The Syrian Army and Iranian-backed militias deployed a new batch of reinforcements to the frontline in southern Idlib and western Aleppo. According to local sources, fresh troops reinforced by armoured vehicles and battle tanks were placed near Saraqib, Kafranbel, and Urma as-Sughra. These areas were the hottest points of the conflict between Syrian troops and Turkish-led forces during the previous round of escalations in Greater Idlib. Turkey and its proxies are also preparing for a new round of confrontations.

During the past week, at least four Turkish military convoys, with battle tanks and even MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air-defense systems, entered Idlib, allegedly to secure the ceasefire regime and contain the terrorist threat. How Turkish troops are planning to use air defense systems against al-Qaeda terrorists that do not have aircraft remains a mystery.

At the same time, sources close to Idlib militants announced that Ankara is forming five new units consisting of its own troops, members of the National Front for Liberation and the Syrian National Army. Both these militant groups are funded and trained by Turkey. The newly formed units will be led by Turkish officers and allegedly include 9,000 Syrian militants and a similar number of Turkish troops. Pro-Turkish sources speculate that this force will be tasked with securing the M4 highway in southern Idlib and clearing the area of radical groups like Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. After this, a security zone will be established and joint Turkish-Russian patrols will be launched in the area as it was agreed to by Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin in Moscow. The problem with this theory is that the Turkish-backed groups, which should supposedly be involved in this operation are allied with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other al-Qaeda-linked organizations. So, they will have little motivation to confront them shifting the burden of fighting to Turkish troops.

According to pro-government sources, the Turkish motivation is different. They note that Ankara is very unsatisfied with the performance of their proxies during the recent battle against the Syrian Army. So, it opted to make a new attempt to create elite units that should deliver a devastating blow to the brutal Assad regime that is cowardly resisting the occupation of Syrian territory by Turkey.

Turkish-backed forces also increased their activity in Syria’s northeast. On March 29, the 20th Division of the so-called Syrian National Army attacked positions of Kurdish militias near the village of Sayda. Pro-Turkish sources claimed that a truck equipped with a 23mm machine gun belonging to Kurdish forces was destroyed and that many fighters were killed. Turkish proxies still cherish radiant hopes to capture the nearby town of Ayn Issa thus seizing control of the crossroad of the M4 highway and the Tall Abyad-Raqqah road.

The US-led coalition continues evacuation of smaller bases and regrouping of its forces in Iraq. After the withdrawal of coalition troops from al-Qaim and al-Qayyarah, they left from the Kirkuk K1 base. Means and forces from these facilities will be redeployed to other US bases in the country, mainly Camp Taji. There are no signs of any kind of US troop withdrawal from the country despite the demands from the Baghdad government. To the contrary, the Pentagon recently announced that it was working to deploy Patriot air defense systems to protect US troops in Iraq from missile attacks.


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COVID-19: UN Revisits Orwell, Goebbels, for Guidance on Syria Recolonization

March 30, 2020 Miri Wood

Al Zabadani Hospital in Damascus, disinfected & designated isolation facility.

As COVID-19 ravages the ill-prepared western world with death, panic, and shortages of essential materials, the UN has been busy figuring out how to link Orwell and Goebbels for the purpose of recolonization of Syria.

During the recent period, a small battalion of NATO stenography journalism have engaged in a not insubstantial amount of rug chewing, outraged there was no corona outbreak in Syria. Some even went so far as to try to spread rumors, based on made-up sources.

A gaggle contingent even tried a slight besmirching of WHO’s EMRO, on and after 5 March when it reported on its website that Syria was COVID-19 free, and that rumors should halt. On 13 March, Syria announced that schools would be closed as a precautionary measure. On 17 March, the government disinfected public transit in Aleppo and disinfected the Damascus International Airport.

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US Forces Use Rukban Camp as ‘Assembly Line for Training Extremists’

Posted by INTERNATIONALIST 360° on 

 Syrian refugees gather for water at the Rukban refugee camp in Jordan's northeast border with Syria (File)

Oleg Burunov
The Syrian government and the Russian reconciliation centre have repeatedly assisted those seeking to leave the Rukban camp, located in the US-controlled zone around its unauthorised military base at At-Tanf.

