني للعمق الاستراتيجي، ودونية إمكاناته على غير مستوى، وما ضاعف هذه الحاجة أيضاً فشل رهانات كيان الاحتلال على الخطط الأميركية لإسقاط النظام في إيران أو إخضاعه، كما الفشل في باقي ساحات محور المقاومة وهذا ما تضمنته تصريحات «قائد جبهة إيران» اللواء طال كالمان «رئيس الشعبة الاستراتيجية والدائرة الثالثة» لصحيفة «معاريف» بتاريخ 07/09/2021  «الأمر المدهش أنه على الرغم من الأثمان الثقيلة على المواطن الإيراني، والعقوبات الأميركية الثقيلة، والكورونا، والحضيض الاقتصادي الداخلي الأصعب في إيران منذ الحرب مع العراق في سنوات الثمانينات، إلا أنها تواصل سعــيها إلى تنفيــذ استراتيجيتها» متابعاً أن «محور المقاومة أخذ بالتوســع ويخوض معنا تنافساً استراتيجياً بعيد المدى». وأضاف» أنّ هذا التعــاون يستهدف توفير الحماية لإسرائيل في مواجهة تطور القدرات العسكرية الصاروخية والجوية لمحور المقاومة»، متابعاً: «ماوراء ذلك، يصــبح لنا عمق، فدولــة إســرائيل صغيرة وليس لديها حالياً عمــق، والصورة المعلوماتيــة المسبقة تسمح له بالاستعداد بشكل أفضــل، وأيضاً بمعالجة التهديدات البعيدة». وحذر كالمان من أنّ «تهديــد الصواريخ الدقيقة ليست بمستوى التهديد الوجــودي النووي، لكنــه ليس بعيداً عنه»، ونبّه إلى أنّ الصواريخ الدقيقة ليست حكراً على «حزب الله» في لبنان بل هي تهديد تراكمي يشمل كل ساحات الحرب، مقراً بأنّ لدى إيران مخزوناً كبيراً من القدرات الصاروخية التي تتحول إلى دقيقة بمديات  تتجاوز الـ 1000 كلم، إضافة إلى تهديدات مماثلة في اليمن والعراق وسورية، ولذلك يجب توسيع قوس المواجهة ضد إيران، ووفق ما سبق يتمكن كيان الاحتلال الصهيوني من الولوج العملياتي بدون قيود إلى البر والبحر، وبإمكانه إرسال سفنه إلى البحر الأحمر وبحر العرب وحتى الاقتراب من خليج عمان.

استمرت الإدارة الأميركية الحالية على نهج سلفها لاستكمال ترتيب أوراق أجندتها، وبخطوات متسارعة بعد قمة جنيف «بوتين- بايدن» وفق التالي:

ـ انسحبت من أفغانستان بمشهد مذل بعد أن أعادت إنتاج «داعش» وتدعيمه وتعزيزه بنقل عناصر إضافية لرفده من سورية والعراق، لضمان نشر الفوضى وتقويض الاستقرار الأمني، خاصة بعد سيطرة حركة طالبان على الحكم في أفغانستان، فبدأت هذه الحركة التكفيرية الوهابية «داعش» بتفجير المساجد والحسينيات والمدارس وقتلاً وذبحاً للأبرياء في مسلسل متواصل، حيثما وجد مسلمون من طوائف متعددة، لزرع الفتنة المذهبية بأجندة تديرها الولايات المتحدة لنشر الإرهاب والفوضى بما يقوض شراكة الصين مع الدول المجاورة ويعمل على تخريب مبادرة الحزام والطريق بكامل فروعها، ويهدد دول الجوار بتمدد الإرهاب إلى داخلها.

ـ حدوث توترات بين إيران وأذربيجان اللتين تجمعهما قواسم ثقافية واجتماعية ودينية، مع عبث تركي وحضور «إسرائيلي» وفقاً للمايسترو الأميركي:

ـ لعزل إيران عن المنطقة، من خلال منع استخدام الأراضي الإيرانية لربط منطقة نخجوان بـأذربيجان، وبالتالي قطع الاتصال الحدودي بين إيران وأرمينيا، وبالتالي قطع إحدى طرق المواصلات بين إيران وأوروبا.

ـ ربط تركيا (العضو في الناتو) ببحر قزوين عبر أذربيجان، وبالتالي توسيع حدود الناتو حتى بحر قزوين، بما يؤدي إلى تغيرات جيوسياسية في منطقة القوقاز، لن تسمح بها إيران ولجارتها الشمالية الغربية تركيا بالبدء بهذه المغامرة وتعميق هذه التوترات.

ـ تواجد قوات «إسرائيلية» وعناصر من تنظيم «داعش» على الأراضي الأذربيجانية وعلى حدود إيران، بما يجعل أذربيحان ساحة خلفية للكيان الصهيوني للتآمر على إيران، حيث من باكو ووفقاً لمسؤولين إيرانيين تمت هجمات «إسرائيلية» استهدفت البرنامج النووي الإيراني، واغتيال العالم النووي البارز محسن فخري زاده.

لذلك لجأت إيران إلى مناورة عسكرية على طول الحدود مع أذربيجان900 كلم «فاتحي خيبر» مما دفع باكو إلى العودة الدبلوماسية، حيث لدى أذربيجان مشاريع اقتصادية مهمة مع إيران مثل السكك الحديدية التي تربط أذربيجان بالخليج عبر مدينة أستارا، وكذلك خط النقل البري بين البلدين، ولايبدو أن هذه التوترات ستصل إلى أماكن خطرة.

ـ محاولة زرع كمائن متفرقة ونشر الفتن في العراق ولبنان من خلال الانتخابات العراقية، ومجزرة الطيونة في بيروت لتقليص النفوذ السياسي لتيار المقاومة والحشد الشعبي في العراق، وحزب الله في لبنان، بالإضافة إلى نزع سلاح المقاومة أو تورطه في حرب أهلية.

على المقلب الموازي يحقق المحور المناهض للهيمنة الأميركية وحلف محور المقاومة تقدماً متسارعاً في كافة الميادين نذكر منها:

ـ بدء العمل التجريبي بخط أنابيب السيل الشمالي الذي يزود أوروبا بالغاز الروسي.

ـ إنجاز الجيش اليمني الوطني واللجان الشعبية انتصارات ميدانية بمجموعة من العمليات المتتالية آخرها عمليتي فجر الانتصار وربيع النصر اللتين أدتا إلى استكمال تحرير معظم محافظة مأرب ومحافظة شبوة مدن الموارد بالغاز والنفط والماء، وبالتالي إضافة بعد اقتصادي للبعد العسكري بالتحرير.

ـ استكمال تحرير الجنوب السوري من الجماعات الإرهابية، وعودة سورية إلى دورها الإقليمي ومداها الحيوي ومكانتها الدولية عبر التنسيق الأمني بقرار الإنتــربول الدولي رفع الحظر عن دمشق، والبوابة الاقتصادية بالتنســيق مع مصر والأردن ولبنان، وفتح معبر نصيب – جابر الحــدودي، وإعــادة إحياء خط الغاز العربي، ووصول الغاز المصري والكهرباء الأردنــية إلى لبنان عبر الأراضي السورية، وكسر بعض من تفاصيل (قانون قيصر)، بعد وصول قوافل النفط الإيرانية إلى ميناء بانياس، ثم بيروت براً، بتحدّ صريح وواضح للعنجهية والبلطجة الأميركية و»الإسرائيلية».

ـ بدء الجيش العربي السوري مع حلفائه باستكمال تحرير الشمال السوري من الاحتلال التركي ومجاميع العصابات الإرهابية التكفيرية التابعة له من خلال بدء المعركة من  مدينة سرمدة الني تقع على الحدود السورية – التركية، والتي لم تتعرض للقصف منذ سبع سنوات، وشمل القصف مقرات هامة لفصيل «هيئة تحرير الشام» الإرهابي، ومنها مقر اقتصادي «شركة محروقات وتد»، بالإضافة إلى مركز نفوس وقيادة الشرطة التابعة لهم، وبالتالي استهداف كل المؤسسات التي سعت تركيا أن تثبتها في إدلب كبديل عن مؤسسات الدولة السورية، وأن أهم أهداف هذه العملية العسكرية رفض تتريك الشمال السوري، وإنهاء الوضع الشاذ فيه.

ـ عودة طهران في الأسبوع المقبل إلى مفاوضات الاتفاق النووي في فيينا بشروط إيرانية وفق سياسة الخطوة بخطوة، والتي تبدأَ بأن يقوم الأميركيون برفع العقوبات بالكامل، خاصة النفطية والمالية، لتقابلها إيران بالعودة إلى الاتفاق النووي وخفض نسبة تخصيب اليورانيوم من 60% إلى 3,5%، وخفض إنتاج أجهزة الطرد المركزي،….

وسبق كلّ ذلك معركة «سيف القدس» التي خاضتها فصائل المقاومة الفلسطينية نصرة للقدس، التي كشفت ماهية معادلة «إسرائيل أوهن من بيت العنكبوت»، نحو تكريس معادلة قواعد اشتباك جديدة «القدس تعني حرباً إقليمية»، ومنذ أسابيع قليلة عملية نفق الحرية «سجن جلبوع» التي نفذها الأسرى الأبطال الستة قبل إعادة اعتقالهم، والتي هزمت منظومة الاحتلال الأمنية والعسكرية والاستخبارية، وشكلت نقطة تحول جديدة في مسار الصراع العربي الصهيوني.

وفي الختام، نذكر ما نقلته صحيفة «جيروزاليم بوست» عن رئيس المؤتمر اليهودي العالمي رونالد لودر «إن خسارة تل أبيب التضامن الصريح عالمياً في المعركة مع غزة ضاعف الخطر الوجودي على إسرائيل»، وعلى أهمية خسارة الرأي العام، إلا أنّ الانقسام الذي يهدد وجود «إسرائيل» ليس الانقسام في الداخل «الإسرائيلي» فقط بل في العالم كله، كما تحدث عن تراجع الولاء لـ «إسرائيل»، واختراق أعدائها لحلفائها الأكثر إخلاصاً لها في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية، وهذا ماأكده أيضاً الكاتب سيث فرانتسمان بأنّ حركة المقاومة الفلسطينية وصلت إلى دعم شعبي كبير بعد الحرب الأخيرة على غزة، في الوقت الذي استهدفت الاحتجاجات إدانة «إسرائيل» في العديد من البلدان، ونشرت مقالات تنتقدها في جميع أنحاء العالم، وأضاف: «كما قادت الصين جهوداً في الأمم المتحدة لإدانة إسرائيل، واتهم أعضاء اليسار المتطرف في الحزب الديمقراطي في الولايات المتحدة إسرائيل بممارسة الفصل العنصري، ودعوا إلى وقف مبيعات الأسلحة»، كما أكد تراجع دعم «إسرائيل» حتى بين المؤيدين الرئيسيين لها في الولايات المتحدة كالإنجيليين.

في الخلاصة، لا يزال كيان الاحتلال الصهيوني يقف على «إجر ونص»، خوفاً من انتقام المقاومة اللبنانية القادم لشهدائها لا محالة، وقد يقف الآن على رجل واحدة بعد  توعد بيان غرفة عمليات حلفاء سورية  «بالرد القاسي» رداً على الغارات «الإسرائيلية» على تدمر وسط سورية التي انطلقت عبر سماء الأردن ومنطقة التنف السورية المحتلة من الأميركيين منذ خمسة أيام.

«حلفاء سوريا» ينفّذون وعدهم: قاعدة التنف الأميركية تحت النار!



حسين الأمين

الخميس 21 تشرين الأول 2021

«حلفاء سوريا» ينفّذون وعدهم: قاعدة التنف الأميركية تحت النار!

نفّذت قوى «حلفاء سوريا» وعدها بالردّ على العدوان الإسرائيلي ــــ الأميركي المشترك الذي استهدف مواقع تشغلها قواتها قرب مدينة تدمر في ريف حمص الشرقي منذ نحو أسبوع، ما أدّى إلى وقوع عدد من الشهداء والجرحى. ليل أمس، نفّذ حلفاء سوريا تهديدهم، حيث استهدفت طائرات انتحارية مسيّرة غرف مبيت الجنود الأميركيين، إضافة إلى مطبخ ومستودع أغذية داخل قاعدة التنف الواقعة على المثلث الحدودي بين سوريا والعراق والأردن، بالترافق مع صواريخ استهدفت القاعدة ومحيطها، ما أدى إلى سماع دوي انفجارات عدة، بحسب مصادر ميدانية تحدثت إليها «الأخبار»، بالإضافة إلى مشاهدة اشتعال النيران داخل القاعدة، من دون التمكّن من تحديد حجم الإصابات، وتلى ذلك تحليق للمروحيات الأميركية. في وقت أكد «البنتاغون» وقوع الاستهداف، مشيراً إلى أن الهجوم «لم تنتج منه خسائر بشرية في صفوف القوات الأميركية».

