Yemen Gov’t Spox: US Responsible for Saudi War on Yemen, We’re Part of Resistance Axis

Al-Ahed Correspondent

Sana’a – Spokesman of Sana’a National Salvation Government, Dhaifullah Al Shami, accused Washington of being responsible for the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.

Al Shami told al-Ahed News that Saudi Arabia launched the [Decisive Storm] thinking it will storm Yemen within two weeks, stressing that today we are on the threshold of the fifth year and it has achieved nothing.

The Yemeni official further called on Saudi Arabia to understand the lesson and abandon its arrogance and pride and leave Yemen.

Al Shami noted that the peace process in Yemen “remains stalled” and moves like an ageing and sick turtle, that when it takes a step forward, it takes backward another step.

The US role is like the role of the Devil, according to Al Shami, which he said US acts clandestinely but is the owner of the idea and the planner, and the others are but cheap tools only.

“The United Nations is unable to provide anything, as there had not been any success provided by it since its foundation for the sake of any people in the world, but conspires with invaders and occupants in each country and what happens in Palestine is the starkest evidence,” said Al Shami.

Al-Ahed News spoke to Sana’a government’s spokesperson and Minister of Information, Dhaifullah Al Shami, in an exclusive interview on the eve of the fourth anniversary of the war on Yemen launched on March26, 2015.

Following is the full text of the interview

Al-Ahed News: On the threshold of the fifth year of the war on Yemen that has made in Yemen the worst humanitarian crisis of this century… What are your messages on this anniversary for the Yemeni people, the Saudi-led military coalition, and the international silence?

Al Shami: The Yemeni people launches their fifth year of the legendary steadfastness in the face of the US- Saudi, UAE aggression, with confidence, generous spirit, faith in God and His victory and support while they see the field victories have been progressing so they have to gain more confidence, strength, and toughness in God in the face of their enemies. In return, the aggression and its allies fall apart and differences arise among its leaders and instruments and it is this that increases that great resilience.

With regard to the aggression – coalition (Saudi-led coalition) the field messages and successive defeats are the salient for its understanding if it wanted to as it launched its first storm [Decisive Storm] to storm Yemen within two weeks, that today we are on the threshold of the fifth year and it has achieved nothing. So could it be possible to understand the lesson and abandon its arrogance and pride.

For the silent and complicit world, they could be reminded that history does not pardon and will write their involvement through silence on the blood shed of the Yemeni women and children, thus let them record their history in the shape they love.

Al-Ahed News: Whosoever do you think launched the war machine?  Is it Washington? Or it is your neighbors in the Gulf region? Or it is as a result of mistakes you made too?

Al Shami: War machine launched from Washington and the aggression on Yemen is an American with great distinction and neighboring states’ ambition has been fully exploited by America and its allies at the International High-handedness States to implement a design of eliminating the Koranic project, which exposed the American design in Yemen.

Al-Ahed News: After four years, what has the war produced on the political and military levels?

Al Shami: The war has produced the Yemeni society between a cowering down, agent, traitor, and men who believe in an issue and sovereignty of homeland and decline guardianship and bondage. It has produced national forces from puppet forces and dropped down masks from those disguised under nationalism to see themselves naked from it and standing at the rank of the foreign and occupier enemy against their country and its citizens. The war has made from the Yemeni people an international force recognized by the world for what it has of value, force, honesty, faith, persistence, and  steadfastness shattered in front of it empires of the American weapon and the Saudi money.

The war although it is catastrophic in killing children, women,  civilians, and the infrastructure but it has built the pride, steadfastness and dignity values that the enemy wanted to destroy.

Al-Ahed News: How could you comment on the indirect cooperation of the Saudi-led coalition with terrorist organizations like AQAP and Ansarullah Sharia? Where ISIS went after its terrorist attacks at Al Hashoosh and Badr mosques in Sana’a one week before the so-called “Decisive Storm” was launched on March 26, 2015?

Al Shami: The co-operation between the Saudi-led coalition and the criminal organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS hasn’t been invisible, but it was clearly noticeable, because the traitors and the collaborators were facilitating their [Al Qaeda and ISIS] operations while they were at the highest level in power, and what the Saudi Arabia wanted to be blown up, they should implement and that is through the two embassies of KSA and USA that were running these black ops. When the Yemeni army moved to confront such organizations, the master planers went crazy, so they tried to rescue them via politics and intimidation and several techniques, but it was exposed all together, so they has to ditch directly with them [ Al Qaeda and ISIS] against the sons of Yemen in general and managed to prepare for major crime operations for the purpose of sowing terror and fear among the Yemeni community like the massacres of Al Hashoosh and Badr mosques in a preparation for the aggression as a proactive step to confront with these tools.