In a joint statement on Saturday, the Russian and Syrian interagency coordination headquarters stressed that the current disastrous situation in the Rukban refugee camp is a result of the illegal occupation of the area by American forces.

“We believe that the American side’s reluctance to exert influence on their militants to ensure unhindered departure of people from the Camp and the safe work of humanitarian representatives in the At-Tanf zone they occupied is clear evidence of their intention”, the statement pointed out.

The headquarters stated that the US military’s “true intention” with regard to Rukban is to use it as an “assembly line for training extremists used to maintain hotbeds of tension in Syria”.

According to the headquarters, the only solution pertaining to the Rukban camp’s humanitarian problem is its final disbandment, the pullout of American forces from the occupied area of At-Tanf, and the transfer of territory to the legitimate Syrian government.

This, the statement pointed out, will help guarantee “the return Syrians to normal life in their homes”.

The statement also underlined that the Russian and Syrian sides had completely fulfilled all their obligations in line with the UN plan for evacuating the remaining refugees from Rukban.

“We consider that further attempts to justify their inaction on the part of the United States and UN humanitarian agencies are unreasonable”, the document emphasised.

The headquarters recalled that there are currently 13,500 refugees in Rukban, including 6,000 militants and members of their families.

The rest remain in the camp “due to bullying by US-controlled militant groups” which claimed that if these residents return home, they will allegedly face “the Syrian authorities’ arbitrariness”.

“Once again, we declare with all responsibility that for every Syrian who wishes to enter the government-controlled territory the doors are always open. All the necessary conditions for decent accommodation have already been created. Refugees from the At-Tanf zone will be provided with the necessary humanitarian, medical, and social assistance”, the headquarters noted.

They signaled Damascus’ readiness to test all those leaving Rukban for coronavirus and, “if infected, to organise their hospitalisation and treatment”.

Syrian Militants Use Civilians as Human Shields in Rukban

The statement comes after the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement in October 2019 that Washington should end the occupation of the At-Tanf border crossing in Syria’s Homs Governorate.

“US service members are stationed illegally in this area…blocking the road that connects Iraq and Syria. We demand an end to their occupation”, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin told journalists.

Earlier, the Russian Centre for Syrian Reconciliation said in September 2019 that the so-called “camp administration, controlled by illegal armed units” refused to let UN buses inside to evacuate those in need, with an intention of keeping the refugees at Rukban as a human shield.

The remarks followed a significant amount of cargo delivered by the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to Rukban being seized by militants and moved to a base belonging to the militant group Kuwat Shahid Ahmad al-Abdo, located to the north of the Rukban camp.

Despite Washington’s previous pledge to withdraw its forces from Syria, US troops are still in place in various parts of the country, where they operate without permission from either the United Nations or Damascus. As far as Rukban is concerned, American forces established the camp in the area of the occupied Homs Governorate near Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan.

Iraq’s Hezb Allah: Instead of Leaving, The US is Plotting a Civil War in Iraq

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Kataib Hezbollah Iraq Hezb Allah Brigades

Iraq Hezb Allah Brigades (Kata’ib Hezb Allah) revealed that they have ‘information about dubious US movements to achieve suspicious goals, with the participation of an Iraqi security apparatus’.

The Brigades added that the plot includes ‘airdrops on military, security and PMU positions with ground support and air support’ which will lead to ‘dangerous repercussions, and will cause a humanitarian and societal disaster that is difficult to control’.

The Iraqi Parliament voted to expel the US troops from the country after their role changed from assisting the Iraqi forces in fighting ISIS to bombing and killing Iraqi commanders who were leading the fight against ISIS, the US officials didn’t accept the booting from Iraq orders and vowed to stay there at all costs.