لكن اللافت في هجوم الأمس على القاعدة الأميركية، أنه لم يأت رداً على عدوان إسرائيلي «تقليدي»، حيث أن المعلومات العسكرية تشير إلى أن العدوان كان أميركياً ــــ إسرائيلياً مشتركاً، وتمّ تنفيذه من جهة قاعدة التنف الأميركية. كما أن العدوان لم يستهدف مخازن أو شحنات أسلحة، كما يزعم العدو عادة، بل «استهدف غرف مبيت للقوات التابعة لمحور المقاومة، إضافة إلى مطبخ لإعداد الوجبات للجنود، وباحة لركن الآليات العسكرية»، بحسب مصادر عسكرية في «محور المقاومة». وهذا يعني بحسب المصادر: «تجاوزاً للخطوط الحمراء، وقراراً بالاستهداف المباشر بقصد القتل»، وهو ما وقع فعلاً. وفي اليوم التالي للاستهداف، أصدرت قيادة «غرفة عمليات حلفاء سوريا»، بياناً أكّدت فيه أنّها «اتّخذت قراراً بالرد القاسي على العدوان على تدمر»، وأضافت أنه «نتيجة هذا الاعتداء سقط عدد من الشهداء والجرحى من الإخوة المجاهدين»، مشيرةً إلى أنه «لولا الانتشار، لكان عدد شهداء الاعتداء كبيراً جداً». وقال البيان إن قيادة الغرفة «اتخذت قراراً بالردّ على هذا الاعتداء انتقاماً لأرواح الشهداء ودماء الجرحى»، خاتمةً بقولها: «سيكون الردّ قاسياً جداً». وبالتوازي مع البيان الذي توعّد بالردّ، أصدرت قيادة قوات «محور المقاومة» في سوريا، تعليماتها لقوّاتها بتنفيذ خطة انتشار واسعة، تحضيراً لتصعيد قد يعقب الردّ الحتميّ على العدوان.

استهدفت طائرات انتحارية مسيّرة غرف مبيت الجنود الأميركيين داخل قاعدة التنف الأميركي

كما يأتي الرد على العدوان الأخير، ضمن توجّه عامّ لدى قوى «محور المقاومة» في سوريا ــــ انطلق قبيل العدوان الأخير ــــ للتحرّر من قيود فرضتها الوقائع العسكرية في السنوات الماضية، حيث كانت ــــ بحسب المصادر العسكرية ــــ «أولوية هذه القوى العمل على مساعدة الجيش السوري في استعادة سيطرته على الأراضي التي يسيطر عليها المسلحون، وتأمين أكبر قدر من الاستقرار الأمني في البلاد»، لكن «أما وقد تحقّق ذلك بجزئه الأكبر، فقد حان الوقت لرسم معادلات ردع جديدة مع العدو الإسرائيلي، وكذلك الأميركي، عبر الردّ على الاستهدافات المباشِرة والتي يذهب ضحيّتها مقاتلون من تشكيلات قوى المحور». وفي الأسابيع الأخيرة، جرت اتصالات ولقاءات بين قادة في «محور المقاومة» في بيروت ودمشق وطهران، تقرّر إثرها تعزيز تواجد قوات المحور على امتداد الجغرافيا السورية، بعدما كانت قد انخفضت أعداد هذه القوات خلال العام الفائت. وعلى سبيل المثال، بينما يستمرّ عقد اتفاقات التسوية في المنطقة الجنوبية، ويتوسّع انتشار الجيش السوري في كامل محافظة درعا، قامت قوات «محور المقاومة» بتعزيز مواقع انتشار قديمة لها في المناطق السورية المختلفة، وانتخبت مواقع جديدة، كما أُرسلت إلى الجنوب السوري قوّات جديدة ــــ بمرافقة الجيش السوري ــــ بطريقة علنيّة، مع آلياتهم العسكرية ودبّاباتهم وكامل عتادهم، للمرة الأولى منذ اتفاق التسوية تحت الرعاية الروسية، صيف العام 2018.
ويبدو أن قوى «محور المقاومة» ترى أن الظروف الحالية مؤاتية لإحداث تغييرات في المشهد السوري ـــ الإسرائيلي، بسبب الفترة العصيبة التي يمرّ بها كيان العدو، على صعيد علاقته المرتبكة مع الولايات المتحدة، في ما يتعلّق بطريقة التعامل مع ملفّات المنطقة، خصوصاً ما يسمّيه «التهديدات الإيرانية المتزايدة»، إضافة إلى تحسّن الوضع العسكري في عموم سوريا بشكل كبير، ما يمكّن هذه القوى من تبديل أولويّاتها. في المقابل، يدرك العدوّ حجم الخطر الذي يشكّله أي قرار لدى أعدائه في «المحور» بتغيير المعادلات العسكرية التي جَهِد في الحفاظ عليها طوال الفترة الماضية. وفي هذا السياق، يشير الإعلام الإسرائيلي إلى أن «الموضوع الإيراني سيتصدّر المباحثات التي يجريها رئيس الحكومة الإسرائيلية نفتالي بينيت، مع الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين، يوم الجمعة المقبل في موسكو»، لافتة إلى أن بينيت يعتزم مطالبة بوتين بـ«إبعاد إيران والميليشيات الموالية لها عن خط وقف إطلاق النار في هضبة الجولان، وكذلك الحفاظ على حرية عمل إسرائيل في سوريا».

مصادر الميادين تكشف حالة قوات التحالف الأميركي بعد هجوم “التنف”

المصدر: الميادين نت

الهجوم على قاعدة التنف شرقي سوريا يتسبّب بحالة من الارتباك في صفوف قوات التحالف الأميركي، ويجبر الفصائل المتعاملة معها على إعادة الانتشار.

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هجوم التنف يربك قوات التحالف الأميركي

نقل مراسل الميادين عن مصادر سورية تأكيدها أنّ حالة من الفوضى والارتباك عمّت صفوف الجنود الأميركيين والبريطانيين والمجموعات المسلحة السورية المولجة “حماية” قاعدة التنف شرق سوريا، وذلك بعد تعرضها لهجوم بالطائرات المسيرة والصواريخ الليلة الماضية.

وكانت القاعدة الموجودة على المثلث الحدودي الذي يجمع سوريا والعراق والأردن تعرّضت لهجوم في تمام الساعة التاسعة مساءً، أدى إلى اشتعال النيران فيها لأكثر من ساعة، بعد سماع دوي انفجارات كبيرة فيها.

وفي سياق متصل، نفت مصادر عشائرية في البادية السورية علمها بوقوع قتلى أو مصابين في صفوف القوات الموجودة في القاعدة، إلا أنها أكّدت حدوث انفجارات واضحة فيها، وأشارت إلى وجود حالة من الاستنفار وإعادة الانتشار في صفوف المسلحين التابعين لتنظيم “مغاوير الثورة” المتعاون مع الأميركيين.

وتعدّ التنف من أهم القواعد الّتي تحتلّها القوات الأميركية في سوريا، نظراً إلى موقعها الاستراتيجي، وهي تضم عدداً من مخازن الأسلحة والمواقع التدريبية التي تشمل ميادين للرماية بالأسلحة الرشاشة والمتوسطة، ومستودعات للمواد الغذائية، ومساكن للجنود، وتخضع لحراسة دائرية مشددة على مسافة 55 كلم، الأمر الذي يصعب عملية استهدافها.

ويأتي الهجوم على التنف بعد أقلّ من أسبوع على استهداف منطقة تدمر، الأمر الذي أدى إلى استشهاد جندي سوري وعدد من عناصر القوات الحليفة لدمشق، في وقت أعلنت غرفة حلفاء دمشق قرارها بالرد القاسي على العدوان.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

Sayyed Nasrallah: Arrogance Is Still Trying to Destroy Muslim Unity


Sayyed Nasrallah: Arrogance Is Still Trying to Destroy Muslim Unity

Translated by Staff, Hezbollah Media Relations

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed that efforts to bring Muslims together throughout the Islamic world, since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, contributed to enabling a level of cohesion for overcoming the current stage. He further noted that the coherent and solid base at the Islamic level, especially between Sunnis and Shiites, maintains a measure of balance, cooperation, unity, and the ability to stand up to the winds to which our world and our region are exposed.

In his speech during the 35th International Conference on Islamic Unity held in Tehran, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that the accomplishments stemming from years of conferences and meetings helped to overcome the harsh phase that we endured, which was threatening the Islamic world with sectarian wars.

“With God’s help and awareness, insight, the presence of honest people and the blood of the martyrs, this stage has been overcome,” Sayyed Nasrallah explained.

In parallel, he stressed that the arrogant American and “Israeli” campaign to disrupt the efforts of Muslims still exists. This requires us to have hope and sit down again, think, program, plan and make effort to reach the desired goal, which is rapprochement and unity among Muslims and not to give the enemies of the nation any opportunity to exploit differences or variations in their favor.

He also underlined that we have to benefit from previous experiences, from strengths and weaknesses, feasible and beneficial actions in order to develop. Meanwhile, we must abandon useless ones so that we do not waste time, energy, money, and capabilities. We must also try to look for frameworks and good ideas, and this must be given an opportunity.

“We are always being targeted, and the most significant aspects being targeted are rapprochement, harmony, and cooperation. When we were united, we created victories,” Hezbollah’s Secretary-General explained.

His Eminence underscored the necessity to build on the past and consider this matter as one of the major national priorities to thwart the enemy’s plots.

Sayyed Nasrallah suggested that the formation of a committee in which all the countries of the Islamic world would be represented should emerge from this conference and prepare for a direct meeting. They must represent their countries in order to evaluate the experience of previous decades and build on them and set goals for the next stage.

The First and Final Surprise in Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech

October 20, 2021

By Ihab Zaky

In a surprise move marking a departure from Hezbollah’s traditional policy, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah revealed a figure related to the group’s military body. It was an exclusive and specific number that excluded the organization’s broader structural bodies which consist of military and paramilitary units. The figure of 100,000 represents the group’s backbone.

“If we merly signaled to them rather than ordering them to move mountains, they would move them,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. This announcement was the first surprise.

Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned this figure in the context of a warning to those who think they can defeat Hezbollah with 15,000 fighters.

However, this may not have the desired effect on Lebanese Forces Party leader Samir Geagea, who is too foolish and ignorant to realize and appreciate the level danger. Therefore, this number is much more of a message for the real enemies who see Geagea as a mere tool – the United States and “Israel.”

The content of this message is that insisting on pushing fools towards creating a civil war will be the final nail in the coffin of American influence in Lebanon. As Sayyed Hashem Safi al-Din, head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, said, “We have not yet fought the battle to end American influence over the institutions of the Lebanese state.” Therefore, insisting on this move may be the zero hour to start that battle, faster and easier.

On the other hand, the “Israeli” enemy will interpret this number in the framework of its strategy for its upcoming confrontation with Hezbollah, a strategy dominated by the certainty of defeat, but one that harbors an element of doubt about its actual demise. Therefore, this number seems to motivate concerns and misgivings, especially if the “Israeli” mind takes into account Sayyed’s many exceptions in determining the number.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke at length about the common national interest, about Hezbollah’s relationship with the Christians and its national creed that moves it, and the extreme keenness – to very sensitive degrees – of preventing even civilians – not military or armed men – from entering Christian villages in 2000 after the defeat of the Zionist enemy and raising Hezbollah or Amal flags. If a party is so concerned about the feelings of the Christians, can it be accused of seeking to invade their land, honor, and money, and be viewed as an enemy that demands vigilance?

The one person who understands the importance of civil peace in Lebanon and the importance of the Christian presence in the East in general and not only in Lebanon, is Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The colonial West seeks to empty the East of its Christians to consolidate the idea of conflict between an Islamic East and a Christian West, which is the basis and starting point of the Crusades. In addition, the strategy of displacing Christians is a colonial strategy, and it’s confirmed by the number of Christians in the region half a century ago compared to the numbers today. This strategy also serves the “Israeli” presence.

