USA Troops To Russia’s Border – To Fight non-existent ‘Russian Aggression’. Doesn’t the EU have any control over the warmongers?

US Troops To Russia’s Border – To Fight ‘Russian Aggression’

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It is going to cost the US $3.4 billion, but Commander of NATO’s European Command Gen. Philip Breedlove announced that the US will be sending thousands of additional troops to deploy on Russia’s border in the Baltics, as well as in Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria. This “European Reassurance Initiative” is said to protect NATO’s eastern borders from “Russian aggression.” But isn’t putting you troops on the border of another country thousands of miles away itself an aggressive act? And what about helping overthrow the elected leaders of another country, as the US did in Ukraine? Is that not aggressive? Who is the real aggressor here — today in the Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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