Fakhrizadeh Assassination, Peak of US and ‘Israeli’ Cowardness

Fakhrizadeh Assassination, Peak of US and ‘Israeli’ Cowardness

By Elham Hashemi

Tehran – One week after the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh, al-Ahed news went on the streets of Tehran to ask people their opinion and feelings on the matter.

Nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in a military-style ambush last week on the outskirts of Tehran. The attack saw a truck bomb explode and gunmen open fire on Fakhrizadeh’s vehicle.

Sara Sadat, a student at Beheshti University told al-Ahed news “Trump and the US administration do not have the guts or courage to confront Iran directly and that is why they always resort to covert ops. This is the peak of cowardness and I am not surprised. Anyways it is obvious that such acts of war will not stop the Iranian people from continuing what they started. We have all the right to advance and all the right to enjoy our rights as human beings.”

Mohamad Reza who works at a shipping company for his part said that “my abhorrence towards ‘Israel’ and the US regime keeps increasing with their heinous crimes. They breach human rights, kill, destroy, and then claim their rights are being violated. This is very silly and I think that not only the people of the region but also the people of the world are starting to realize more and more the dual standards and lying of these two supremacy powers. We will not forget the blood of our martyrs and the least to do is take revenge. They will keep living in fear forever.”

Moussa, who was taking a walk on Vali Asr near the famous Mellat park, told al-Ahed that he was outrageous when he heard the news of the assassination. He pointed out “Trump and his allies think that by killing our scientists we will stop our activities. We never sought nuclear arms and all we are doing is trying to use peaceful technology to better our lives. Is that too much for them to take? That Iranians enjoy a good life? I am outrageous but I remain silent, I know our country will do something about this and Trump and “Israel” will for sure regret their actions.”

Lila’s opinion reflects that of many other Iranians. Lila told al-Ahed news “The US keeps proving it is not a friend. The incidents that take place keep proving that Mossad supporters and agents are in the country. So please from now on when a suspect is arrested or someone is sentenced to death do not come and teach us human rights and cry over the story, while lying and telling the world we are terrorists. We have the right to protect ourselves and the criminals must be punished.”

A senior US administration official said “Israel” was behind the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist but declined to give details about whether the Trump administration knew about the attack before it was carried out or provided support.

However, an “Israeli” TV report on November 21 reported that “Israel” and the US are planning to increase pressure on Iran with “covert operations” and economic sanctions during US President Donald Trump’s final weeks in office, which implies that the US is involved in the act of violence.

Of course it is important to keep in mind that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited “Israel” less than two weeks before the attack was carried out, part of a regional trip that included the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. President Donald Trump has given Pompeo carte blanche to continue carrying out the administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign over the next two months, the official said, adding that there will be more US sanctions on Iran this week and next.

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  1. I enjoyed this read. Thank you.

    May God damn Trump, Pompeo and the rest of their evil (mostly Zionist-inspired/-driven) cabal of criminals. Honestly: assassination is the lowest of the low…the ultimate in cowardice for sure.

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