The evidence presented by Sayyed Nasrallah about Hezbollah’s protection of Christians wherever it they may be, are just some of the examples. This is contrast to the displacement, destruction, and killing of Christians wherever Geagea and his party are. These examples should be more than enough to ostracize and isolate this party as Christian, as well as isolate it nationally. While Sayyed Nasrallah seeks to preserve Christian blood, Geagea considers it a mere investment card and a bargaining chip with his international and regional operators.

Sayyed Nasrallah refrained from going too far back in history, to shed light on the crimes of Geagea and his party, which are detailed and proven in a court of law – crimes that are bloody and characterized by treachery. The Christian blood that Geagea claims to protect was spilled by his hands and stained his forehead, but the worst thing is that despite that barbarism in bloodshed, his history remains tainted with defeat. It’s almost as if this person is synonymous with defeat. Hence, defeat should be given the name Geagea.

Sayyed also refrained from mentioning Samir Geagea’s name. Even the “Israeli” media noticed this, and certainly this was not an absurd remark. By not mentioning his name, the Hezbollah leader sent another message that reflects Sayyed’s principles in his positions on the one hand and belittling the former [Geagea] on the other.

Sayyed Nasrallah insisted on the sanctity of the Lebanese army, as it is the last resort for the unity of Lebanon’s land and people, and as the unifying institution. But this does not mean turning a blind eye to some transgressions, which must be subject to investigation and accountability. This means that Sayyed Nasrallah wants to preserve this institution, even from the verbal scratching of some excited or angry enthusiasts.

This offers conclusive evidence that Hezbollah is the most committed to the state and its institutions, as well as to the file of the Tayouneh crime and previous crimes that are being handled by these state institutions. Meanwhile, it continues to call on the state to live up to its duties and is warning against complacency.

In the end of his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah sent a message to the supporters of the resistance which was the last surprise – “the American attempts to provoke a civil war are the last mine.” Sayyed Nasrallah was declaring that the American bag of tricks was empty, and the “Israeli” bag of tricks was even emptier.

But the most important message relates to what he said about the end of the path of patience and insight.

“Patience and insight will bring you relief and victory that you do not expect.”

In fact, supporters of the resistance do not expect anything from it except victories and surprises. They stand in the trenches with insight. The only thing that will surprise these supporters is not to see it patient, feared, insightful, and victorious.

The Vampire

The Vampire

By Al-Ahed News Staff

An infographics detailing the long history of brutality of Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces Party.

The Vampire

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Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Has 100k Lebanese Fighters Who Will Uproot Mountains If They Are Signaled to Do So

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Snipers from Rooftops, Testing out a Third War قناصون من البنايات.. تجريب الحرب الثالثة

14 Oct, 2021

See related image detail

Source: AlMayadeen

Mohammad Faraj

The Third War’s main target is to incite domestic tensions by politicizing the Beirut Blast investigations and directing accusations towards one public.

Visual search query image
The third war focuses on igniting internal tension using various tools.

“Israel” and the US have experienced two wars against the Resistance in Lebanon – the first of which was a direct confrontation in July 2006. According to a study by Anthony Cordesman published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, the 2006 war had 3 main goals:

The first was the total destruction of Hezbollah’s missile capabilities, in particular, its medium and long-range arsenal, in addition to extinguishing the organization’s military infrastructure in general. The second was restoring “Israel’s” reputation in the region, especially after their humiliating defeat and retreat from the South of Lebanon in 2000. The third goal is to weaken the Lebanese government, rendering the country engrossed in a waning political environment, engulfing a feeble resistance. Observing these three goals, alongside the glaring aftermaths and conditions of the war on Syria over the past ten tears, one could say that none of these goals have come close to completion.  

In fact, Hezbollah’s military arsenal has developed, “Israel’s” image has exponentially deteriorated, despite the fact that the political situation in Lebanon has been in continuous turmoil and decline.

After the Israeli failure on the battlefield, the focus was shifted to a new type of war (The Second War): It hinges on waging a “War of Ideas” – as publicized by the RAND Corporation – coupled with a “Media War”, by dedicating immense budgets to paint the Resistance and Iranian foreign policy in a sectarian light, a smearing strategy repeatedly advocated by Carnegie Endowment. 

The Second War did not achieve the strategic goals the US and “Israel” were vying for, although the rising sectarianism in the country has brazenly affected multiple arenas; this could be found in the clear-cut wedge between those who promote normalization and those who fight against imperialism. What makes this divide distinctive is that it is not restricted to intellectual and elitist circles, but has rather seeped into the population as a whole.  

“Israel’s” failed experience with the full-scale war in 2006, with its adamancy to carry on the model of the Second War, the Third War’s main target is to incite domestic tensions with a number of means. This means politicizing the August 4 Beirut Blast investigations by directing accusations towards one public, hence setting a number of officials as scapegoats in an attempt to generate chaos.  

Beginning with the sniping at a funeral in Khaldeh, to another shooting at peaceful demonstrators at Adlieh, with deaths and injuries piling after every event, one cannot detach the sequence of events from an Israeli logical framework that has, through history, employed small tools with large effects. In other words, when the Second War failed to scale up sectarian tensions into a civil war, the Israelis placed a number of snipers and armed men atop buildings: Blood will only beget blood, and disaster will loom on the horizon.

However, what happened at Adliyeh isn’t exclusive to Lebanon: The pattern could be observed across multiple grounds – what happened in Iraq is subject to the same logic and sequence. The abrasive war eventually spawned a resistance, the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), which compelled Biden to withdraw from Iraq before the end of the year and to tone down on his camouflaged rhetoric, forcing him to stick to advisory missions. In the midst of experiencing vicious terrorism over the years, the PMF was exposed to sectarian propaganda in Iraq – the War of Ideas – before facing the Third War where domestic tensions arose, elections were tampered with, and public fury-inducing normalization conferences were organized in the north. With its power to provoke and incite unrest, this sequence of events equates to snipers aiming their weapons from Beirut rooftops at the heads of peaceful protesters. 

Domestic tension is the upcoming theme of the season, as “Israel” grows more and more desperate. With time, “Israel” realizes that the motions of the region’s geopolitics are moving against its interests, especially as the US rolls back its withering empire. In the upcoming phase, “Israel” will display a frantic obsession with instigating internal chaos. This behavior refers back to its desire for larger “presents” from the US before further withdrawal. 

“Israel” flounders amid unprecedented regional settlements, an experience it never dealt with, even following its previous wars. 

The opinions mentioned in this article do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Al mayadeen, but rather express the opinion of its writer exclusively.

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قناصون من البنايات.. تجريب الحرب الثالثة

ما جرى أمام منطقة “العدلية” في بيروت ليس حدثاً لبنانياً خالصاً، فما جرى في العراق يخضع للمنطق نفسه والتسلسل نفسه.

Visual search query image
تركّز الحرب الثالثة بشكل أساسي على تحفيز التوتير الداخلي بأدوات مختلفة، وحصة لبنان من هذه الأدوات هي تسييس مسار التحقيق.

حربان جرَّبتهما “إسرائيل” والولايات المتحدة ضد المقاومة في لبنان؛ الأولى كانت الحرب المباشرة التي تكثّفت في لحظة تموز/يوليو 2006م، والتي تكثفت أهدافها في 3 أهداف أساسية، بحسب دراسة أنتوني كوردزمان في مركز الدراسات الاستراتيجية والدولية في واشنطن، الأول تدمير القوة الصاروخية لحزب الله، وتحديداً الترسانة المتوسطة والبعيدة المدى، وتدمير بنيته التحتية العسكرية بشكل عام، والثاني إعادة الهيبة لـ”إسرائيل” بعد الانسحاب الذليل والمر من الجنوب في العام 2000م، والثالث هو العمل على تأسيس حالة سياسية تتكوَّن فيها حكومة لبنانية ضعيفة ومضطربة، تضبط مقاومة ضعيفة. 

بعد التأمل في الأهداف الثلاثة، وسحبها أيضاً على مناخات الحرب على سوريا خلال عشرية النار، يمكن القول إنها فشلت جميعاً ولم تتحقق، فالقدرة الصاروخية لحزب الله تطورت، وصورة “إسرائيل” استمرّت بالتراجع، والمناخات السياسية في لبنان عانت الأمرّين، إلا أنّ الحالة التي بحثت عنها “إسرائيل” لم تتحقّق. 

بعد الفشل الميداني الإسرائيلي، بدأ التركيز على نمط جديد من الحروب (الحرب الثانية)، وهي التركيز المسعور على حرب الأفكار (كما روّجت مؤسسة “راند” البحثية في أكثر من مناسبة)، وحرب الإعلام، وتكريس الشق الأكبر من الميزانيات والأموال لمصلحة محاولات تطييف المقاومة، ومحاولة وسمها بمقاومة طائفية، ومحاولة تطييف السياسة الخارجية لإيران بالترافق مع كل ذلك (كما روّج مركز “كارنيغي” في أكثر من مناسبة).

لم تتحقّق النجاحات الاستراتيجية المرجوّة أميركياً وإسرائيلياً من الحرب الثانية، فحالة الشحن الطائفي التي لا ينكر أحد نجاح مفاعيلها في الجولات الأولى في أكثر من ساحة، تفرّغ الحيز الأكبر منها بشكل ضمني مع الفرز الواضح بين محور التطبيع ومحور المقاومة، وميزة هذا الفرز أنه لم ينحصر في دوائر النخب والمثقفين، إنما امتدّ شعبياً، كجزء من ملاحظات المواطنين الاعتيادية.

مع عجز “إسرائيل” عن إعادة تجريب الحرب الأولى (المباشرة الشاملة)، ومع إصرارها على استكمال نموذج الحرب الثانية (حرب الأفكار)، تركّز الحرب الثالثة بشكل أساسي على تحفيز التوتير الداخلي بأدوات مختلفة، وحصة لبنان من هذه الأدوات هي تسييس مسار التحقيق، والعمل على وضع جمهور محدد في خانة الاتهام المباشر ومحاولة استفزازه.

من أحداث منطقة خلدة، وقنص أشخاص يسيرون في جنازة، إلى قنص متظاهرين سلميين أمام العدلية، وإحداث إصابات خطيرة وسقوط شهداء، كلّ ذلك يسير في فلك المنطق الإسرائيلي القائم على استخدام أدوات صغيرة قد تحدث نتائج كبيرة. 

بمعنى آخر، إن لم تنجح حرب الأفكار في إشعال نار حرب أهلية، يتمّ استخدام عدد محدد من المسلّحين والقناصين الذين يطلقون النار من أسطح البنايات، لعلّ الدم يجلب الدم، وتتدحرج كرة النار.

ما جرى أمام العدلية ليس حدثاً لبنانياً خالصاً، فما جرى في العراق يخضع للمنطق نفسه والتسلسل نفسه، فالحرب المباشرة أنتجت في نهاية المطاف مقاومة أجبرت الرئيس الأميركي جو بايدن على التصريح بالخروج قبل نهاية العام، وأجبرته كذلك على تحييد اللغة الرمادية والمموّهة (الإبقاء على مهمات استشارية).

وبعد الحرب المباشرة، وخلال تعرض العراق لموجة إرهاب عاتية، تعرّض الحشد الشعبي لدعاية التطييف ذاتها (حرب الأفكار)، وها هو اليوم يواجه الحرب الثالثة في العراق، وهي توتير الداخل من خلال التدخل في الانتخابات أو تشجيع مؤتمر تطبيعي في الشمال يستفز الجمهور العراقي. إن ذلك فعلياً مكافئ تماماً لمبدأ قناصين على أسطح بنايات في بيروت. 

توتير الداخل هو العنوان الأساسي للجولة الإسرائيلية اليائسة القادمة، التي تعرف أنَّ المسار الاستراتيجي يسير ضد مصالحها، ولا سيما مع التراجع الأميركي.

“إسرائيل” تحديداً ستكون مهووسة خلال الفترة المقبلة بمناخات التوتر. ويعود السبب في ذلك إلى أنها تريد حصد أكبر قدر ممكن من الهدايا الأميركية قبل المزيد من الانسحاب. إنه الصراخ “الإسرائيلي” في مخاض التسويات الذي لم تجربه سابقاً، حتى بعد الحروب.

