Bahrain …. toward the resistance البحرين… الى المقاومة

Bahrain …. toward the resistance

يناير 27, 2017

Written by Nasser Kandil,

Six years ago, the people of Bahrain were facing all the provocations of Al-Jazeera shield led by Saudi Arabia, but they remained sticking to the peaceful path. The people of Bahrain who are led today by Islamic movement have sacrificed a lot in all stages, under the banners of Liberalism in the forties, when they were demanding of elections, under the banner of Gamal Abdul Nasser in the fifties, when they were demanding of liberation, and under the banner of the Left, when they were leading the struggle of the trade union which is the most avant -grade in the Arab world. The people of Bahrain did not leave the arenas and no one can call their revolution as the sectarian awakening.

The people of Bahrain insist on the peaceful path despite the cascade of blood that is shed by the Saudi intervention and despite the semi-complete negligence of what is so-called the International Community, comparing with the allegations of the defense for the human rights where the West has interests, so the killers of Al-Qaeda organization become martyrs and its fighters become the heroes of freedom as described by Laurent Fabius the Former French Foreign Minister on the Turkish-Syrian borders. Here the insistence is more than a historic patience; it is a strategic choice and may be it reaches its final stages.

What has happened in Bahrain as a remorseless killing, a felony that did not get an investigation or a trial of youths who were arrested in the movement of the Bahraini street; they were accused of bombing a vehicle of Al-Jazeera Shield’s vehicles, and a summary execution  without an actual trial said that Saudi Arabia which has ordered of killing is drawing a red line for accepting the settlements in the region, it is the recognition of making the people of the Gulf countries slaves for the family of Saud as a precondition for settlements outside the Gulf, otherwise there is no objection by Saudi Arabia from keeping the agitating wars and spending all the money to bring the extremists and the mercenaries to wage them. This means the transformation of Saudi Arabia to a greater opportunity for the dominance of ISIS practically and gradually.

The dominance of ISIS on Saudi Arabia geographically, demographically and militarily as well as the rootedness of its project in it seems as a salvation of ISIS in the light of the defeats which affected it in Iraq, and the difficulty of resilience in the war of Syria, and in the light of the European Russian race to prevent ISIS from the stability in Libya as an expected substitute for ISIS after Iraq and Syria. So it is logical that ISIS will aspire to Saudi Arabia for the next two years. It seems that the rulers of Saudi Arabia do not mind that or they are not aware of it, on the contrary they say to the world; you have to choose between our dominance with our savagery on oil and ISIS’ dominance on it with its brutality.

Saudi Arabia puts the region and the world between the two options of the recognition of humiliated bondage for the people of the Gulf or giving the sources of oil to ISIS. The comparison between what has happened in Iraq and what might happen in Saudi Arabia makes the matter logical, since the background is ready popularly and the devotions to extremism, atonement, and the blood according to the sheikhs of Wahhabism are shown through their public fatawas.

Between the two parts of this duality, it is no longer possible for anyone to address the people of Bahrain by asking them to be patience and to endure. The resistance has become an option that no one can denounce it or considered it a haste or emotion. If the Saudis want to weaken the influence of Iran in the Gulf, they are succeeding because they make the people rebel against the advices of Iran to be calm and sticking to the peaceful path because they kill every call for wisdom.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

البحرين… الى المقاومة

ناصر قنديل

– منذ ست سنوات يقف شعب البحرين في الشوارع يواجه كل استفزازات درع الجزيرة بقيادة السعودية، متمسكاً بالمسار السلمي. وشعب البحرين الذي تقوده اليوم حركة إسلامية لم يبخل على النضال العربي بالتضحيات في المراحل كلها. فكان تحت شعارات الليبرالية في الأربعينيات يطالب بالانتخابات، وتحت لواء جمال عبد الناصر في الخمسينيات يطالب بالتحرر، وتحت لواء اليسار يقود النضال النقابي الأشدّ طليعية في العالم العربي، فشعب البحرين لم يغادر الساحات ولا يمكن لأحد تسمية ثورته بالصحوة الطائفية.

– بقي إصرار شعب البحرين على المسار السلمي، رغم شلال الدم المسال بتدخّل سعودي، ورغم التجاهل شبه التام لما يُسمّى بالمجتمع الدولي قياساً بمزاعم الدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان حيث للغرب مصالح، فيصير قتلى تنظيم القاعدة شهداء ويصير مقاتلوها أبطال حرية، كما وصفهم لوران فابيوس وزير خارجية فرنسا الأسبق على الحدود التركية السورية. وهذا الإصرار أكثر من صبر تاريخي، بل هو خيار استراتيجي، ربما يكون قد بلغ مراحله النهائية.

