Russia, Syria Threaten to Strike «Israel» If Air Raids Continue


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A new Russian threat was received in the “Israeli” entity on Wednesday: Any more air strikes and Syria’s SA-5 air defense missiles will be fired deep into the “Israeli” entity – like the one that shook several towns on Tuesday night in the middle of an “Israeli” Air Force [IAF] attack on Iranian sites in Syria.

By issuing this threat, Moscow confirmed that the Syrian missile was aimed deliberately at the “Israeli” heartland, and was not a stray from the attacks on “Israeli” aircraft, as some “Israeli” officials have claimed.

Settlers in “Israeli” settlements of “Hadera”, “Caesarea”, “Or Akiva”, “Zichon Yacov” and “Binyamina” reported that their houses shook under the blast and for many hours the air reeked of gunpowder. A quarter of a million “Israelis” were affected. That would be a mild foretaste of what is to come if the Russians carry out their threat of payback for any more “Israeli” air strikes over Syria. And that was a single SA-5 missile. The impact of five or 10 fired by a Syrian battery does not bear thinking of.

The SA-5 (Russian coded S-200) is elderly but it has a very long range, medium-to-high altitude surface-to-air capacity, can function in all weathers and can be used to hit ground targets as well as aircraft and missiles.

“Israeli” military sources note that the Russians indicated that Syria would not launch a surface missile offensive against the entity but would employ a tit-for-tat strategy, countering “Israeli” air strikes over Syrian air space with missile attacks over “Israeli” air space.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


‘Israel’ Says Russia Broke Pledge to Curb Iranian Role in Syria

A Zionist security source responded to the Russian statements, which described the Israeli air raids on Syria on Tuesday night as provocative, saying that Moscow did not meet its promise to keep the Iranian forces 80 kilometers away from the border with the occupied Golan heights.

Israeli analysts considered that the Russia’s stance confirms its intention of curbing the Zionist aerial movement over Syria, adding that ‘Israel’ could no longer move in Syria without paying any price.

The Zionist analysts also acknowledged that the Syrian air defense have become able to intercept the Israeli missiles, noting that a number rockets fired by the Israeli war jets at certain targets near Damascus were downed.

Source: Al-Manar English Website


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