Staying in a hostile environment requires exceptional measures, the Pentagon tried to revive ISIS in Iraq (and in Syria) to justify extending their existence, it didn’t succeed, they tried to prevent forming an Iraqi government and its stooges are playing on time to keep the country in its fail state status, time is running out, it threatened to impose sanctions on the country but that would let Iraq slip completely from its grip into the Iranian grip, so they threatened to impose sanctions on Iraqi officials. That last threat turned out to harm its own assets more than harming those who want to see their country liberated.

While the world is uniting to combat the Coronavirus and its catastrophic impact on the economies of every country, the US officials instead of concentrating their efforts in combating this pandemic and seeking assistance from the rest of the world, bringing back their troops from overseas where they’re not welcomed, are instead plotting to ignite a civil war in Iraq, something they’ve been working on for decades.

Iran - Iraq - Syria Railway

The US is using alleged attacks on its military bases in Iraq as an excuse to target the forces that fought ISIS, especially those positioned at the borders with Syria. The US opposed the reopening of Baghdad – Damascus highway through Iraqi Qaim and Syrian Bu Kamal cities, it’s the road that ISIS put its main focus on blocking and the US continues its efforts to keep it threatened if it cannot secure its closure.
Iran to Reach the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria Railway

Similarly, to how the Turkish madman Erdogan was blocking the M4 and M5 arteries in Syria to strangle the Syrian economy. The M4 is the Syrian part of the Bagdhad – Damascus highway that connects the Baghdad with the Mediterranean through Saraqib.

Iraq’s Hezb Allah Brigades vowed to ‘respond with all force on all the US’s military, security, and economic facilities, with no exceptions’ if the US carries out this plot, they further promised to ‘turn the sites that will be targeted by the US into their graves and a shame that will follow them forever, the US and its accomplices.’

The US doesn’t need Iraq’s oil or any investment there, it’s a massive loss in the long run and they know that very well. All the US’s involvement in the region is to secure the safety of Israel within the maximum territories it can steal. If someone knows any other reason kindly enlighten us in the comments.

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Five Years of War: Yemeni Resistance Vows More Painful Attacks as World’s Bloodiest Record Keeps Claiming Innocents

Translated by Staff

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree wrapped up five years of steadfastness amid the brutal Saudi war on Yemen.

Five Years of War: Yemeni Resistance Vows More Painful Attacks as World’s Bloodiest Record Keeps Claiming Innocents

In his press conference held on Monday, Saree stressed that those who were weak in the eyes of everyone has turned stronger. “Our Yemeni people affirmed that any future confrontation won’t end without achieving independence.”

Noting that the Yemeni Armed Forces have been subject to destruction and defragmentation conspiracies, Saree stressed that they managed to confront the fierce hostile attack, praising the popular embracement and the major role of tribes that contributed to the success of the confrontations with the available capabilities.

“Our forces didn’t respond to the Saudi-American aggression along a period of 40 days, whose title was strategic patience,” Saree noted, affirming that “we weren’t broken, we didn’t submit although most of the world nations expected that we would.”

The Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman further praised that the enemy’s confessions regarding the size of aerial spy and combat sorties of its air forces indicate its failure in pushing us them to surrender.

“The steadfast Yemen didn’t submit despite the fierce attack and the huge number of strikes that exceed any numbers in other wars,” he stressed.

Saree detailed the numbers by saying that the Yemeni resistance has observed 257882 strikes until March 14: “Yemen has been the most exposed country to airstrikes along the history of wars.” He further warned that the criminal record of the Saudi-US-led coalition of aggression against Yemen will remain a stain of shame to humanity, adding that the blood of Yemeni people will chase the criminal heads of states.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces managed to carry out wide-scale and qualitative military operations, imposing new equations in the battlefield,” Saree said, adding that the most important results of those operations were represented in the liberation of large-scale fronts such as in Nihm, al-Jawf, Ma’rib, al-Dhale’ and other border frontlines.

