Khalid Amayreh: "The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed"

“The Syrian regime must change, or it will be changed” Thus wrote Khalid Amayreh from the land occupied by Dayton’s army on behalf of “Nazi Like” Israel.  

“This is not the cold-war era, and what was arguably permitted or necessary then is no longer acceptable.”

“The regime of President Bashar al Assad has been speaking of “infiltrators” and “foreign agents” who it said stood behind much of the recent killings. Moreover, in recent days, the state-run media would want us to believe that “fundamentalists” and “Salafis” are carrying out a conspiracy against Syria. But with all due respect, it is amply clear that most if not all of these claims are pure rubbish and disinformation that seem to carry no iota of truth.”

Yes, Mr, Khalid its no longer acceptable niether ib Bush’s hot war era nor in Obama’s soft war era. Take this from : Wikileaks: The STATE Department ‘secretly financed Syrian opposition groups’. 
Is it “pure rubbish and disinformation that seem to carry no iota of truth.” ?

Another one for you “Brother Khalid”: Wikileaks: Hariri to Talwar: “A partnership between the ‘Brotherhood & Khaddam’ … They support peace with Israel”

Meet one of Deraa “Pro-Democracy” leaders of Syrian “Popular revolution”
Why the syrian claims are pure rubbish and disinformation?
According to Khalid “Syria is a powerful state, with strong security establishment. Hence, one would have to be extremely naïve to believe that hundreds or thousands of infiltrators can suddenly overwhelm Syrian towns and population centers without being discovered or interdicted by the Syrian army and other security agencies.”
As far as I remember, CEDER “Revolution” and Mehlis, used the same arguement to claim that  lebanese/Syrian strong security establishment killed rafil Al-hariri, and consequently kick Syria out of Lebanon, and turn Lebanon, into a free land for Mossad spys and all Zionized western countries intelligence.
Moreover, some hasbara sites used the same arguement to claim that Syria killed or helped killing Imad Moghneyi
Khalid is sure that “The truth of the matter is that 99% if not 100% of these “Mondasseen” (infiltrators) are  actually thugs working  for the regime itself.” not his Syrian (…..) brotheres, not the the thugs of Khaddam, not the thugs of Rifaat Assad, responsiple for what happened in the City of Hamma in 1980’s.
“And now, the regime, which didn’t fire a single bullet on the Israeli  occupiers of the Golan Heights, is deploying tanks in Syrian cities for the purpose massacring Syrian citizens if necessary.” Thus claimed Brother” Amayreh

Most likely, according to “Brother” Amayreh, in October 1973 the syrian regime liberated Qunaitra with  roses fired on the Israeli occupiers of the Golan Heights, and with simllar Irani/Srian roses Hezbullah liberated southeren Lebanon in may 2000, and defeated the zionist entity in Jully 2006. with the same roses Mabhouh sent to Gaza, Hamas stopped the Insvasion of Gaza.
Syria Paying Price of Firm, Solid Pro-Resistance Stances Get it Khalid or…

Mr.Khalid Amayreh knows “for sure that al-Assad is surrounded by a large group of hypocrites, sycophants and hangers-on who would tell him that everything in Syria  is alright and that the protesters only represent a small negligible  minority of conspirators, agitators and traitors who are carrying out a foreign agenda and who would be crushed sooner or later.”

I wonder if Mr.Khalid Amayreh cared to listen to Assad latest speechs, where he admitted the need for reform, and isolate the minority of conspirators, agitators and traitors riding the “tens” of thousand taking the streets, or cared to listen to Khaled Mishaal’s message to Qaradawi. 

However, Mr.Khalid Amayreh is smarter than believing his “brothers” lies, therefore, after deciding “that a real popular revolution is taking place in Syria;  it is a home-grown revolution because even the stupidest people  wouldn’t take to the streets in the tens of thousands, risking their lives, for the sake of some foreign agenda or for the sake  of some  conspirators or puppet- in London or Paris or even Amman and Baghdad.” and after ignoring how his “smart” brothers in Libya risked their lives, and their country for the sake of some foreign agenda, Khalid followed the steps of LIAM FOX, BRITISH DEFENSE SECRETARY who said to Assad “Killing your own people is a crime. You need to understand that the international community is appalled by this. You still have time for a rapport – a reform process. Let’s get that underway.”, Khalid declared that “President Bashar al-Assad “can still prevent a total collapse of his regime”, and revealed his “Brothers”-Khaddam’s aganda, “the totalitarian police-state apparatus which has been ruling Syria since the early sixties must be dismantled and terminated once and for all. The Baath party is inherently undemocratic; it can’t be reformed, it must be ended.”

Read This Mr. Amayreh, then tell me; How you would dismantle and terminate a “powerful state, with strong security establishment”?? Are you seconding Hariri’s call for another Iraq, or for another Libyah. both started with a NO FLY Zone?

Yes, Khalid Syria is in the Eye of the Storm, According to the French academic, “it seems that the stance was not rejected by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, as Abdul-Halim Khaddam (former Syrian VP) reiterated in his communications with the players whom he knows in the west, and which have resurfaced after a period of isolation and frustration.” However, “that desire collides with a difficult reality for the West, especially in the Syrian case which is different from other Arab cases”
our ultimate enemy is Israel,
However Khalid after storming his brain in defending his Syrian brothers, indirectly admitted what he denied. He asked his “pro-freedom” Syrian brothers. “In your legitimate and dignified struggle for freedom and liberty, don’t lose sight of the fact that our ultimate enemy is Israel, which occupies Syrian and other Arab territories. The Shiites are not the enemy. The Alawites are not the Enemy.  And Hizbullah is not the enemy. So don’t allow some misguided voices amongst you to mar your struggle with blind sectarianism.” [ Is it a message to your Qaradawi]

I guess khalid is talking about The Shiites in lebanon, not the other Shiites. Why he is silent about Bahrain?

“Yess, as loyal  sons and daughters of Bilad al Shaam, you must show wisdom and responsibility in order to reach the shore of safety with minimal losses and sacrifices.

The wisdom of Khalid’s Brother

Ma’moun Al-Homsi  a “loyal  sons of Bilad al Shaam,”
For sure, wisdom is as vital as courage for the victory of your revolution. (end )

Article submitted by Khalid Amaireh to PalestineFreeVoice 

A final word for Khalid:

This piece may qualify you to re-join Al-Jezeerah, hurry up, they have a vacancy in Beirut, Ben Jedo resigned

“Palestine is the heart of Arab countries” – PalestineFreeVoice

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