Saudi Arabia Torture, Stone and Behead, but that’s OK!!!!

Saudi Arabia and Qatar continue to torture UN and Human Rights Agencies, turn a blind eye.

The Saudi Dictators or sorry “Royal Family”, commit crimes against humanity every day, yet the UN d the USA ignore them because they have money and have the USA in their pocket.

Putin on the other hand, cannot be bought by these pedophile murderers.

Saudi Arabia is spreading Sharia War around the world, funding terrorists to do this. Don’t forget the 9/11 bombers where from  Saudi Arabia, but the US attacked Iraq. God forbid they attack their Saudi friends.

This photograph shows Yemeni prisoners in ‪‎Saudi‬ ‪‎Arabia‬, tortured and abused, where is the ‪‎UN‬ or ‪‎Human‬ ‪‎Rights‬. 1467433_605552792815093_1846924464_n

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