Among the qualitative operations carried by the Yemeni Armed Forces were the “Operation Strategic Deterrence” carried out by the Rocketry Force and the Propelled Air Force, not to mention other documented but unannounced qualitative operations that might be unveiled later if necessary, Saree stated.

The Yemeni Armed Forces, according to what was uncovered in the conference, carried out more than 5278 offensives, of which 1686 offensives were carried out in 2019. They confronted and thwarted 5426 offensive attempts and infiltration of the aggression forces and their mercenaries.

As for the Rocketry Force, it launched more than 1067 ballistic missiles on several targets belonging to the coalition of aggression inside and outside Yemen. In addition to that, more than 410 ballistic missiles were launched at vital military targets in the Saudi and Emirati depths.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Armed Forces successfully tested new missile systems that will be uncovered soon, Saree told the conference, adding that among the most prominent developed missile systems are Qaher, Burkan, Badr, winged Quds-1, Nakal, Qassem and Zolfiqar.

Relatively, among the most prominent operations carried out by the Propelled Air Force, Saree stated the three versions of “Operation Balance of Deterrence”, “Operation Ninth of Ramadhan” and “Operation al-Mocha.”

Until the moment, meanwhile, the Propelled Air Force has carried out in 2020 more than 160 operations, 37 of which are reconnaissance missions. 66 operations were carried out in the Saudi depth, while 94 operations against hostile targets inside Yemen.

The Yemeni Air Defenses, meanwhile, carried out since the beginning of the aggression more than 721 operations either shooting down drones, or confronting them and forcing them out of the Yemeni airspace. More than 371 drones belonging to the coalition were shot down, 53 of which were fighter jets, helicopters and apaches, while 318 were spy drones.

Saree further unveiled that new air defense systems have been deployed in the battlefield, while developing other systems is in progress to be more effective when used.

Relatively, the Naval Forces and the Coastal Defense Forces have carried out more than 29 qualitative operations that targeted the aggression’s ships, warships, frigates and boats. Several ships that violated the Yemeni regional waters were also seized.

Moreover, Snipers Unit carried out thousands of sniping missions along the line of confrontation with the enemy and its tools.

The Engineering Unit also managed to carry out 450 operations in 2020, in which more than 8487 tanks, armored vehicle, troop carriers, bulldozers belonging to the aggression forces were either destroyed or crashed. Saree noted that most of the Engineering Unit’s operations are documented.

Saree stated also that the military confrontations have left huge humanitarian losses among the aggression’s forces and their mercenaries from different nationalities, in which the Saudi-Emirati sides of the aggression were forced to finance huge amounts of weapons under deals worth billions of dollars.

Talking numbers, Saree said that more than 10,000 Saudi soldiers and officers were killed or injured, and more than 1240 members of the Emirati Army were also either killed or injured. The coalition of aggression, Saree went on to say, suffered from grave losses in the past year, which include 22,000 members who were either killed or injured.

Relatively, he continued that the dereliction of the countries forming the coalition of aggression has led to an increase in the number of injuries among its mercenaries. Saree, however, offered the Yemeni resistance’s help, a sign that reflects religious and ethical manners.

Elsewhere, Saree noted that the Yemeni Armed Forces damaged the Saudi oil sector in particular as well as other vital sectors.

The Yemeni Armed Forces hailed the prominent role of the Yemeni tribes and highly appreciated the popular embracement around their resistance fighters: “Yemen, which you expected will be defeated and will surrender within weeks didn’t submit and will never do.”

Saree further threatened the countries forming the coalition of aggression, telling them they should expect more qualitative operations that won’t stop unless the aggression comes to an end and the siege is lifted.

The Yemeni Armed Forces also affirmed possession of a strategic stockpile of the weapons of deterrence, atop of which are the ballistic missiles. Saree finally vowed that the sixth year of Yemeni steadfastness will be tougher and more painful than ever before.

“The countries forming the coalition of aggression should take our warnings seriously as our new missile systems are more advanced and stronger on the level of their destructive power, as well as more qualified and more precise in hitting their targets,” Saree concluded.