إن الآراء المذكورة في هذه المقالة لا تعبّر بالضرورة عن رأي الميادين وإنما تعبّر عن رأي صاحبها حصراً

Repost: why the Empire always supports minorities

OCTOBER 12, 2021

Repost: why the Empire always supports minorities

In the distant 2017, I wrote a piece I entitled “Manipulated minorities represent a major danger for democratic states“.  After reading the comments to my recent “Has the first domino already fallen” post, I have decided to repost that old one as I (hope) that it has a new relevance today, when the USA is been torn apart by the Woke ideology and Europe by multiculturalism.  I also see a direct connection between this issue and the US/NATO/EU war against the Serbian nation.
So I repost it below and open the floor for comments.
Kind regards

Manipulated minorities represent a major danger for democratic states
(originally published on August 25, 2017)

First, a quick disclaimer or, should I say, a clarification: When I speak of minorities, as I will below, I do that as a person who belongs to a long list of minorities. I was born in a family of Russian refugees. Right there, that makes me part of a (rather small) minority. Furthermore, I lived most of my life in the French speaking part of Switzerland, that again makes me part of a minority. Then, I am an Orthodox Christian. That is also a minority inside of the so-called “Christian” world (in reality a post-Christian world, of course). Moreover, I am a traditionalist Orthodox Christian, a small minority inside the much bigger “world Orthodoxy”. And inside that, I am a Russian inside a majority Greek Church. I also lived for 5 years in Washington, DC, which was something like 70% Black and, at the time, openly and often rudely hostile to Whites (I never thought of myself as a color before, but I sure felt like one during those 5 years). And now I am a “legal alien” living in the USA. Anyway, while I am “White” (what a nonsensical category!) I suppose, that hardly makes me a typical WASP. So I am quite used to “being a minority” (and I quite like that, would I add). Just thought this might a useful clarification before I engage in the following thoughtcrimes.

Question: why does the US foreign policies always support various minorities? Is it out of kindness? Or a sense of fairness? Could it be out of a deep sense of guilt of having committed the only “pan-genocide” in human history (the genocide of all the ethnic groups of an entire continent)? Or maybe a deep sense of guilt over slavery? Are the beautiful words of the Declaration of Independence “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” really inspiring US foreign policies?


I submit that the real truth is totally different. My thesis is very simple: the reason why the US always support foreign minorities to subvert states and use domestic minorities to suppress the majority US population is because minorities are very easy to manipulate and because minorities present no threat to the real rulers of the AngloZionist Empire. That’s all there is to it.

I think that minorities often, but not always, act and perceive things in a way very different from the way majority groups do. Here is what I have observed:

Let’s first look at minorities inside the USA:

  1. They are typically far more aware of their minority identity/status than the majority. That is to say that if the majority is of skin color A and the minority of skin color B, the minority will be much more acutely aware of its skin color.
  2. They are typically much more driven and active then the majority. This is probably due to their more acute perception of being a minority.
  3. They are only concerned with single-issue politics, that single-issue being, of course, their minority status.
  4. Since minorities are often unhappy with their minority-status, they are also often resentful of the majority.
  5. Since minorities are mostly preoccupied by their minority-status linked issue, they rarely pay attention to the ‘bigger picture’ and that, in turn, means that the political agenda of the minorities typically does not threaten the powers that be.
  6. Minorities often have a deep-seated inferiority complex towards the putatively more successful majority.
  7. Minorities often seek to identify other minorities with which they can ally themselves against the majority.

To this list of characteristics, I would add one which is unique to foreign minorities, minorities outside the USA: since they have no/very little prospects of prevailing against the majority, these minorities are very willing to ally themselves with the AngloZionist Empire and that, in turn, often makes them depended on the AngloZionist Empire, often even for their physical survival.

The above are, of course, very general characterizations. Not all minorities display all of these characteristics and many display only a few of them. But regardless of the degree to which any single minority fits this list of characteristics, what is obvious is that minorities are extremely easy to manipulate and that they present no credible (full-spectrum) threat to the Empire.

The US Democratic Party is the perfect example of a party which heavily relies on minority manipulation to maximize its power. While the Republican Party is by and large the party of the White, Anglo, Christian and wealthy voters, the Democrats try to cater to Blacks, women, Leftists, homosexuals, immigrants, retirees, and all others who feel like they are not getting their fair share of the proverbial pie. Needless to say, in reality there is only one party in the USA, you can call the the Uniparty, the Republicracts or the Demolicans, but in reality both wings of the Big Money party stand for exactly the same. What I am looking at here is not at some supposed real differences, but the way the parties present themselves. It is the combined action of these two fundamentally identical parties which guarantees the status quo in US politics which I like to sum up as “more of the same, only worse”.

I would like to mention an important corollary of my thesis that minorities typically more driven than the majority. If we accept that minorities are typically much more driven than most of the population, then we also immediately can see why their influence over society is often out of proportion with the numerical demographical “weight”. This has nothing to do with these minorities being more intelligent or more creative and everything to do with them willing to being spend much more time and efforts towards their objectives than most people.

So we have easy to manipulate, small groups, whose agenda does not threaten the 1% (really, much less!), who like to gang up with other similar minorities against the majority. Getting scared yet? It gets worse.

Western ‘democracies’ are mostly democracies only in name. In most of them instead of “one man one vote” we see “one dollar one vote” meaning that big money decides, not “the people”. Those in real power have immense financial resources which they cynically use to boost the already totally disproportional power of the various minorities. Now this is really scary:

Easy to manipulate, small groups, highly driven, whose agenda does not threaten the ruling plutocracy, who like to gang up with other similar minorities against the majority and whose influence is vastly increased by immense sums of money invested in them by the plutocracy. How is that for a threat to real people power, to the ideals of democracy?!

The frightening truth is that the combination of minorities and big money can easily hijack a supposedly ‘democratic’ country and subjugate the majority of its population to the “rule of the few over the many”.

Once we look this reality in the face we should also become aware of a very rarely mentioned fact: while we are taught that democracies should uphold the right of the minorities, the opposite is true: real democracies should strive to protect majorities against the abuse of power from minorities!

I know, I have just committed a long list of grievous thoughtcrimes!

At those who might be angry at me, I will reply with a single sentence: please name me a western country where the views of the majority of its people are truly represented in the policies of their governments? And if you fail to come up with a good example, then I need to ask you if the majority is clearly not in power, then who is?

I submit that the plutocratic elites which govern the West have played a very simple trick on us all: they managed to focus our attention on the many cases in history when minorities were oppressed by majorities but completely obfuscated the numerous cases where minorities oppressed majorities.

Speaking of oppression: minorities are far more likely to benefit and, therefore, use violence than the majority simply because their worldview often centers on deeply-held resentments. To put it differently, minorities are much more prone to settling scores for past wrongs (whether real or imagined) than a majority which typically does not even think in minority versus majority categories.

Not that majorities are always benign or kind towards minorities, not at all, humans being pretty much the same everywhere, but by the fact that they are less driven, less resentful and, I would argue, even less aware of their “majority status” they are less likely to act on such categories.

Foreign minorities play a crucial role in US foreign policy. Since time immemorial rulers have been acutely aware of the “divide et impera” rule, there is nothing new here. But the USA has become the uncontested leader in the art of using national minorities to create strife and overthrow a disobedient regime. The AngloZionist war against the Serbian nation is the perfect example of how this is done: the US supported any minority against the Serbs, even groups that the US classified as terrorists, as long as this was against the Serbs. And, besides being Orthodox Slavs and traditional allies of Russia, what was the real ‘crime’ of the Serbs? Being the majority of course! The Serbs had no need of the AngloZionists to prevail against the various ethnic (Croats) and religious (Muslims) minorities they lived with. That made the Serbs useless to the Empire. But now that the US has created a fiction of an independent Kosovo, the Kosovo Albanians put up a statue of Bill Clinton in Prishtina and, more relevantly, allowed the Empire to build the Camp Bondsteel mega-base in the middle of their nasty little statelet, right on the land of the Serbian population that was ethnically cleansed during the Kosovo war. US democracy building at its best indeed…

The same goes for Russia (and, the Soviet Union) were the USA went as far as to support the right of self-determination for non-existing “captive nations” such as “Idel-Ural” and “Cossakia. I would even argue that the Empire has created several nation ex nihilo (What in the world is a “Belarusian”?!).

I am fully aware that in the typical TV watching westerner any discussion of minorities focusing on their negative potential immediately elicits visions of hammers and sickles, smoking crematoria chimneys, chain gangs, lynchmobs, etc. This is basic and primitive conditioning. Carefully engineered events such as the recent riots in Charlottesville only further reinforce this type of mass conditioning. This is very deliberate and, I would add, very effective. As a result, any criticism, even just perceived criticism, of a minority immediately triggers outraged protests and frantic virtue-signaling (not me! look how good I am!!).

Of course, carefully using minorities is just one of the tactics used by the ruling plutocracy. Another of their favorite tricks is to created conflicts out of nothing or ridiculously bloat the visibility of an altogether minor topic (example: homo-marriages). The main rule remains the same though: create tensions, conflicts, chaos, subvert the current order (whatever that specific order might be), basically have the serfs fight each other while we rule.

In Switzerland an often used expression to describe “the people” is “the sovereign”. This is a very accurate description of the status of the people in a real democracy: they are “sovereign” in the sense that nobody rules over them. In that sense, the issue in the United States is one of sovereignty: as of today, the real sovereign of the USA are the corporations, the deep state, the Neocons, the plutocracy, the financiers, the Israel Lobby – you name it, anybody BUT the people.

In that system of oppression, minorities play a crucial role, even if they are totally unaware of this and even if, at the end of the day, they don’t benefit from it. Their perception or their lack of achievements in no way diminishes the role that they play in the western pseudo-democracies.

How do we with deal with this threat?

I think that the solution lies with the minorities themselves: they need to be educated about the techniques which are used to manipulate them, and they need to be convinced that their minority status does not, in reality, oppose them to the majority and that both the majority and the minorities have a common interest in together standing against those who seek to rule over them all. Striving to remain faithful to my “Putin fanboy” reputation, I will say that I believe that Russia under Putin is doing exactly the right thing by giving the numerous Russian minorities a stake in the future of the Russian state and by convincing the minorities that their interests and the interest of the majority of the people are fundamentally the same: being a minority does not have to mean being in opposition to the majority. It is a truism that minorities need to be fully integrated into the fabric of society and yet this is rarely practiced in the real world. This is certainly not what I observe today in Europe or the USA.

The French author Alain Soral has proposed what I think is a brilliant motto to deal with this situation in France. He has called his movement “Equality and Reconciliation” and as of right now, this is the only political movement in France which does not want to favor one group at the expense of the other. Everybody else either wants to oppress the “français de souche” (the native, mostly White and Roman-Catholic majority) on behalf of the “français de branche” (immigrants, naturalized citizens, minorities), or oppress the “français de branche” on behalf of the “français de souche”. Needless to say, the only ones who benefit from this clash is the ruling Zionist elite (best represented by the infamous CRIF, which makes the US AIPAC look comparatively honorable and weak). As for Soral, he is vilified by the official French media with no less hate than Trump is vilified in the USA by the US Ziomedia.

Still, equality and reconciliation are the two things which the majorities absolutely must offer the minorities if they want to prevent the latter to fall prey to the manipulation techniques used by those forces who want to turn everybody into obedient and clueless serfs. Those majorities who delude themselves and believe that they can simply solve the “minority problem” by expelling or otherwise making these minorities disappear are only kidding themselves. To ‘simply’ solve the “minority problem’ by cracking down on these minorities inevitably pushes them directly into the warm embrace of the big manipulators, it turns these minorities into a powerful anti-majority weapon. This is the big danger of movements like Alt-Right or the National Front in France – their actions only serve to “weaponize” minorities. Mind you, this does not mean that the concerns and grievances voiced by these movements are without merits, not at all, it’s their (pseudo) “solutions” which are the real danger.

There is only effective way to defuse the explosive potential of minorities:

  1. Educate minorities and explain to them that they are being manipulated
  2. Educate those joining anti-minority movements that they are also being manipulated
  3. Offer the minorities a future based on equality and reconciliation
  4. Put the spotlight on those who fan the flames of conflict and try to turn minorities and majorities against each other

At the end of the day, this is an identity issue. While we all typically have several co-existing identities inside us (say, German, retired, college-educated, female, Buddhist, vegetarian, exile, resident of Brazil, etc. as opposed to just “White”) in manipulated minorities one such identity (skin color, religion, etc.) becomes over-bloated and trumps all the others. By restoring a healthy identity balance inside its various minorities and by fostering those identities which most residents have in common a society can counteract the toxic effects of those who strive on conflict, chaos and mayhem. Truly, the latter are our only real enemy and they ought to be treated as such.

