Life in America: Baltimore campaigners call for 72 hour ‘ceasefire’

USA: ‘This is a war-torn city’ – Baltimore campaigners call for 72 hour ceasefire

Baltimore-based anti-violence campaigners announced a 72 hour civilian ceasefire in Baltimore, Friday, dubbed “Nobody Kill Anybody”. The ceasefire is to begin on August 4 and will run until August 6.

Professional conflict mediator Erricka Bridgeford together with local activist Ogun Gordy launched the initiative asking citizens to refrain from using guns. Ogun stressed, “Baltimore currently is a warzone, and it’s daily, and we are tired of it.” They hope that their movement will spread and spark a conversation on gun violence in the city.

Residents hailed the initiative including activist Davon Neverdon, also known as PFK Boom, who formed the group “300 Gangstas” that attempts to reach out to the most dangerous people in the city. He stated, “This is a war torn city. Most people between the age of one and seven definitely have PTSD,” he stated.

Offering hope for Bridgeford’s campaign, PFK Boom said, “If I dont shoot my gun, that’s one person Erika got to believe in it.”

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