As the brutal Saudi-led war on Yemen enters its sixth year, it is worth noting that the aggression has killed thousands of Yemenis, displaced millions and left 24.1 million — more than two-thirds of the Yemeni population — in need of humanitarian assistance, including more than 12 million children.

The US-based Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project [ACLED], a nonprofit conflict-research organization, estimates that the war has claimed more than 91,000 lives over the past four and a half years.

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Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi: Arrogance states led by the US are primarily responsible for spreading pandemics

Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi said in a speech today, Saturday, on the occasion of the anniversary of Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi’s martyrdom that the Coronavirus appeared as a new threat in the global arena. He noted that it is possible that America has a hand in spreading the epidemic and taking advantage of it even if it means harming the American society itself.

He also pointed out that companies owned by the Zionist lobby in America consider the economic interest a justification for doing anything, no matter how harmful. “It is possible that the Zionist lobby spread a pandemic and create a vaccine for treatment in exchange of immense profit,” he explained. He continued, “some American companies are known to have had created a pandemic after preparing a vaccine for it to sell it in very large amounts.”

He stressed that many of the epidemics and problems are the product of a person’s actions and his/her behaviors as confirmed by the Holy Qur’an. He then continued explaining that this might occur due to the lack of adhering to the right guidance and divine instructions.

“Epidemics may come due to an imbalance in how humans deal with nature, such as a man-made error that may result in significant damage,” he said. “Epidemics and diseases may also occur due to systematic work intended to spread damage, such as biological warfare, which includes the usage of viruses to spread epidemics in specific societies.”

Moreover, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi expressed that America and some countries have huge laboratories with great capabilities that work to use harmful viruses that spread epidemics and kill people. He added that it is not the first time the US uses biological warfare, reminding everyone of the blankets infected with smallpox germs once provided for native Americans under humanitarian slogans.

Furthermore, he stated that some societies have been targeted with what is presented under humanitarian assistance, such as medical tools or food items, which would be contaminated with viruses that transmit deadly epidemics.

“There are military means to spread germs and viruses to a specific community for an epidemic to breakout, resulting in the so-called biological warfare,” he explained. “Some experts in biological warfare have been talking about Americans working for years to take advantage of the Coronavirus and work to spread it in certain societies.” he added.

He further expressed that it is expected of the US to target China as a competing country economically and culturally, not to forget our Islamic nation as societies within or the nation in general. He also stressed that it is important to be aware of the nature of the negative role taken by the forces of evil in order to fight back and confront their subversive actions.

“There is great importance in expressing hostility toward America and holding it accountable as a human community for it to refrain from its criminal practices.” he continued.

As for the preventative measures and health guidelines released by the competent authorities, Sayyed Houthi stressed that it is very important to take them seriously, while at the same time panic and intimidation should not be exaggerated. He assured that this epidemic should not be considered a disaster that cannot be addressed, saying “frustrating people and terrorizing them using danger is a negative and hostile action.

In addition, he pointed out that such danger should not be neglected or ignored, but rather we must make it an opportunity to build a new reality for the nation in which it will meet the challenges. He also expressed that the Yemeni people have been dealing with viruses of another type, “the aggression virus and the betrayal germs” in a raging war.”

“We see ourselves today in an advanced position as we fight the battle of freedom and independence and defend our people, our dignity and pride,” said Sayyed Houthi. “The Corona epidemic has not reached our country, by the grace of God, and cooperation must be considered with the competent authorities in the procedures that it implements,” he added.

He also noted that the arrival of the Coronavirus to Yemen would be considered an American act conducted by its Saudi and UAE tools and would be addressed as a hostile act. He then went on to advise the mercenaries to be cautious since they have sold themselves in battles, they may be relied upon to spread Coronavirus in their areas bringing it to Yemen, adding, “If the mercenaries are not wary of Corona, this would be utter stupidity and a huge loss for them.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Houthi also mentioned that Yemenis must continue to support the fronts as there are important and strong victories and operations in the arena, and our duty is to continue to confront the aggression.

