Iran, Syria, "Brotherhood Spring" and the ongoinig war on Gaza

Iran, Syria, “Brotherhood Spring” and the ongoinig war on Gaza

“The armed wing asked those mediating for calm to address their mediation to Israel and not the resistance that was defending the people.” Quds Brigades

I am not mediating for calm, who is doing that, let us read “Brother” Khalid Amayereh

“It is the responsibility of Arab and Muslim states, such Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and Iran to provide these oppressed people with the most elementary means of defense and protection against a brutal enemy that is armed with most advanced machine of death in the world.” He said.

“Brother” Khalid, ignored Syria, the historical cave of Palestinian resistance, the state, which according to Hamas leaders has given Hamas what their Brother Baynouni admitted can’t afford if he is in Assad’s shoes.

Muslim brothers having lost Jersulem and its Aqsa, the first Muslim’s qibla, and the second Haram, decided to use the Amawiyade mosque (until aqsa is liberated). Their Nato Mufti wants to lead a praying at Damascus. His London’s Facebook brother wrote:
“We promised them with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”
He also ingnored to include his Libyan brothers, fighting, arming and training his “Syrian” brothers

Instead, Khalid is requesting Iran’s support, ignoring its continued support for the Palestinian cause since day one of the Islamic revolution, Ignoring, that it is Hezbullah cells in Egypt who were smuggling Iranian arms to besieged Gaza.

In his latest speech Sayyed Nasrallah said: Arabs, Muslims, Christians All Entitled to Defend al-Quds, and off course defend Gaza the focal point of Palestinian cause.

PLS. stop the attacks against the Palestinians
and the “systematic murder against Syrians”


Laura StuartI wonder, If “brother” like his “Sister” Laura Stuart, is taught that, “success will never come for the Muslims by expecting a solution from a deviant sect like the Shia”, and that “Murdering Assad more Noble than Killing an Israeli”

“In the final analysis, what was acceptable from the Husni Mubarak regime, can’t be acceptable from the revolutionary government.” he added “Well, hell with the Camp David peace treaty with Israel if maintaining it must mean having Palestinian civilians getting killed, maimed and incinerated every hour, every day and every night at the hands of the Nazis of our time.” Khalid, indirectly, addressed his Egypt “brothers” who failed to meet his expectations.

Earlier, Khalid Amayereh, driven by fear that his Egyption brothers may lose by their left hand what they got by their right hand (Hamas), “All we want from Egypt is to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, our commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty depends on your behavior toward the Palestinians,” he pegged

“….The Muslim Brotherhood is not going to be at Hamas’s beck and call…. relations between Islamic movements and countries (Except Syria) are not conducted in this way…Egypt is suffering from immense social and economic problems at the home front, which means that the country can’t devote all or most of its energies to the Palestinian issue…Egypt, and that is very important, should create a real linkage between its own commitment to the Camp David Peace Treaty with Israel on the one hand and Israeli behavior toward the Palestinians on the other… Israeli policies and behaviors …..killing of the two-state- solution possibility….. In short, an Islamist-led Egypt would have to tell Israel, straight in the eyes, that there cannot be “business as usual” with the Jewish state (Amayreh said Jewish state, not the zionist entity, not even Israel) if the Palestinians continue to be savaged and brutalized and pushed to the corner…..”

In case you missed it “Arab Affairs Committee at the Islamists Egyptian Parliamentrecommended making a legal study into the border crossings between Egypt and the Gaza Strip and how to run them in a way that allows entry of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people including supplying them with fuel and electricity if the Israeli occupation continues to refuse to allow humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip.”

Meawhile, Cadres of Hamas in Syria asking their leadership: Have you decided to sacrifice us?

This is rough translation, however, the letter could be a Fateh fabrication

‘What is really happening? Why this confusion in your statements on Syria? And you haven’t talked here? Have you have decided sacrifice us? Have you decided sacrifice the Palestinian presence here? And why this harshl treatment – cancelling membership of those who speak against the regime while Leaders and their son are doing the same?

