Lebanon Busts Militant Training Cell in North

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General SecurityGeneral Security has recently uncovered a militant network which used a religious school in north Lebanon as a front to operate, The Daily Star website quoted As-Safir newspaper as reporting Saturday.

The report said the network, located somewhere in Akkar, was directed by militant Omar Al-Satem who lives in Syria’s Raqqa – ISIL’s stronghold.

The school was used to train militants and recruit teenagers to join ISIL.

Citing unnamed security sources, the report added that five members of the cell were arrested who were accused of sending their recruits to Raqqa to join ISIL.

Other recruits left home to carry out “terrorist operations,” the report added.

It did not specify in what town in the north the school was located, or when it was uncovered.

The report also said General Security separately arrested a Syrian man who admitted to plotting a suicide attack under the direction of Satem.

Lebanese Army Arrests Three Terrorists in Various Areas    

The Directorate of Lebanese Army Guidance has issued on Saturday the following communiqué: In the wake of stringent security measures implemented by the army all over the country, Army Intelligence operatives have arrested in Baalbek Omar Ahmad Awad on suspicion of gun running of weapons and ammunitions to a terrorist group and connecting with a Syrian terrorist nicknamed “Abu Malek” and other dangerous terrorists wanted by the army.

Elsewhere in Baabda, Lebanese Army soldiers have arrested Ibrahim Mohammad Ezzeddine for belonging to a terrorist group and for supplying them with food and fuel.

Also Mohammad Sheikh from Wadi Khaled extraction has been arrested in Tripoli by Lebanese Army soldiers on charges of affiliation to a terrorist group and for gun-running of weapons and ammunitions for the same group.

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