– ما جرى في البحرين من قتل بدم بارد بجرم لم ينل تحقيقاً ولا محاكمة لشبان اعتقلوا من حراك الشارع البحراني، ووجّهت لهم الاتهامات بتفجير آلية من آليات درع الجزيرة، وتنفيذ حكم الإعدام بهم من دون محاكمة فعلية، يقول إن السعودية التي أمرت بالقتل ترسم خطاً أحمر لقبولها بالتسويات في المنطقة. وهو التسليم بجعل شعوب بلاد الخليج عبيدا لآل سعود كشرط مسبق لتسويات خارج الخليج، وإلا فلا مانع لدى السعودية من بقاء الحروب مشتعلة وإنفاق كل المال والمجيء بكل المتطرفين والمرتزقة لخوضها. وهذا يعني تحويل السعودية عملياً وتدريجياً إلى أكبر فرصة لسيطرة داعش.

– سيطرة داعش على السعودية جغرافياً وسكانياً وعسكرياً، وتجذُّر مشروعه فيها يبدو خشبة خلاص داعش في ضوء الهزائم التي يُمنَى بها التنظيم في العراق، وصعوبة الصمود عندما تدور آلة الحرب عليه في سورية، وفي ضوء التسابق الأوروبي الروسي على منع داعش من الاستقرار في ليبيا، كبديل متوقع لداعش بعد العراق وسورية، فيصير المنطقي أن يبني التنظيم خطته نحو السعودية للسنتين المقبلتين، ولا يبدو أن حكام السعودية يمانعون بذلك أو لا يدركونه، بل يقولون للعالم عليكم أن تختاروا بين سيطرتنا بهمجيتنا على النفط، أو تسليمه لداعش بوحشيته.

– السعودية تضع المنطقة والعالم بين خيارَيْ التسليم بعبودية ذليلة لشعوب الخليج أو تسليم منابع النفط لداعش. والمقارنة بين ما جرى في العراق، وما قد يجري في السعودية يصير الأمر منطقياً. فالبيئة جاهزة شعبياً والولاءات للتطرف والتكفير والدم لدى مشايخ الوهابية تُظهرها فتاوى علنية.

– بين حدَّيْ هذه الثنائية لم يعد ممكناً لأحد مخاطبة شعب البحرين بطلب الصبر والتحمّل. فالمقاومة صارت خياراً لا يمكن لأحد استهجانه واعتباره تسرّعاً أو انفعالاً، وإذا كان السعوديون يريدون إضعاف نفوذ إيران في الخليج فهم ينجحون، بأن يجعلوا الشعوب تتمرّد على نصائح إيران بالتهدئة والتمسك بالسلمية، لأنهم يغتالون كل نداء للحكمة.


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Last Moments of the Three Bahraini Martyrs with the “Turbaned Man”

January 17, 2017

Three young martyrs executed by the Bahraini authorities

Bahraini people will never forget what happened Saturday morning and the afterward events. The morning that witnessed Bahrain king’s approval to execute three innocent young men over a story fabricated by his Royal Court. The next dawn, Bahraini authorities executed the defendants with the support of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others.

Why has the execution sentence been issued? How the fabricated charges against Abbas Al-Samea, Ali Al-Singace and Sami Mushaima brought them to the guillotine of execution.

On March 3, 2014, Bahraini authorities announced that three soldiers were killed along with an Emirati officer in a bomb blast it said went off in Diyya town north of the country.

Bahrainis still question the story. At that time, people of Diyya not only didn’t hear any sound that resembles the sound of explosion, but also said that the four military personnel in subject were killed by a bomb blast that was in the possession of the UAE officer who was involved in the suppression of Bahrainis inside their safe villages.

Hours later, Bahraini interior ministry arrested “a number of the perpetrators of the bombing.” Prior to any investigation, their photographs were displayed on the state television, which claimed their responsibility for the incident!

Inside the prison, torture was a daily meal for three detainees. They had to be forced to confess and save face for Bahrain with the UAE. Bahraini authority wanted to close the case by a “punishment” that satisfies Emirati people without asking: What was our officer doing in Bahrain? What was the Emirati military doing against the unarmed people of Bahrain?