What’s going on in Qatar? Is it an honor for us as a movement to be under the umbrella we heard repeatedly from you, and Khaled Mashaal – that it is a US puppet? And how you upbringing us on something and then find you do the contrary? (Is America our friend or foe, frankly because of you and because of the Muslim Brotherhood we are in a mess )?, And why you are not honest with us and with the people. You said that you want stand against Syria will not forget its support, and then few days after leaving Syria you fell into the arms of its enemy (Qatar)? And smear Syria, and support a revolution we don’t even know secular, hostile to Islam and collaborating with the West? Frankly, we do not know what your standards are? is it double? Didn’t you know what the Syria when you come here? ‘.”

“O brothers, we denounce your stand, and feel a lot of anxiety and fear from you, what is happening in Syria is far more than by death or blood you can’t justify your stand by saying we tried to avise them but they refused to listen ..”

We are scattered in Homs, Deraa, Aleppo and in Damascus, and we know exactly what’s going on on the ground and meet everyone and see that there are significant errors and crimes from both parties (the regime and his supporters and the rebels and their supporters), and we see that there is a bloody conspiracy already on the ground and in the media against Syria, the opposition at home and abroad, is involved in it, and it will damage everyone, however, we only hear you speak against the regime!, you are its silent on the plot (the Western crusade against Syria with the help of Arab States, which conspired against us and still )”


“We feel that there is real confusion in your positions during the recent period, whether on the Palestinian level (Abu Mazen, who you have told us over and over again that he is a traitor involved in the killing and the arrest of our brothers), and suddenly without warning, we see what we have seen in Qatar, as well as with the Jordanian regime, is Hamas an organization? Or company for so and so? This confusion is reflected on us here so that some of us support one side and some support the other..”

We are afraid that you are pushe towards settlement box! And leaving the jihad ,martyrdom, resistance, and Islam square , and we want to hear from you a final say on this (on reconciliation and on Abu Mazen and on Syria), we hear your talk, and we see the reverse, we hope you haven’t changed your principles. Do not forget your religion and do not let present life deceive you

we have heard of you, behind closed doors, talking too much about them (Itan ans Syria), their sincere positions and courage, and their role on what Hamas have reached and the volume of arms and money flowing into Gaza from Iran and Syria, and special training and rocket industry, and solid political media positions of Hezbullah”

then we see you bed fellows with those who conspired against us against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. You sould have stayed silent. What happened at Al-Azhar does not make sense we beg you to tell us is Iran, Hezbollah and Syria Israeli puppets as we hear from some of the cadres and officials of the movement? Why this disparity we hear from the war officials of the movement, Looks like we are the only party not collabrating with Israel??”

A final world: The majority of palestinian supported, and elected Hamas, as a leading resistance movement, not as a Muslim brothers offspring. The moment Hamas cease to be a resistance movement, Palestinians will support an alternative who raise high the resistance flag. They don’t have to wait, its their fighting, shoulder to shoulder with other Palestinian freedom fighters, while Khalid Amayereh brother are waiting the “effective anti-aircraft weapons as well anti-tank missiles.” from their American Brothers

Quds Brigades: Calm only at resistance’s conditions

[ PIC 12/03/2012 – 02:56 PM ]
GAZA, (PIC)– The armed wing of Islamic Jihad movement, the Quds Brigades, has affirmed that calm would be only restored according to Palestinian resistance’s conditions.

Addressing a press conference in Gaza on Monday, the Brigades said that rockets would continue to fall on Israeli targets as long as the Israeli military escalation did not stop, reminding that Israel was the one that breeched the calm.

The armed wing asked those mediating for calm to address their mediation to Israel and not the resistance that was defending the people.

It lashed out at the Israeli occupation forces for blasting indiscriminate targets in Gaza killing civilians and schoolchildren and shelling houses.

“The Gazans need effective anti-aircraft weapons as well anti-tank missiles. These are defensive weapons which can be provided easily to those who are at the forefront of fighting for Muslim sanctuaries and Muslim dignity.” Khalid continued. Egypt, given its territorial contiguity to Gaza, has a special duty to see to it that defenseless Gazans possess the means to defend themselves.” he admitted, and expressed his disappoiments with his “Revolutionary” brothers in Egypt and the “Arab Spring”, thegreat asset for Palestinian cause.

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