The Saker

Has the first domino already fallen and if so, when? (UPDATED!)

October 10, 2021

Has the first domino already fallen and if so, when? (UPDATED!)

A few years back, I wrote a column I entitled “Kosovo will be liberated” in which I wrote the following: “Kosovo will be the very first place in Europe where the pendulum of history will reverse its current course. ”  It now looks like I might have been wrong. But by how much?  Check out this headline today:

Bosnian Serbs to ‘withdraw consent’ for joint military, taxes and courts, citing ‘violence’ by international overseer“.  Please do read the full article since I won’t simply repeat it all here.

The big question is this: will the US/NATO/EU grip on the Republika Srpska slip before it slips from Kosovo?

I don’t know, but I definitely think that this is a possibility.  If so, I got the location wrong, but the principle right.  Two points here:

  • There are also very serious tensions around Kosovo right now, so don’t rule anything out yet!
  • There is no equivalent of Camp Bondsteel in the Republika Srpska or anywhere else in Bosnia

But that is not even crucial.  What is crucial is this: does anybody still think that the US/NATO/EU still have what it would take to re-attack, re-invade or even re-strike the Serbs in Bosnia or Serbia (I include Kosovo under “Serbia” simply because Kosovo is the heart of Serbia, always was, and always will be, no matter what empires want)?

Seriously, after the humiliation inflicted by the Iranians on CENTCOM or the truly galactic (and oh SO revealing!) massive faceplant in Afghanistan?

On paper, yes, absolutely.

But in reality, no, I really don’t think so.

Besides, the Serbs now have very good options, including what I call the “salami option”: cutting thin pieces off a big salami slowly but repeatedly and inexorably.  Like right how: so the Bosnian Serbs “withdrew consent” from an agreement with their occupiers.  So what? Big deal!  I mean, sure, they are bad bad bad bad bad bad Serbs, and the US/NATO/EU gang still hates them, but nobody is going to go to war over just that, right?

So what will the US/NATO/EU do about it?  Probably apply all sort of pressures (threats, bribes, etc.) on specific Serbian politicians, which will result in one of two outcomes:

  • the Bosnian Serbs will withdraw their withdrawal
  • or they won’t

In the first case, all the Serbs need to do is wait, and cut off a tiny piece of salami elsewhere, say in Kosovo.  Just a little one, and see what the US/NATO/EU will do about it.  After that, rinse and repeat, as many times as needed until the bastards at the US/NATO/EU run out of energy, both figuratively or even maybe literally (see below).

In the second case, the Bosnian Serbs need to wait some time, just so everything cools down a little, and cut off another thin piece of the imperialist salami.

Oh, and did I mention that South Stream pipeline will go through Serbia and the Republika Srpska (see also here)?  As for the EU, it ain’t exactly “swimming in energy” nowadays (thanks to its idiotic subservience to Uncle Shmuel and Greta Thunberg!).

My point is not that the Republika Srpska or Kosovo will be liberated soon, or even that the EU cannot bypass either entity with other pipelines.

Remember that in early years of the Cold War when the US was justifying its genocidal policies in Southeast Asia under the infamous “Domino Theory“?  At the time all that this really meant was that the US would oppose the decolonization of the planet everywhere and anywhere.  It was only a pretext, not the real motive or reason for US actions.

But today, I submit that this process has not only begun, but has been under way for some time already.

Where did it begin?  A good answer could be to mention Hezbollah whopping of the Israelis in 2006 Lebanon.  But that was easy to hide (the two clueless clowns who initiated the Israeli invasion of Lebanon both called it a “victory” and the media-brainwashed public it mostly bought it or did not really care as they “knew” that they were “invincible” and, besides, the US and Israeli plebes had their bread and games).

“It” also happened elsewhere.  But what is that “it”?

I call it the “fall of the domino of fear” and that “it” happens every time when any country or nation which was oppressed by US imperialism begins to lose its fear from the “only world hyperpower”.  The same loss of fear which the Lebanese showed in their “Divine Victory” in 2006 is also shown by the Afghans today.  It has also been shown by Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution!   But the subsequent propaganda deluge concealed this reality from the West.

But the faceplant Kabul became the first such domino which could NOT be hidden from the public view.

And, just for the record, the Bosnian Serbs also showed that lack of fear during the US/NATO/EU aggression on the Serbian nation, but they were back-stabbed by politicians in Belgrade, as were the Kosovo Serbs later.  That was long before Hezbollah in 2006 and, at that time, the Islamic world was very effectively conned by the Anglos – the same Anglos which then turned against the Islamic world after the 9/11 false flag.

True, in the early 90s the Empire had the means to crush the Serbs or the Iraqis (which also displayed that same lack of fear on one hand, but also the same corruption as the Serbian politicians on the other).

But that was in distant 1991.  Three decades ago. We now live in a radically different world.

What about the so-called “Bosniaks” or “Kosovars”?  Well, like all “invented nations”, they will only exist as long as Uncle Shmuel has the power to artificially keep them alive.  So even IF, big IF, the US/NATO/EU still can bring the Serbs to heel today, how long do you expect that ability to remain true and for how long will such inventions such as “Bosnia” or “Kosovo” remain viable?

And what about the equally artificial entity known as “Israel” (which is now much more feared by US politicians and officials than anywhere else in the Middle-East!)?  How long do you expect this obscene, officially racist and genocidal entity to survive?

Okay, maybe for a few more years, that is possible.  But keep in mind that with each passing year, less and less oppressed nations still fear the (basically already dead) AngloZionist Empire.

My advice to the “Bosniaks”, “Kosovars” and “Israelis” would be this: get the hell out here BEFORE you see a repeat of Kabul in Sarajevo, Pristina or Tel-Aviv!  Oh, I know, they won’t heed my advice, but since the same causes have the same effects, I fully expect to see similar “take-offs” from these and ALL THE OTHER totally artificial entities created by the British and/or AngloZionist empires in the past.

As for the folks in Europe, they better get their act together, but they won’t: while they blame Russia for everything and everything (including for selling them gas AND not selling them enough of it!), their suicidal immigration policy and “multiculturalism” of the EU elites will destroy the little left from the 1000 year old European civilization.  They did it to themselves.

As they say in the US “please pass me the pop-corn”!


UPDATE: since we are talking a lot about the Serbs, Serbia and history, I want to draw your attention, especially my Muslim readers, to the section I have recently added on the bottom right of the main page:

There you will find A LOT of very interesting info, not necessarily to agree with it, but at least to compare and contrast with the usual (dis-)information found in the West!

جيش تشرين بقيادة الأسدين يصنع الانتصارات…

أكتوبر/7 تشرين الأول 2021

See the source image
 حسن حردان

تحلّ ذكرى حرب تشرين التي خاضها الجيش العربي السوري بقيادة الرئيس الراحل حافظ الأسد بأفق التحرير، فيما خاضها الرئيس المصري أنور السادات بأفق تحريك التسوية بالاتفاق مع وزير خارجية أميركا هنري كيسنجر من وراء الرئيس الأسد.. تحلّ هذه الذكرى وسورية تقف على أعتاب تحقيق نصر جديد وغالي الثمن في مواجهة أشرس حرب إرهابية كونية شنتها عليها الولايات المتحدة الأميركية…

فالحرب ضدّ العدو الصهيوني الذي يحتل هضبة الجولان السوري، وأرض فلسطين، والحرب ضدّ قوى الإرهاب واحدة لا تتجزأ، لأنّ الإرهابيين الذين تستروا بثوب الإسلام زوراً إنما هم أدوات أميركا و»إسرائيل»، وهدفوا من وراء حربهم إلى إسقاط الدولة الوطنية السورية وتدمير الجيش السوري الذي أثبت في حرب تشرين انه قادر على خوض الحرب وتحقيق النصر وكسر شوكة وجبروت وأسطورة الجيش «الإسرائيلي»، كما أثبت انه يشكل بعقيدته العروبية، التي بُني عليها، سنداً قوياً للمقاومة ضدّ الاحتلال «الإسرائيلي» والاستعمار الغربي، وقوة حامية للحق العربي… وبالتالي سداً منيعاً يحول دون تنفيذ مخططات أميركا و»إسرائيل» الهادفة إلى تصفية قضية فلسطين وفرض الهيمنة الاستعمارية على المنطقة…

لقد أثبت الجيش العربي السوري قدرة قتالية فائقة في حرب تشرين في مواجهة جيش الاحتلال، ولقن جنود العدو دروساً في القتال المباشر على سفوح جبل الشيخ، وكاد جيش العدو يُدحر بالكامل وتلحق به هزيمة قاسية لولا الطعنة الغادرة التي وجهها السادات باتفاقه مع العدو على وقف النار، مما مكنه، أيّ العدو، من تعزيز قواته على جبهة الجولان وإعادة التوازن لجيش الاحتلال الذي كان يعاني من تراجع في معنوياته في الأيام الأولى للحرب.. على انّ البطولات التي سطرها ضباط وجنود الجيش السوري في ميادين القتال في موجهة جيش الاحتلال «الإسرائيلي»، ما كانت لتحصل لولا الثقة الكبيرة التي زرعها فيهم قائدهم الرئيس حافظ الأسد وقراره الجريء بالتحضير والاستعداد لخوض حرب تحرير الأراضي العربية المحتلة، والإقدام دون تردّد على اتخاذ قرار شنّ الحرب، مما أكد انّ سبب الهزائم العربية في السابق، إنما كانت نتيجة تخاذل القيادات العربية وارتباطها بقوى الاستعمار، وهكذا عندما توافرت القيادة الثورية والجريئة والشجاعة، تبدّلت الصورة وصنع النصر الذي أجهض نتيجة تواطؤ السادات ..

ولأنّ الرئيس بشار الأسد تربى في مدرسة القائد حافظ الأسد، وسار على نفس درب الكفاح الوطني والقومي المقاوم ضدّ المحتلين والمستعمرين وأدواتهم الرجعية والإرهابية، فقد صمد مع جيشه، جيش تشرين، صمود الأبطال في مواجهة الحرب الإرهابية الكونية، وأحبط أهداف هذه الحرب التي استهدفت تحطيم وتدمير وتفكيك هذا الجيش، الذي تربى على العقيدة القومية وعدم التهاون في الدفاع عن الوطن، وساند المقاومة في صنع انتصاراتها على جيش الاحتلال في لبنان وتحطيم أسطورته، ليتأكد بذلك انّ الأسطورة، بالمعنى المجازي للكلمة، إنما هو جيش تشرين الذي فاجأ أعداءه بقدرته على الصمود والانتصار على جيوش الإرهاب العالمي… وإجبار دول الغرب الاستعمارية بقيادة أميركا على الإقرار بفشل محاولاتها لإسقاط الرئيس بشار الأسد، والنيل من شرعيته الوطنية والشعبية.. وها هي أميركا تضطر مكرهة الى البدء بتجرّع كأس فشلها تدريجياً، من خلال القبول بتخفيف الحصار الذي فرضته على سورية بموجب قانون قيصر السيّئ الذكر، والسماح بانفتاح الأردن على سورية وإعادة العلاقات بين البلدين إلى ما كانت عليه قبل الحرب، واستجرار لبنان الكهرباء الأردنية والغاز المصري عبر الأراضي السورية.. الأمر الذي ما كان ليحصل لولا انتصارات الجيش السوري بدعم من حلفائه في محور المقاومة وروسيا…

ويمكن القول إنه بفضل هذه الانتصارات ستخرج سورية وجيشها أقوى وأكثر منعة وحصانة في مواجهة أعدائها، وستبقى الحضن الدافئ للمقاومة العربية ضدّ الاحتلال، وعمود محور المقاومة، وقلعة العروبة العصية على قوى الاستعمار… وأمل الأمة بالتحرر والوحدة، والمدافع الأول عن قضية الأمة المركزية قضية فلسطين.

فيديوات متعلقة

مقالات متعلقة

Afghanistan, Taliban, the Resistance, and the Region

October 05, 2021

by Mansoureh Tajik for the Saker Blog

Afghanistan, Taliban, the Resistance, and the Region

Disproportionate attention has been paid to Cirque du Soleil-style departure by the United States armed forces from Afghanistan, the scene of the West’s most dragged out heist. Clumsily-written roles for Russia, China, and others that seem to be pre-scripted are bandied about in the media (right, left, and center).

