UAE Reopens Damascus Embassy after 7 Years

December 27, 2018


The United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Damascus Thursday, an official said, seven years after it severed ties with Syria since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011.

An official at the information ministry invited journalists “to cover the reopening of the Emirati embassy in Damascus today”.

A statement issued by the Emirati foreign ministry stressed that the move underscores the keenness of the UAE government to restore relations between the two countries to their normal course in order to strengthen and activate the Arab role in supporting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic and to prevent the dangers of regional interference in Syrian Arab affairs.

“The United Arab Emirates looked forward to peace, security and stability in the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Rumors of the Emirati embassy reopening have circulated in recent days as renovation work was spotted getting underway at the building.

UAE as well as Saudi and a large number of the world countries had supported the terrorist groups against the state, army and people in Syria. However, the military achievements gained by the Syrian army and allies have imposed on those countries to change their attitudes toward the crisis in Syria.

Source: AFP

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