Al-Ahed News: Where has the peace process become particularly with the British role in the Security Council and the movements of the British Foreign Secretary in the region in support of the peace process in Yemen, where the British Martin Griffith, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, has sought the Mission’s Hero? Do you welcome these movements and what is your stance on the political process after the remarks of British Foreign Secretary from the port of Aden?

Al Shami: The peace process remains stalled and moves like an ageing and sick turtle, that when it takes a step forward, it takes backward another step, that’s why Britain role has emerged prominently through the UK Foreign Secretary movements, the envoy role who is of a Britain nationality, and his office where UK nationalities at make up large proportions of those employed in 85% to highlights the role UK tried to hide to no vain. Dealing with the political profile from our side with credibility and clarity unbended the truth of that role.

I think if things have gone at this pace, fate of the political action will continue to be frustrating, despite concessions and advances that we present from one side to enhance trust and build it because we have the resolution and in no way affiliated [with any side] or our decision at the other’s hand as is the case with the allies and their tools.

Al-Ahed News: Why the US role has disappeared?  What about the role of the United Nations?

Al Shami: For the disappearance of the US role, it is the same as the role of the Devil, who acts clandestinely but Devil is the owner of the idea and the planner, and the others are but cheap tools only. If this role before the world has disappeared, we are here with our culture and awareness seeing it clearly.

The United Nations is unable to provide anything, as there had not been any success provided by it since its foundation for the sake of any people in the world, but conspires with invaders and occupants in each country and what happens in Palestine is the starkest evidence.

Al-Ahed News: What do you expect from the parliamentary By-elections that preparations are being made in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a?

Al Shami: The By-elections represent a legal step taken by the House of Representatives to strengthen the role of the institutions of the State and deliver a message to the world that building the Yemeni state will not require the International Guardian, that we even if we have been under aggression and siege, we are moving forward towards building the fair and modern Yemeni state.

Al-Ahed News: The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, has always declared that the Yemenis are part of the axis of resistance and that you are ready to defend this nation and its sanctuaries, what role can Ansarullah play in this axis?

Al Shami: The statements of Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, do not come out of the blue or just as a political bidder. These leaders do not talk randomly, the same way as is the case with the great Mujahid Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. They know what they are talking about and act in accordance with the methodology of the nation. Therefore, we are proud of them and proud the world by them and proud that we are part of the axis of the resistance, which kneeled the noses of the arrogant and considers the Palestinian issue the central issue of the nation and the joint work of all Muslims and the aggression on Yemen is,  but an attempt to weaken this struggling and resisting project, but it is like steel getting stronger and stronger and indeed by the action that comes before being said that the issues of our nations will not be forgotten despite our wounds and tragedies, and  that our leadership is based on methodology, and great people embody words with deeds.

Al-Ahed News: How do you assess your relationship with Hezbollah today, and how do you see it possible to develop it in light of the recent challenges in the region?

Al Shami: Our relationship with Hezbollah is an issue and a position. We are one nation and one body. We worry about it and it worry about us and nothing to be ashamed of.

The enemy’s charge  against us of having  relationship with Hezbollah is a pride we do not deny, rather we pride ourselves on it, and it is an enough proud for us that Hezbollah and its leadership are the strong and sincere voice with our [Yemeni] people and its grievance and rejected the aggression on it.

When we hear the Americans, “Israelis”, Saudis and Emiratis declare that they do not accept a new Hezbollah in Yemen, we say to them, we too didn’t accept and will not accept another Israel in the entire existence.

Al-Ahed News:  How do you see the latest British decision to list Hezbollah on its lists of “terrorist groups”?  Are there any messages wanted to be sent through the meeting of the British Foreign Secretary with Muhammad Abdul Salam in Oman that was followed by Jeremy’s movements in the region including visiting Aden that ended up at the invitation of the so-called head of the “Southern Transitional Council” Aydrus al-Zubidi to UK where he said, Britain was in “partnership” and not an occupation with the southern people?

Al Shami: The British decision against Hezbollah is a decision with no validity and it will only increases the strength and position of Hezbollah in the eyes’ of the people.

If Britain, United States, or “Israel” applauded Hezbollah, there we can be at state of fear for it.

The Brits react with politics by trickery, deceit, contradictions, and playing. And this can no longer deceive Muslim people, and that those visits and meetings just to pull the fleece over the eyes so a new role and a key player may appear in the region and this is something that is not an unknown.

Subsequently, the statements made by al-Zubidi are more spectacular fall reveal the true nature of transactions concluded by Britain with this instruments that create and pave the way for the occupation again.

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