Africa next on the list for American interference and false flag terrorism

Not satisfied with turning Libya from the most prosperous state in Africa, with minimal public and external debt and huge gold reserves into a failed state which now requires IMF assistance, the USA is turning it’s attention to Africa in general with a view to stealing natural resources for the purposes of global hegemony.

The excuse for interventions, as always,  is the threat of terrorism from the likes of Al-Qaeda. That is the same Al-Qaeda which they have given practical assistance to and even armed in places like Libya, Syria , Mali and elsewhere.

The USA’s biggest ally in the middle east, besides the illegitimate Zionist regime, is the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, where of course Bin Laden hailed (hails) from and it’s not a coincidence that the alleged new leader of AlQaeda, Prince Bandar bin Sultan is also a Saudi.

I must admit I’ve always been curious why Bin Laden’s relatives were allowed to leave the USA within days of 9/11 without the slightest hint of a little friendly water boarding as if they were incapable of telling the CIA anything which they didn’t already know.

September 11th was of course “convenient” as an excuse to invade and occupy both Iraq & Afghanistan although both were planned before 9/11.

Now I expect to see a number of false flag events in Africa, similar to the chemical weapons in Syria which were clearly used by McCain friendly terrorists, perhaps that was not on the same level as Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction or Iran’s fictitious nuclear weapons program, but events will take place which will appear to justify U.S. interventions.

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