In a leaked recording from inside the prison, martyr Abbas Al-Samea said: “After the bombing of Diyya, it was necessary for the government to satisfy its followers and the UAE after the killing of al-Shehhi (the Emirati officer Tariq al-Shehhi), there should be a scapegoat that was my brothers, people of my village and I. This is what we were told in the torture chambers.”

Samea was arrested along with his four brothers, Sami Mushaima was arrested with his two brothers, in addition to Ali Al-Singace and a tenth detainee.

Statement by Rawabi school proving that Abbas Al-Samea was at work the time of Diyya explosion
Statement by Rawabi school proving that Abbas Al-Samea was at work the time of Diyya explosion

Upon holding the trial, defense lawyers presented a document issued by the school where Samea works as a sports teacher, proving that he was at school the time of the bombing. However, the court ignored the document, stripped Samea of his citizenship and sentenced him to death.

Regarding the case of Mushaima, the court rejected the testimonies given by some twenty witnesses who reported that he was at home at the time of the bombing. The court did not approve the statements, but stripped him of his citizenship and sentenced him to death.

As for Singace, his mother confirmed that he had not been investigated on the killing of the UAE officer. Her son hadn’t been asked about the blast immediately after his arrest on April 2, 2015 in the town of Diraz, but was forced to sign papers stating that “he acknowledges his responsibility for the Diyya bombing.” On that day he was sentenced to death.

Last Friday, Bahraini judiciary approved the execution sentence, soon the King signed it, and the sentence was carried out Sunday dawn on January 15. Four bullets pierced the heart of each of Samea, Mushaima and Singace.

Later on, activists circulated photos of the three young men laid down over the bather. Mushaima’s photo took everyone who saw it back to his words at the Pearl Square in 2011, when he was asked by the Bahraini activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja about a previous arrest: After the torture you suffered, would you continue or not?

Smiling and full of confidence Mushaima replied: I will continue to death!

Mushaima’s mother recalled her visit to him in prison after the last detention, his face was puffy and toothless, and effects of burns were clear on his hands… This is how Mushaima was forced to sign fabricated confessions.

Singace’s name, who refused to collaborate with the regime, appeared for the first time on media in 2012 when he was 15 years old. At the time he was found lying in a garage of his town of Sanabis, stripped of his clothes. Later, After refusing the regime’s offer, he was threatened, a charge was fabricated against him and was sentenced to 5 years in jail. He spent his days fugitive and wanted, before his body knew stability in the Mahooz cemetery after he was executed.

At midnight on Saturday, regime authorities summoned a turbaned man dispatched by Bahrain’s Interior Ministry to the prison. However, he did not meet the three young men before 03:00 a.m.

The turbaned man talked to the three youths, he was quoted as saying that he found them ready for the execution, he asked them to express their last demands. Singace and Samea asked to pray and to write their wills. He brought to them papers and pen.

“Martyr teacher Abbas [Samea],” as his mother would like to call him, asked to call his parents to say goodbye for the last time, but was rebuffed.

Mushaima couldn’t be able to write his will. the 40-year old man does not know how to write, he recited the will verbally before the turbaned “Sheikh”, hoping it will reach his parents and siblings.

So far, families of the martyrs have not received the wills and belongings of their children. No one will be able to know what Samea and Singace wrote and what Mushaima said before condolences ceremonies end. Until today, they only narrate the commandments they had heard from their children: “If people want to win, they will have to stand before the oppressor and sacrifice what they have” Not a right is obtained without sacrifices, Not a nation is build without sacrifices.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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Rouhani Urges Iranians to Keep Revolution Goals, Participate Widely in Elections

Local Editor

Iranian President Sheikh Hassan RouhaniIranian President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani stressed on Thursday that achieving the objectives set by the Islamic Revolution should be by moving on with the path of Revolution under the leadership of the Supreme Leader.

Addressing a large crowd of demonstrators marking the 37th victory of the Islamic Revolution in the Iranian capital, President Rouhani called for large turnout of people in the elections, urging them to vote for hope, law enforcement, defending their rights and construction of their country.

Stating that the Islamic Revolution was an ethical and peaceful revolution which led to victory without violence, he noted that the Islamic Republic needs to update the discourse of the Revolution.

“There is no gap between Revolution and principles or Revolution and reform. All true fundamentalists, true reformists and true moderates are revolutionary. We need to update the discourse of the Revolution.”

Speaking to reporters earlier on the sidelines of the Bahman 22 (February 11) rallies, President Rouhani hailed the huge masses of people celebrating the Revolution anniversary nationwide, as well as the country’s security apparatus, describing it a model in the region.

