The Zionist’s “Muslim” war on Resistance

“Is it a pre-condition to recognize Israel in order to govern?” asked Rashad Bayoumy, a Muslim Brotherhood’s leader,before highjacking the Egypt’s poular revolution.On that I wrote:“Thirty years ago, Khomeini, faced a similar situation, without storming……he turned the Zionist embassy into a Palestinian Embassy…..He did it because, the vision was clear, the enemy was clear, and because he was after power to put Iran on the right track, and he did.

Iran now, despite the 8 years war launched by Arabs (almost all Arabs except Syria, Islamists, and nationalists except Syrian) and 30 years of sanction, is super power who dared to say to US: get out of Gulf.”
Though the Iblis-Brotherhood declared “that they will respect Egypt’s international obligations” and thhoug “Camp David treaty was not really a treaty of peace, but rather a treaty of submission and capitulation to Zionist regional hegemony, arrogance and military supremacy” as described by their sectatiam mouth piece, Amayereh, they failed to deliver in Syria, they failed to govern in Tunis, Egypt and Libya, and they may lose power even in Turkey.

Finally, on behalf of International Zionist’s Brotherhood Mursi declares the war on Syrian Arab Repuplic and the Arab resistance.

Egypt’s Mursi Cuts Ties with Syrian Arab Republic
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Egyptian President Mohammad MursiEgyptian President Mohammad Mursi announced on Saturday evening cutting ties with Syria, shutting down the Syrian embassy in Cairo and withdrawing the Egyptian charge d’ affaires from Damascus, at a popular conference aired on state TV.He called on the international community not to allow the “reproduction of repressive regimes,” urging a UN Security Council resolution for imposing a no-fly zone on Syria.Mursi also urged Arab and Islamic states for an emergency summit to discuss the latest developments in the Syrian conflict.He slammed “regional and international powers” for their military support of the Syrian government that led to the continued bloodshed in the country.

“We reject any military or political interference in Syria whether by states or militants,” he said.
Moving to internal affairs, Mursi criticized the intended anti- president protests on June 30 urged by activists and opposition who call for ousting Mursi and holding an early presidential election.

He said such protests “seek to ruin the state without knowing how to rebuild it afterwards,” insisting they are urged mostly by “residuals of the ex-regime.”

Mursi called such acts, ruining Egypt through such protests, as “illusions,” yet he stressed respect for the right of peaceful protests without riot, damage or weapons.

“We should rather save our energy for work and production,” Morsi added, warning against acts of violence during such protests and calling on the opposition to unite with the leadership to meet the challenges of the country.

Mursi’s warnings come as youth movements emerge, especially the “Rebillion” movement which announced itself about a month ago and called for mass demonstrations in June 30 being the occasion of the first anniversary of the Mursi’s presidency.

Egyptian press stated that Rebellion has so far succeeded in collecting nearly 15 million signatures of citizens demanding early presidential elections. Recently, the National Salvation Front announced its support for the call to demonstrate and demands of Rebellion.

Source: Agencies
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