Regarding Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi, the founder of the Ansarullah revolution, “we realize that the Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi is the martyr of the Qur’an and we realize the importance of his revolution as we witness the danger of such phase.”

Sayyed Abdulmalik Houthi added that some of the nation’s people went towards adopting the option of obedience to America and Israel and working to implement its agenda. He indicated that the pro-America people in our nation worked to remove any obstacles facing American hegemony and hindering any anti-America movements.

He stressed that the loyalists of America intent on spreading strife within the nation and targeting all elements of power within it, pointing out that some of the nation’s people were silent and they stopped any action against America and Israel. He concluded that the nation must face such American schemes with what he described as a  “Quranic stance”, resembling faith, responsibility and knowledge.

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Yemen’s Armed Forces Score New Achievement: Hundreds of Enemy Forces Killed, Detained and Injured in Series of 50 Ops

Translated by Staff

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the war on Yemen, the Yemeni Armed Forces unveiled yet another achievement against the enemies of their country, in which hundreds of the hostile forces were either killed, detained of injured. Additionally, many more gains were made.

The Yemeni Armed Forces issued the following statement:

In the Name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful 

{But if they intend to betray you – then they have already betrayed Allah before, and He empowered [you] over them. And Allah is Knowing and Wise} Holy Quran, Anfal 71

The Yemeni Armed Forces continue liberating all directorates of al-Jawf Province, except for the directorates of Khabb, Shaaf and al-Hazm Desert in a wide-scale operation “Allah Empowered You Over Them”. 

Within five days of violent confrontations, and in response to the enemy’s escalation in the province, the Yemeni Armed Forces achieved the following:

  • Forcing the so-called sixth military zone to retreat, which includes all its military brigades
  • Leaving hundreds of the enemy forces either killed, detained or injured, including commanders
  • Seizing a variety of weapons 

The Rocketry Force as well as the Propelled Air Force took part in the operation. They carried out more than 50 operations, some of which targeted the Saudi depth in response to the Saudi military escalation. 

The Armed Forces hail the prominent and honorable role of the tribes in al-Jawf in accomplishing this achievement. They also stress that they will continue their efforts to liberate the entire territories of the Yemeni Republic until it gains its complete independence. 

The Yemeni Armed Forces are working to settle the situation in al-Jawf after expelling the enemy forces and their mercenaries from all directorates. 

On this level, we thank Allah the Splendid and Almighty for His support and empowerment, in addition to facilitating our path to victory and sight 

{And you threw not when you threw, but it was Allah who threw that He might test the believers with a good test} Holy Quran, Anfal 17

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

Long live Yemen, dignified and independent. 

Victory be to Yemen and all free people of the nation. 

End of statement

Armed Forces spokesman Announces Liberating of Al-Jawf Governorate during ’Allah Overpowered them’ OP

The Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier Yahya Saree, revealed this afternoon Tuesday the details of the large military operation, Allah Overpowered them, affirming the liberation of all districts of Al-Jawf Governorate except for some areas in Khob Wa Asha’af district and Al-Hazm desert during the operation. 

Brigadier General Saree said in a statement that the “Allah Overpowered them” OP led to the defeat of the so-called 6th Military Zone of mercenaries, with all its military brigades , killing, injuring and capturing of hundreds of mercenaries.

“The Rocketry Force and the Air Force, participated in the liberation, executed more than 50 operations, some of which targeted the depth of the Saudi enemy in response to its escalation,” Saree said.

The Armed Forces spokesman praised the prominent and honorable role of Al-Jawf tribes in achieving this great achievement, stressing the continuation of work to liberate all of the Yemen’s lands.

He pointed out that our forces are working to normalize the situation in Al-Jawf Governorate and its districts after defeating the aggression forces and their mercenaries.



South Front

The Houthis (Ansar Allah) have released a video and photos from the city of Al Hazm, the capital of Yemen’s al-Jawf province. They have recently recaptured the city from Saudi-backed forces and are now developing momentum in the northern Yemeni region.

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