“I congratulate the great Iranian nation on the occasion and am thankful to the brave nation that is still present in the [political] scene like early days of the Revolution. Undoubtedly, we will meet all our aspirations, relying on the endeavor of the people, unity, and integration.’

“We can meet all our goals with the help of people and guidelines of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution,” he said, adding that the whole world is convinced now that the rhetoric of sanctions has reached a deadlock with Iran, and that the Iranian people should be treated only with respect.

“Achieving the nuclear deal made the world countries understand that the Iranian people can fight off the tyrant powers in the diplomatic arena,” Sheikh Rouhani said.

Source: Websites

11-02-2016 – 15:07 Last updated 11-02-2016 – 15:07

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Palestinian Rams Car into Israelis in Occupied West Bank

A car-ramming attack and a stabbing wounded five Israelis in the West Bank Sunday while the two alleged assailants were shot, Zionist authorities said.

In the first incident, a Palestinian rammed a group of Israelis with a car at a junction, wounding four of them, and was then killed by security forces, police said.

The alleged attacker was said to have driven the car into an area south of Nablus where Israelis typically gather to hitch rides. A checkpoint is located nearby and Israeli border police opened fire.

Israeli public radio described two of the wounded as in a serious condition.

Later, a Palestinian woman stabbed a security guard near a West Bank settlement and was shot, the Israeli police and army said.

The incident occurred at the entrance to the Beitar Illit settlement south of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). The fate of the woman was not immediately clear.

A wave of heroic knife, gun and car attacks have hit the Israeli occupation since the start of October

Source: Agencies

08-11-2015 – 14:05 Last updated 08-11-2015 – 14:05

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Lebanon: ISF Clears Environment Ministry from Protesters


Local Editor

Riot police forcibly removed protesters who had occupied part of the environment ministry in central Beirut on Tuesday following a several-hour standoff, which left several wounded.

Lebanese protesters occupy environment ministryPolice gradually moved the several dozen protesters from the “You Stink” campaign down from the eighth floor of the building in downtown Beirut.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq said security forces did not use force against the protesters, promising to penalize anyone who beat up activists “if the reports turn out to be true.”

He later dispatched “his security team and a number of officers to the Environment Ministry to oversee the evacuation of the rest of protesters from the building and to ensure that they will not be assaulted under any circumstances,” state-run National News Agency reported.

The activists staged a surprise sit-in to demand the minister’s resignation after mass protests which began over a nationwide trash collection crisis.

The move came hours ahead of a deadline set by campaigners for the government to respond to their demands after a massive weekend demonstration.

Crowds of protesters gathered in front of the Ministry of Environment, after security forces refused to let them in the premises, National News Agency reported.

Security Forces sealed all entrances to the Environment Ministry, National News Agency correspondent said on Tuesday, NNA added.

The “You Stink” campaign began in response to a trash crisis that erupted with the closure of Lebanon’s largest landfill in mid-July.

But it has evolved into an outlet for deep-seated frustrations over Lebanon’s crumbling infrastructure and stagnant political class.

Last week, the campaign set out four key demands: the resignation of Environment Minister Mohammad Mashnouk, new parliamentary elections, the devolvement of trash collection to municipalities and accountability for violence against protesters.

The group of protesters sat cross-legged in a hallway outside the minister’s office, waving Lebanese flags and chanting “Out, out out! Mashnuq, get out!”

Source: Agencies

01-09-2015 – 15:21 Last updated 02-09-2015 – 00:27 |

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Mass Crowd Floods Beirut Streets in anti-Corruption Rally

Local Editor

Thousands of citizens waving the Lebanese flag and holding banners to denounce corruption and the politicians’ failure to manage the state converged Saturday on Martyrs’ Square in Downtown Beirut.

Citizens had marched from the Interior Ministry in Sanayeh at 5:00 p.m. to Martyrs Square to take part in a mass rally organized by the ‘You Stink’ campaign and other civil community organizations.

Shortly after the march began, the Internal Security Forces posted on its official Twitter page that it “completely respects the citizens’ freedom of expression and peaceful protesting rights.” ISF members marched in front of protesters as they made their way through the streets towards the square.

Protesters that joined the march were chanting against corruption and politicians.

People, including children and the elderly, started arriving in the early afternoon to the square to protest against the country’s political class for mismanaging the economy and failing to provide basic services such as electricity, water and trash collection.

Buses and minivans were seen transporting people from the southern city of Sidon, the northern city of Tripoli and from Baalbek and Hermel in east Lebanon to join the rally.

