Hezbollah Discloses Israeli Collaborators ..

Eslam al-Rihani
The Kuwaiti “Al-Rai” newspaper said on Sunday that intelligence war between Hezbollah and “Israel” has been significantly developed as Hezbollah discovered an unprecedented Israeli violation within its ranks.

The Kuwaiti daily revealed – from its private sources – that the news was a shock to the Israelis for their network being detected.
“The number of those discovered linked to “Israel” at various posts within Hezbollah’s ranks is more than 10 collaborators,” the newspaper noted.

“Leaking false information to Israel in order to measure its reaction, was behind the “first string” in discovering those collaborating with Israel,” same sources disclosed for Al-Rai.

Al-Rai indicated that Hezbollah senior leadership had deliberately and intentionally passed very crucial information for the Israelis, and put the suspects under close monitor, in parallel with waiting for the Israeli response.

“Israel did not succeed in this kind of “war of minds” to hide or avoid reaction, which contributed to the occurrence of its collaborators in the trap,” the sources added to the Kuwaiti Al-Rai.

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