The Taliban, attired in quasi-reformed dunces and utilized as convenient props for more than three decades, have now been shoved into the center stage for their final participatory act dressed as independent defiance. Initially, they were dumbfounded with the position in which they had found themselves and kept glancing at their rears with dazed looks to figure out who was it that pushed them. If it were not so tragic for the people of Afghanistan, it would be comedic.

Here, I would like to sidestep catchpenny thrills for a moment and describe the events through a regional historical and contemporary wide-angle Iranian lens. Specifically, I would like to offer evidence that fracturing Afghanistan into what is dubbed as “zones of influence” but more accurately “fragmented infernos” is a mechanism to thrust a lethal sword into the heart of the heartland of the world[1] and to force Afghanistan to metastasize spreading instability and chaos into the entire region, and more specifically into Iran, China, and Russia, in order to unravel serious economic and political upturns and advancements.

There are two overarching goals for the West, US/England to be exact, to achieve. One is to “buy time” to recuperate economically, militarily, and politically while trying to keep the rising powers down. In an article was titled “Injustices Deadline and a Nation’s Ajal” published by the Saker last year, addressed the whole “buying time” preoccupation (See Here). In that article, I discussed why I believe the AngloZionist regimes’ time is up. The other overarching goal is to disperse and reposition the Resistance forces away from the vicinities of the Occupied Palestine/Zionist Regime west of Iran to Afghanistan in its east.

Afghanistan is a major keystone species in this ecosystem. Disintegration of Afghanistan means the new “Silk Road” will first turn into a “Rough Road” and then into an “Abandoned Road” and ultimately destroys the concord among the main players in Asia. In addition, it can serve as a tool for the application of internal-external clamp-style customized and separate pressures on Iran, Russia, China, and other countries in the region.

When the Taliban took over Kabul and the US military put its full power on display last month, Ayatullah Khamenei likened their newly emerging image as a deceitful fox. He stated:

“To be fair, [US] America, behind the scene of diplomacy, is a savage wolf. The appearance is diplomacy, smiles, and talks, occasionally self-righteous and seemingly truthful talks. But in its essence, it is wolf, a wild savage wolf that one sees around the world. Of course, sometimes it takes different shapes, sometimes a wolf and sometimes a deceitful fox, a manifestations of which has been put on display in Afghanistan today.”[2]

Very well. In this article, I would present information and discuss key players in Afghanistan from an angel I have not seen discussed in other essays. First though, I would conceptualize the image of the events (and the crux of this article) in the collage below (I am not a good artist). We shall see what unfolds amounts to unzipping or zipping up.

Afghanistan: Unknown Demographics

Notable facts on the ground regarding Afghanistan are helpful in understanding the past, deciphering the present, and predicting the future. There are some facts & figures, like demographics, that serve as foundations for quantitative analysis of things. These figures must, therefore, have certain level of reality and accuracy.

Take any source of information regarding Afghanistan’s demographics, be it the UN, the CIA “fakt” book, World Bank, IMF, etc. Take any analytic and/or opinion article that uses maps and figures containing descriptive data on ethnicity, religion, and geographic distribution of people in Afghanistan. Let’s take a look at an article posted on this very blog as an example:

“Before the 1979 Soviet incursion and the 1980s jihad, that accounted for 40% to 55% of Pashtuns, 35% to 45% to Persian-speaking ethnic groups, and 10% to 15% to Turkish-speaking ethnic groups. It hasn’t changed much since.”

Let us look at a critical fact as well: In the history of Afghanistan, there has been absolutely no official or unofficial census count taken in full. Ever. Efforts undertaken by Soviet Union for an official population census count that began in 1979 amounted to little, the endeavor was aborted, data collection was abandoned midway, and the whole project was left unfinished.

Another decision was made by the so-called transition Afghan government in 2008 to take a count. The efforts then, too, suffered early miscarriage. A third attempt, planned and funded by the United Nations’ Population Fund in 2013 began a door-to-door census count beginning with the “most secure” districts at the time. That attempt ended in abortion in the first trimester. These are the facts on the ground.

In a 2013 article with a rather telling title, “Afghan census dodges questions of ethnicity and language,” The Guardian reporter, Emma Graham-Harrison wrote:

“[T]he complexity of Afghanistan’s ethnic politics means any kind of counting is controversial. The first results, from normally calm central Bamiyan province, showed an actual population barely half official estimates. The area is mostly home to Hazaras, a Shia minority who have often been persecuted in Sunni-dominated Afghanistan, and many took the findings as another form of attack. ’Death to the enemies of Bamiyan! The statistics are wrong!’ shouted more than 1,000 demonstrators as they marched on UN offices in the small town this summer, the Pajhwok news agency reported. A previous attempt to end the decades-long wait for a count of the Afghan people, in 2008, was scrapped, with the government citing security problems. In December officials even dropped plans to unveil a new estimate of the population.”[3]

Things are, of course, even more interesting than they appear. The Guardian article I cited above included a reference to a 170-pages 2012 report by Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). In there, I came across a particularly noteworthy, albeit flippant, remark. It states,

“Several sources for detailed data on Afghanistan provide an amazing amount of precision for a country at war, that has had massive population displacements, and that has been in a crisis or civil war for more than three decades. The fact that such data are generated, however, in no way makes them reliable or useful. Trend data are particularly suspect because many past estimates are either made long after the fact, or rely on estimates that had to be made at a time when the Afghan government either did not have any real sources for such data, had nothing approaching its current CSO [Central Statistics Organization], and/or did not have a functioning presence in many districts throughout the country.”[4]

Even for the partial attempts of telephone or door-to-door surveys by young locals hired for the task, CSIS report is even blunter:

“This is particularly true when the analysis does not provide maps of the collection effort or relies on phone sampling and interview numbers where the collector is effectively paid by the claim or simply for providing output, and not by a validated collection effort. Corruption is not simply the privilege of senior power brokers and the wealthy.”

If precise and accurate demographic information do not serve an important function in our assessments, then we should not base any of our assessment on that. If, however, they do, it would be a good start to say, “We really don’t know what percent of who is where.” Even more importantly, if this information were not that important and guestimates with wide margins would have sufficed, why were so many attempts made and why did they all fail? Assumptions based on non-existing data are counter-productive to deep understanding of things.

At any rate, I recommend a thorough read of the above somewhat dated (almost a decade old) CSIS report for those who are interested to see into what sort of a quagmire the US had gotten itself which had become quite evident in the very first years. In addition, it gives clear and detailed description of how and why the US/West plan for Afghanistan had already fallen apart. The report exudes frustration since billions upon billions of funding were tied to specific population sub-groups, regions, and the like, all adorned with extremely meticulous stats that were fabricated year after year:

“Unfortunately, however, no one knows how much outside money is being spent on, much less inside, Afghanistan. There are no reliable figures for how the US and other ISAF countries are actually spending on the war. Moreover, there is a major security aspect of this issue. In early 2011, the US and ISAF were planning on spending some $7-9 billion a year after Transition in 2014 on the ANSF for a force of over 300,000 through 2020 – most of the financing coming from the US. As of June 2012, the US was talking about a total of $4.1 billion a year for a force of 230,000, with only 25% to come from the US, 50% from other donors, and 25% from the Afghan government. This may be a more credible and sustainable figure, but it presents a real risk that Afghanistan cannot sustain the forces it needs and will see large numbers of young men with arms and military/police experience thrust back on an economy that cannot give them anything like the same job opportunities or income.”

The plan and process appear to have been set up to fail right from the beginning.

The Taliban

Ethnically, the Taliban is Pashtun, with an apparent twist. On January 17, 2010, The Guardian headlined a report titled: “Pashtun clue to lost tribes of Israel: Genetic study sets out to uncover if there is a 2,700-year-old link to Afghanistan and Pakistan.” An excerpt from the article read:

“Some leading Israeli anthropologists believe that, of all the many groups in the world who claim a connection to the 10 lost tribes, the Pashtuns, or Pathans, have the most compelling case. Paradoxically, it is from the Pashtuns that the ultra-conservative Islamic Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged. Pashtuns themselves sometimes talk of their Israelite connection, but show few signs of sympathy with, or any wish to migrate to, the modern Israeli state. Now an Indian researcher has collected blood samples from members of the Afridi tribe of Pashtuns who today live in Malihabad, near Lucknow, in northern India. Shahnaz Ali, from the National Institute of Immuno­haematology in Mumbai, is to spend several months studying her findings at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa.”[5]

Allow me to give a bit of background so that you could better contextualize the events. In the past few decades, projects to “Jewrize” several local populations in India, that is, to convince them they are actually one of the lost tribes of Jews and revert them back to becoming Jews, appeared to have been going rather smoothly.

Shavei Israel, a supposed non-profit organization, “has been spearheading the movement to bring back Jews from the lost tribe looking to immigrate to Israel and have coordinated the aliyah (immigration) of most of the Bnei Menashe community members living in Israel[6]. On May 31, 2021, it was reported that: “Some 160 Jews from the north-eastern Indian community of Bnei Menashe reached Israel on Monday but 115 others were left behind in India after 38 of them tested positive for COVID-19, according to authorities here.”[Ibid]

I must also note that evidence on the ground, however, shows the communities inside Israel are not that receptive to this sort of “grafting” and, in fact, said efforts have had destabilizing effects inside the Israeli society itself. On the other hand, in the communities within India, where a noteworthy number of people have been convinced of their “Jewish” origin 27 centuries later, good many have been trained to serve as 5th columns, pressure levers, and sticks over Indian government’s head.

Since 1970’s into 1980’s, Israel has been busy with similar projects to wake the Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan to their “Jewish” origins. Just a few days ago, on September 9th, 2021 to be exact, the Jerusalem Post ran an article titled: “Are the Taliban descendants of Israel?” The article goes on to assert:

“The Pashtuns, or Pathans, are said to number in the tens of millions, with the bulk living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. They consist of several hundred clans and tribes that have fiercely preserved their heritage amid waves of foreign conquest and occupation. Prior to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the region, many of the Pashtuns declared themselves to be what they referred to as Bani Israel (Sons of Israel), an oral tradition that their ancestors passed down through the generations.”

“The mere possibility of a shared historical identity could serve as a basis for discussion between Jews and Pashtuns, one that could lead to a dampening of hostility and suspicion and perhaps lay the groundwork for a stronger relationship in the future. In light of their fanatical theology, the Taliban are of course not an address for such efforts. But there are plenty of other Pashtuns worldwide with whom we should seek to build bridges, whether or not one believes them to be our long-lost cousins.”[7]

There your have it, Taliban! Your “cousins” are knocking. What’s going to be? While Taliban is pondering “to be or not to be” a Zionist or a Zionist puppet, at the least, a bit more specific background might be useful. An Iranian specialist on Afghanistan, Muhammad Ruhi, who was interviewed by IRIB a few months back, stated: “During 70’s and 80’s, Zionist organizations conducted significant activities to ‘Jewrize’ various Pashtun tribes of Afghanistan by employing and developing young Pashtuns in Beirut, Lebanon, and some other Western countries.”[8]

A well-known character who benefited from those sorts of activities was none other than Zalmay Khalilzad. An anthropologist who was formerly with Northern Illinois University, Dr. Muhammad Jamil Hanifi, who is also a contributor to the website Khorasan Zamin, wrote an essay (2015) titled: “Afghanistan in the Claws of Zionized Imperial Feminism.” In that essay, he referenced Khalilzad’s and Ghani’s past and presented interesting thoughts on the role they and their respective Zionist wives have been playing in Afghanistan. The essay followed the broadcast of an interview Rula Ghani (Ashraf Ghani’s wife) had done with BBC. Hanini stated,

“Rula Saade Ghani’s desire for Afghan men to become like her father or husband, her aspirations to Christianize the women of Afghanistan, her demand of more respect for Afghan women, and her consciousness about the presence of Judaism (see below) in her matrilineage, offer an opportunity to speak to her laments, longings, and aspirations and to identify and historicize the social context in which her cosmologies for changing social life in Afghanistan were constructed. An important layer of this context consists of a quartet: two Kabuli young boys—Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Zalmay Khalilzad—seeking “higher education” and two hypermodern young women—Rula Saade, a Europeanized Lebanese Zionist Christian and Cheryl Benard, a Euro-American staunch Zionist Jew. All four contemporaneously attended the ultra-liberal American University of Beirut (AUB) during the early 1970s. Ashraf Ghani and Zalmay Khalilzad are prominent names in the American political discourse about the occupation of Afghanistan from its first step during October 2001 to the present.”

