Russian Forces on Combat Alert; Israeli Officials Call for US to Attack Syria

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The website South Front is doing an excellent job keeping track of explosive developments in Syria. Below are links to articles they have posted today as Western hysteria continues to mount over the latest alleged chemical attack. One of the most irritatingly provocative, though totally unsurprising, developments in the fluid situation is that at least two Israeli officials have now issued public calls for the US to attack Syria:

Israeli Officials Encourage Trump to Strike Syria in Response to Alleged Chemical Attack in Douma

In a separate article, South Front reports that Russian forces in Syria are on “combat alert”:

Russian Forces in Syria are on Combat Alert as US Considers List of Targets to Attack Government Forces–Reports

The above-linked story also notes a tweet put out today from the Russian Embassy in the US warning that “military intervention in Syria under false and fabricated pretexts” would be “absolutely unacceptable and may trigger the gravest consequences.” Worth noting as well is a similar warning that was issued back in late March. “We’ve warned and warned the US that these plans must be unconditionally refused,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov at that time. “Any such unlawful use of force, similar to what happened almost a year ago at the Shairat air base, would be an act of aggression against a sovereign state, as defined by the relevant article of the UN Charter.”

Also, South Front’s latest video under its series of “Syrian War Report” videos is worth watching. The video, which mentions Douma, the site of the latest alleged chemical attack, was uploaded on Friday, April 6:

There’s not a whole lot about the Syrian situation that could be described as “funny”, I suppose, although a second video–not produced by South Front but posted in their website–does hit a humorous note. The video deals with how the US media often seem to report stories in a manner so identical it seems almost creepy. One would get the feeling they’re all reading from the same script. Actually, it appears that they are:

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