“Game over,” a banner held by one protester read.

Some demonstrators held banners that read “We have no electricity, no water… remove the garbage” and waved Lebanese flags.

Others held a large banner saying: “We want to hold you accountable.”

The rally also saw the participation of several syndicates, most prominently the Union Coordination Committee, which has been demanding that the state endorse a new pay scale for public employees for years.

Demonstrators, angered by the government’s failure to provide basic services, have held protests for the past week in Downtown Beirut.

Rallies last weekend, which managed to draw thousands to the city’s center, saw clashes between security forces and protesters.

The You Stink movement held a press conference Friday ahead of Saturday’s rally to announce their political manifesto.

Source: Websites

29-08-2015 – 20:07 Last updated 29-08-2015 – 20:07

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Lebanon: Weekend Protests Turn Violent, Monday Sit-in Postponed

A demonstration planned for Monday in downtown Beirut was postponed a day after protest turned violent.

“The protest planned for 6 p.m. Monday has been postponed for reasons that will be announced at a midday news conference,” “You Stink” campaigners said on its Facebook account.

The brief statement said “You Stink” would also clarify “everything that happened” during the weekend demonstrations that started peacefully and ended in violence.

downtown Beirut protest turned violent

Earlier on Sunday a protester was shot in his head as the demonstration turned violent. Some media reports said the protester has died from injury he had sustained. However, these reports can’t be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese Red Cross released a “final report” on Twitter early Monday that said 343 cases were treated at the scene in LRC field hospitals while 59 others were taken to local hospitals.

What began as a peaceful protest Saturday, organized by the “You Stink” movement, erupted into violence in Riad al-Solh and nearby Martyrs Square after riot police began using water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protesters trying to reach Nijmeh Square.

Protesters, angered by the police response, turned out in force again Sunday, in a largely peaceful protest that moved itself to Martyrs Square after some elements within the crowd began provoking a police response.

Those who remained in Riad al-Solh clashed with riot police on and off throughout the evening, setting street debris aflame amid a barrage of tear gas and water cannons. Around midnight the Army was called in to clear the area after the rioters began damaging public property, with several shop fronts smashed on Azariah Street.

The “You Stink” campaign first launched its campaign against the government after the closure of the Naameh landfill caused trash to pile up on the streets.

The government has so far failed to reach a decision on waste management because of political disputes among cabinet members.

Source: Websites

24-08-2015 – 10:19 Last updated 24-08-2015 – 10:33

 Aoun Warns of Manipulation of Protest Movement

Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun denounced Sunday the use of force against protesters, warning against attempts to exploit the “noble” movement to achieve political gains.

Aoun“We condemn the use of violence and live ammunition,” Aoun said over his official Twitter account.

He called for holding the security forces responsible for the violence accountable, stating that they should stand trial.

A demonstration organized by the YouReek campaign escalated Saturday into clashes between police and protesters, with security forces using rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas to disperse thousands who joined the rally in Downtown Beirut.

“We will not be lenient” in this matter, Aoun said in a tweet.

The FPM chief also took a swipe at Prime Minister Tammam Salam and the Cabinet, saying “the authority that doesn’t have legitimacy from the people and doesn’t abide by the legality of its decisions contributes to the spread of chaos.”

He praised the Lebanese youth who staged Saturday’s protest in a “peaceful and civilized manner,” noting that “they proved that they are aware and mature [enough] to demand their vital and just [human] rights.”

Source: Websites

23-08-2015 – 14:49 Last updated 23-08-2015 – 14:49

Lebanese State Prosecutor Samir Hammoud ordered Sunday that Military Prosecutor Judge Sakr Sakr open an investigation into Saturday’s clashes in Beirut’s Downtown area between activists and police.


Hammoud also tasked medical professionals with examining the wounded and issuing detailed reports on the injuries, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The medical examiners were ordered to determine in their reports the type of used ammunition against protesters, amid conflicting reports on whether police used rubber bullets or live ammunition in a bid to disperse the protesters.

The investigation will seek to identify which members of the security forces opened fire at demonstrators and question them regarding the orders they were given.

The state prosecutor also ordered the interrogation of protesters accused of assaulting security officers.

A demonstration organized by the YouReek campaign escalated Saturday into clashes between police and protesters, with security forces using rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas to disperse thousands who joined the rally in Downtown Beirut.

At least 75 demonstrators and 35 officers were wounded.

Source: Agencies

23-08-2015 – 11:52 Last updated 23-08-2015 – 11:52

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