“Here I wish to draw attention to the young women (especially Rula Ghani) in this quartet and reflect on how these two women and the two Kabuli boys coalesced into one of the most influential bands of Zionized feminists and feminized compradors in the service of the American imperial savagery in Afghanistan. How did two Western-struck Kabuli boys and their Western Zionist wives end up playing such crucial roles in the bloody American destruction of Afghanistan? Specifically, how did a Westernized hypermodern fiery feminist Lebanese Christian woman (with Zionist genes) end up being the “banu-ye awal” (Farsi, first lady) of Afghanistan being interviewed by the BBC in the presidential palace of Afghanistan?” [9]

It is useful to remember that Zalmay Khalilzad was in charge of negotiation with Taliban and served under Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden until he fully handed Afghanistan back to Taliban.

Just as a side note, it might be interesting for you to note that Wikipedia reports the following information about Dr. Hanifi, the author of the essay quoted above:

“Hanifi received his Master’s degree from Michigan State University, and his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Hanifi was a faculty member at Northern Illinois University and under consideration for the chairmanship of the Department of Anthropology when allegations of plagiarism in his dissertation surfaced. He wound up resigning from the university. He is no longer affiliated with the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University.”[10]

People in the US have “freedom of speech” but whoever interpreted it to mean “freedom of consequences of speech” is beyond me.

It is well beyond the reasonable length of this essay to go into more details. I think there is enough material to give the gist of events that are unfolding. I would like to go back to the Muhammad Ruhi’s interview referenced earlier and quote him in the conclusion of his interview in which he summed the situation with a question posed to Taliban:

“This is a critical test to verify the truthfulness of Taliban’s knowledge of Islam and their love of the motherland. For Taliban, cleansing their hands and garbs of collaborating with Islam’s oldest sworn enemy and rejecting Zionist Regime’s claim regarding Jewish origin of Pashtun and Taliban is at the moment more critical and necessary than talks with the [US] America to obtain all seats to power in Afghanistan. This is also a test for other groups and tribes who claim some sort of Islamic rule in Afghanistan. At what price are they going to achieve their claims to power?”[8]

He went further and called for unity among all people of Afghanistan:

“It is, therefore, imperative for all ethnic groups, warriors, fighters, opposing groups, Ansar, all Afghans, young and old, regardless of their religion, school of thought, and tradition, to save the territorial integrity of Afghanistan. Of the utmost importance at this juncture is preserving Afghanistan as one cohesive nation and cutting off the hands of the ill-wishers. Let Afghanistan not to become another Occupied Palestine. With collaboration and participation of all groups and respect for all religions of God, the people of this country could ward off the danger the [US] America and the occupying regime of Al-Qos has concocted for our region.”[Ibid]

Taliban Not Involved in Iranian diplomats’ Massacre. On Mordad 17, 1377 [August 8, 1998], a group of armed men dressed like Taliban stormed into the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Consulate in Mazar Sharif, Afghanistan. They took nine Iranian diplomats and a reporter to a room in the basement of the Consulate, opened fired on 9 diplomats and an Iranian reporter. Taliban returned to the Consulate that night, threw the bodies of 8 diplomats and the reporter in a well in Sultan Razi school yard right behind the Consulate. One severely injured diplomat by the name of Allah Madad Shahsevan managed to escape and return to Iran. In an interview with Iranian Students News Agency on Bahman 27, 1393 [February 16, 2015], he described the events as follows:

“I dislike speaking about myself. However, since this story concludes with me, I am forced to speak. Seventeen years has passed since Mazar Sherif’s incident. For 17 year, for specific reasons, they left me in isolation. Although I love life and work hard, but I received treatments that I wished I would have been martyred, too. The martyrdom of those beloved people was bitter but since this one person had survived that event, it was sweet. I review the scenes with myself and I realize without a doubt, it was a real miracle. I journeyed 800 kilometer, sometimes on foot and sometimes in a vehicle, to get myself to the border. I did not show any weakness.”

“I had communicated with Tehran two months earlier and had explained the situation in Mazar Sharif. In Mazar Sharif, the amount of work was so much that I would begin work in the morning while it was still dark. I found out the Balkh Brigade had fallen and Taliban commanders had bought this brigade and Afghanistan’s Minister of Interior had told the commander of this brigade they will send a helicopter to get him over the border. When I heard this, I knew everything was finished. I immediately began hiding and destroying the special files. I woke everyone up and told them Mazar Sharif had fallen. I helped [Martyr] Saremi to communicate the news [to Tehran].”

“My work was such that I knew a lot. When [Martyr] Rigi who was the head consular told me I must stay, I obeyed. Otherwise, the conditions were such that I wanted to collect my belonging and return to Tehran. They told me to stay and I stayed but I also told them about the threats.”

“After these events, I found out this was an operation conducted by Pakistan since before then, they had told us from Tehran that ‘we have put you under the protection of Pakistanis.’ When this group came in, it was clear they were operating separately from Taliban. They had an order. They executed it and immediately left the scene. When one of those who had stormed in [to the Consulate] asked if he could contact Pakistan, I began to doubt them. Right then and there, I knew this was Pakistan’s work. After I had reached the Foreign Ministry and told them this, Mr. Brojerdi who was a special envoy in Afghanistan affairs just confessed that the operation had been done by Pakistan.”[11]

Alaeddin Brojerdy was then President Khatami’s special envoy to Afghanistan at that time. In an interview published on Mehr 16, 1391 [Oct. 7, 2012] by Mashregh News, he explained:

“Two to three days later, group of Taliban came to Mazar Sharif and killed our people. Of course, they had an order to do this. Mr. Jafarian (who has made a documentary about this) told me something that was quite significant. He told me a high-ranking ISI officer [Pakistani Intelligence] who had some position at that time had somehow relayed the news our embassy in Pakistan about a month before it happened that ISI has made this decision and was going to carry it out. He had said he was baffled as to why the information was not sent back to Iran.”[12]

When directly asked if indeed Taliban had killed the Iranian diplomats, Mr. Brojerdi said, “Multiple evidence show that this massacre was not the work of Taliban. Even Mr. Jafarian believes that Pakistan feared a closer relationship between Taliban and Iran.

Mohammad Hussain Jafarian was the Islamic Republic of Iran’s cultural attaché in Afghanistan from 1375 to 1377 [1996 to 1998]. He also made a documentary titled “Who killed us?” and was interviewed by Quds Online News and said, “Taliban had not part in the martyrdom of our diplomats.” In making the documentary, he explained how he went to that building in Mazar Sharif with “Allah Madad Shahsavan” so that the scene can be fully constructed. He also interviewed Wahidullah Mojdeh who had been one of Taliban’s commanders at the time:

“He [Mojdeh] vigorously denied Taliban’s role. He was quite logical. ‘For what would we want the dead bodies of diplomats? Could we have obtained important intelligence from them? Could we have used them as hostages to exert pressure on Iran for something? If the goal was punishing Iran, we could have constructed some sort of scene in which two or three people would be injured or killed. What sane mind would say this would have had any benefit what so ever for Taliban to order the massacre of the diplomats?’ Why of all foreign consulates in the city of Mazar Sharif, only the Iranian diplomats suffered that fate?!”[13]

At the same time, the Zionist-driven media outlets were quite busy beating the drums of war between Iran and Afghanistan:

Inside September 11, 1998 article, it was written though: “The Taliban, who control most of Afghanistan, said the Iranians had been killed by renegade forces who had acted without orders. But Iran, which had responded to the diplomats’ disappearance with a major military buildup along the Afghan border, appeared in no mood for swift forgiveness.”

And September 12, 1998 article reported: “Some Iranian officials took pains today to emphasize that Iran would not be drawn into hasty action. But the public declarations compounded an atmosphere of heavy tension already overlaid by an Iranian troop buildup along the Afghan border.”

CNN, Guardian, and multiple other mainstream media were salivating over the prospect of a war. However, getting the Islamic Republic of Iran into a war of attrition with Taliban in Afghanistan while reconstruction of the country after 8-year Iraq-Iran war was still ongoing was a dream of the US Inc. that never materialized.

I conclude this section by an excerpt from Ayatullah Khamenei, the Leader for piloting this ship in very turbulent waters:

“I quoted something from a well-known [US] American officials. Later s/he denied it. Apparently, they confessed that they themselves created these currents. Even if they had not confessed, we have evidence. We know. I don’t forget, late Sheykh Saeed Sha’ban – brining up his name now is not a problem – he was a well-known Sunni scholar in Mashhad. At that time, it was during the war [Iraq-Iran war during ‘80’s]. He told me, ‘I have information they are working to get you busy and involved in your eastern borders.’ I said, ‘Well, to our east is Afghanistan.’ He said, ‘Yes. From Afghanistan.’ This was before any of those talks about Taliban and Al-Qaedah in Afghanistan had taken shape. He had connections with all sorts of political and religious circles of Ahl-e Sunnah. He was present in sensitive places and was a very respectable character and had become aware of this. He said to me, ‘I feel it was my obligation to tell you.’”

“Before long, these events occurred and we understood they were as he said. There is no doubt that these currents are created by these very Western powers and their agents in the region. Now, sometimes they do not enter into the scene directly and enter others. But sometimes they act directly.”[14]

The Fatemiyoun

The Fatemiyoun unit is the Afghan arm of Qods Force and a significant fighting unit in Syria against ISIS and other terrorists. In a video documentary “The Time to Be,” the formation of the Fatemiyoun, why they joined the Qods Force, and some of their operational encounters are explained.

The documentary is in Farsi and I have chosen to translate specific excerpts of the transcript for you in this article. The excerpts are limited. However, they could give some clues into why there might be a sudden surge in media propaganda (especially in Western-funded Persian language media) urging the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the Fatemiyoun into some sort of “intervention” in Afghanistan:

“It was around the year ’90 [2011], some events in Syria had taken place the news of which got to us as well. People protests were happening…and these people’s protests began to gradually take a new shape. Gradually, it transformed into chaos and armed battle and increasingly fighters from other countries began to pour into Syria. They advanced their ways toward Muslims’ holy places to destroy them…And we began to feel the danger that this movement of theirs go towards Hazrat Zeynab’s (Salaamullah Alayha) holy shrine. Our honor was threatened and we needed to do something.”

“One day Mr. Tavasolli, we were friends, we knew each other, he came and said, ‘have you heard the news? Of what has happened?’ I said, ‘yes.’ He said, ‘Are you to be?’ I asked, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, “Right now, there is a war in Syria. This war has advanced to haram of Hazrat Zaynab (SA). There is a probability the desecration that happened to the tomb of Hujr Ibn Aday to be brought upon the tomb of Hazrat Zaynab (SA).’ I said, ‘Of course we are. Why wouldn’t we Be?!’ Mr. Tavasolli said, ‘So, what should we do? What is the solution? How can we enter?’”

“There were all these questions and we had no information. So, there was not much talk after that. He said, ‘Very well, then. We will let you know. But you just be alert and prepared so that whenever we called you, you would be ready.’ I said, ‘For sure.’ That was it. We made our decision right then and there.”

Thus the time “to Be” arrived and the journey began. Over the following few months and after much ups and downs, a small group of Afghans were deployed to Syria on Ordibehesht of 1392 [April 2013]. They had no formal unit and were placed with Heydarioun unit of Iraqi forces. Sayyad Mousavi narrates:

“Because there were very of us, they didn’t take us seriously at first. In the very first operation in Ferrosiah, they sent us to an area and told us to go and take that area and secure it. Iraqi brothers were to our right and Hizbullah brothers were to our left. So, we were all supposed to conduct a coordinated attack and take the region.”

“As soon as the operation began, our kids went and got the entire area and even took a few houses beyond that. That means, before Lebanese kids and Iraqi kids did anything, our kids took the region and secured it and went a few houses beyond that. So, they kept on asking through the wireless where we were and we told them where, they kept on saying, ‘no, that is impossible because the terrorists are herehere and here. We want to make sure to know where you are so that we could begin the operation and hit those points.’”

“So, we told them not to hit because we were there. They said, ‘there is no way possible that you are there.’ We told them that no, we were there and gave them signals to show them we had secured the region… Here was when they realized these kids are good warriors. Gradually, Afghan forces increased and experience showed that any operation in which they participated they gained victory…That was when they gave these kids an axial position and more ammunition.”

