What a Sin! Bahrain Man Jailed For 3 Years after Burning ‘Israeli’ Flag

By Staff, Agencies

A Bahraini man’s biggest crime was that he burned a flag of the nation’s enemy.

A court in Bahrain sentenced a man to three years in prison for burning an ‘Israeli’ flag, local media reported Monday.

The Supreme Court of Appeal refused to hear a petition from the Bahraini man, who was convicted of allegedly organizing an illegal gathering and rioting, among other charges.

At a pro-Palestinian demonstration last May, the defendant along with 10 other people blocked streets at the entrance to the village of Abu Saiba by setting a fire in the middle of the road and then burning an ‘Israeli’ flag, Bahraini media reported.

Several local news outlets noted that the sentencing sparked outrage among dozens of Bahrainis on social media, who accused their government of seeking to appease the Zionist entity amid Manama’s warming ties with the Tel Aviv regime.

Though only two Arab states, Egypt and Jordan are publicly normalizing ties with the Zionist entity, there has been an opening with Bahrain and other Gulf states in recent years.

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