“One day we were at Forousiyyah base, Mr. Tavasolli said that every group here has a name and we should choose a name for our unit. He said, ‘Iraqis are called Haydariyoun; Lebanese are Hizbullah, so, we, too, should have an identity.’ So, we said we came for the love of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA), we call ourselves Fatemiyoun.”

The above excerpts give some information about the formation of the Fatemiyoun. However, it is at 15:31 into the documentary that things get more interestingly relevant. Three warriors (one of whom, Abu Hamed aka Mr. Tavassoli who was martyred later) are standing atop a hill overlooking Golan Heights in the horizon. It is the voice of Abu Hamed:

“Here is now Tal Mari’ah [Mari’ah mount]. The final mission is that white high mountain ahead of us which is Golan Heights and in the hands of Israelis. And now we are very close to Israel.”

Another voice says,

“Haj Agha, what is the plan? When are we going to go to there, Inshallah? Abu Hamed responded, ‘In the Summer!’ ‘Tal-a-Qarin, under a heavy bombardment by the enemy…’ In Tal-a-Qarin different and unusual events happened. The kids [i.e. Fatemiyoun fighters] were now in a one-to-one fight with the enemy [Israelis] …gun-to-gun and face-to-face in a real face off…”

Abu Hamed (Marty Alireza Tavasolli) was martyred in Tal-a-Qarin on Esfand 9, 1393 [February 28, 2015]. In the final few minutes of the video, the crux of the presence of Fatemiyoun in Syria is explained:

“The hardships of which I spoke were not even a fraction of the hardship the kids endured. The kids in Edlib, too, were fighting for the love of fighting with Israel. The battles in Edlib and Tedmore is just a preparation for the Fatemiyoun kids for a fight against Zionists. We truly love fighting these cowards. They are more of cowards than what is talked about them. Israel and [US] America with the help of their sycophants began this fire so that they could increase Israel’s security and reduce the power of the Resistance. But they committed a grave mistake because a force like Fatemiyoun was added to the Resistance’s camp. And till we have not brought the life of Zionists to its end, we are not going to let go. In remembering Abu Hamed an in his memory, we will continue his path until there is no Zionist is left.”

When some previews of that documentary had been released, newspapers in Israel went into a panic mode[15].

Fork in the Taliban’s Road

Atlantic Council headlined an article on August 20, 2021, that read: “Iran spent years preparing for Taliban victory. It may still get stung.”[16] Within the first few opening paragraphs and in the closing paragraphs, the article did not fail in being quite predictable:

In opening paragraphs: “Twenty-three years ago, the Taliban murdered eleven diplomats and a journalist at Tehran’s mission in Mazar-i-Sharaf, nearly sparking a war between the two countries.”

In closing paragraphs: “Even as Iranian officials boasted that the embassy in Kabul and consulate in Herat would remain open, the foreign ministry revealed on August 15 that it quietly shuttered missions in Jalalabad, Kandahar and, of course, Mazar-e Sharif, where the Taliban murdered Iranian personnel.”

I am not too sure whether Atlantic Council is more worried about the Iranians’ safety and security or is anxious to separate the Pashtun cousins from their Muslim roots so that they could find and embrace their supposed Jewish roots in isolation from the region.

I am dead certain, however, that only Taliban and Pashtun could demonstrate with their actions whether they are with the Zionists or with the people of Afghanistan and their Muslim brothers in the region.


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China in the crosshairs – is a war in the Far East and Pacific next?

OCTOBER 03, 2021

China in the crosshairs – is a war in the Far East and Pacific next?

As in my previous post, I will begin with referring you to two pieces.

First, the typical China-bashing propaganda: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/taiwan-bristles-lashes-out-after-chinas-record-aerial-show-force

Second, a very solid debunking of the China-bashing crap above: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2021/10/how-ap-reuters-and-scmp-propagandize-their-readers-against-china.html

By the way, I also highly recommend to all my readers to read Moon of Alabama  (https://www.moonofalabama.org/) at least once a day.  ‘b’ is a very solid analyst and his website is superb.  Even better is the fact that he often writes about topics I do not cover, or he covers them differently, so make sure to check him out daily 🙂

Now about China.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Anglos have had China in the crosshairs for a while and that now China has become the evil, devious boogeyman #1, displacing Russia from that position.   By the way, this hysterical paranoia and hatred of China is equally shared by the two indistinguishable factions of the single Imperial Party which runs the USA: hatred for China is a political consensus, at least in the USA ruling class (hence the stupid “CCP virus” expression and other such illiterate infantilisms).

Here is my strictly personal and subjective interpretations of what happened and why China is now the Official Enemy Number One Hypervillain.

I will being by comparing China to the other two AngloZionist Official Hypervillain Enemies Number 2 and 3.

Russia.  The US/NATO/EU policy on Russia has comprehensively failed.  It has failed politically (the Evil Putin “KGB killer” is still in power and does not even have a semi-serious competitor – pro-western sentiments in Russias are now somewhere in the 1-2 percent max), economically (Russia has recovered from both sanctions and the COVID induced crisis and is booming, at least compared to the West) and militarily (the US and NATO are now the proverbial paper tigers).  Finally, the entire “Ukrainian strategy” has also faceplanted and has now turned into an unmanageable nightmare for the EU (which richly deserves this). In other words, Europe is now a “bad place” for the USA which really can’t do much to change this reality.

Iran.  The US/NATO/EU policy on Iran has also comprehensively failed.  Yes, Iran is going through very difficult times, the sanctions and COVID did, and are still, hurting it, but militarily Iran has successfully defeated the AngloZionist alliance in two ways: first, by deterring the AngloZionists from a direct attack (so far) and by showing its true capabilities in its superb missile strikes on US bases: a CENTCOM+Israeli attack on Iran would be suicidal, and the AngloZionists know it (even while they deny it).  Add to this the Russian+Iranian victory in Syria and the terminal inability of the Israelis to deal with Hezbollah and and Saudis to deal with the Houthis, and you will see that the Middle East is yet another “bad place”  for the USA which really can’t do much to change this reality (if they attack Iran it will be the end of Israel and CENTCOM). And I won’t even mention the Kabul event which showed to the word the true face and capabilities of the US armed forces.

Which logically leaves only China as the Official Enemy Number One Hypervillain.  Here are a few reasons for that:

  • China is the biggest and strongest economic power on the planet and the Chinese are geniuses in commerce and trade.
  • China is run by a leadership which the US cannot control, break, corrupt or otherwise subdue (I am talking about the leadership collectively, not individuals;  traitors exist everywhere).
  • China and Russia have a very successful alliance which the Anglos tried very hard to break by spreading anti-Chinese propaganda in Russia and anti-Russian propaganda in China.  The result?  The two countries are MORE than “just” allied, they are symbionts who are so “perfectly different” and that “fit together” like Lego pieces!
  • China has made incredible progress in the military field: in the 80s and 90s, China had a huge military, but which was decades behind the USA and the USSR/Russia.  This is now changing very very fast and has been for 20 years.
  • While the US has a money printing press, China has actual technologies and real manufacturing capabilities and the outcome here is not in doubt: it’s just a matter of time before the quasi industrialized USA becomes un-resucable by just printing billions of dollars.
  • The US cannot control the Chinese Internet, which deprives it from is main weapon (all that crap about human rights, the (non-) massacre in Tienanmen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet etc. etc. etc. as if the West was not the worst violator of human rights on the planet, and by far!)

I am sure there are many more reasons, but the above is just a sample.  It is crucial to keep in mind the difference between reasons and pretexts.  Nobody in the western ruling class give a damn about human rights or any other Chinese problems (fictional or very real).  And I am not denying that there are real problems in China, like in any other country by the way.  I am saying that the western rhetoric about China is hypocritical crap.

Also, China does have real weaknesses.  I will list only the few I am aware of:

  • While the Chinese military has made immense progress, it is mostly technological.  Russian officers who trained with their Chinese counterparts regularly report that “culture” of the Chinese ground forces is still much inferior to, say, the Russian ones.  But I bet you that a Chinese solider in defense of his own land will outperform any Anglo imperialist solider fighting for “democracy” (Ha!) thousands of miles away from home.  Again, like the USA, the Chinese culture is not really a military one and the strengths of the Chinese lie elsewhere (commerce, emigration, business, etc.).  Also, it is likely that the problems reported by Russian military advisors about the Chinese ground forces do not apply to “high tech” domains such as aerospace, acoustics, etc.  Finally, even if  historically the Chinese are not a nation born warriors, it is likely that this weakness is much more evident in “general purpose” military forces and is much less applicable to the PRC’s specialized and high-tech forces (Air Force, Navy, special forces, ELINT, etc.)
  • The Chinese are still struggling in some key military technology domains, such as aircraft engines, but they are catching up really fast.  From the Anglo point of view, this means that it is a “now or never” situation, lest China accomplishes what Russia did between 2000 and 2021, which they might.
  • China, like Russia, is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state, which is why the Anglos always try to use this diversity against the peoples of China (they failed in Russia, but in Chechnia they came very close, do we should never discount that real Anglo capability!).
  • China is run by the Chinese Communist Party which inevitably brings images of Nike-Gulags, devious secret agents and all the rest of the stuff Anglos like to scare themselves with.  That the word “Communism” in 2021 has a totally different meaning than in the 20th century is too complex a notion for many to even contemplate.
  • As many of my readers know, I do not consider that Russia is culturally part of Europe, but it is geographically European, at least west of the Urals, and the Russians are (mostly) “White” which western racists nowadays seem to like a lot (not so much in the times of Nazi Europe, obviously).  So the bad old European racism, itself a pretext for imperialism, is even worse with these “Fu-manchu gooks”.  Sinophobia has a particularly long history in the United States, much older than russophobia, by the way.
  • China is at least partially surrounded by Anglo colonies run comprador elites (Taiwan, Japan, etc.) and by countries who fear the very real regional influence and power of China (Philippines, India, etc.).
  • The US has some truly ideal “unsinkable bases” in the region (Japan, Hawaii, Australia, etc.) which are hard to neutralize (but that is also changing, and quickly).

Again, this is a partial list, and I am sure that our commentators can expand on this, or point out that some of my assumptions are simply wrong.

But let’s not overthink this either.

The western ruling elites are in a panic and they are consolidating into a smaller but potentially tougher “Anglosphere” whose best (or “least bad”) positions are in the Pacific (as I have always maintained, big, multinational alliances are great as fig-leafs to justify imperialism, but militarily they inevitably suck, badly).  From their point of view this policy of “circling the wagons” (expression straight from genocidal, imperialistic times) makes sense and is really the own viable option.

I will mention a few good news, and then let our commentators take over.  Here are a few good ones:

  • Russia will never allow the Anglosphere to defeat China militarily.  Simply put, she can’t afford it.  I will make a prediction: Chinese SSNs will, in the near future, get much better sensors and integration, they “develop” better quieting technologies and faster SSNs with smaller crews and superior automation.  As for Chinese aircraft, they are already very impressive, and China does not have the same need as Russia for advanced long range strategic bombers (where they still lag behind the most): they can use missiles instead.
  • The pace of progress of the PRC is truly amazing and, unlike Russia’s, the Chinese industrial base is huge and once they “get” a technology “right” – they can produce it in huge amounts.  So even IF the best Chinese submarine is still inferior or, at best, more or less on par, with the original Los Angeles class, they can produce them (and other ships or aircraft) in much larger amounts than the Anglosphere.
  • The Chinese space program does, to my admittedly non-engineer eyes, look much more promising that the PR crap of Bezos or Musk managed to peddle to the terminally misinformed US tax payer.  This is very important, crucial even, for modern warfare.
  • The Chinese leaders are (FINALLY!) speaking up!!  In the past, it was all Putin and Russia, the Chinese mostly kept a low profile, but now they are confident enough to call a “stone and stone” and they are very successfully hitting back at the Anglo propaganda, openly and bluntly.
  • By all accounts, the Chinese are proud patriots who will not sell their newly and very painfully acquired sovereignty to anybody (good for them, may all countries follow this model!).  They also know history, including how the Anglos waged war on them to sell opium (no crap about human rights then, just brute gang warfare).  They can also look at modern Japan and see what true Anglo domination can do to a ancient and noble culture.

Again, I invite you all to add to this list, or dispel my misconceptions!

My personal bottom line is this: the major powers are all preparing for a major war in Far East Asia and the Pacific.  God willing, and with the wise leadership of Putin and Xi, it will never happen.

But yes, China is, in my opinion, definitely in the Anglo crosshairs.

Now I turn this over to you.

Hugs and cheers


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