Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teenager near Nablus

May 6, 2021

Said Yousef Mohammad Odeh, 16, was killed by Israeli forces near Nablus. (Photo: via Social Media)

Israeli forces Wednesday evening killed a Palestinian teenager in the village of Odla, near Nablus, according to the Health Ministry.

It confirmed in a press statement that Said Yousef Mohammad Odeh, 16, from Odla village succumbed to his injuries after being hit by Israeli forces with live ammunition in the back.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that the Israeli military handed over Odeh’s body to its medics, who rushed it to Rafidia Governmental Hospital in Nablus.

According to information collected by Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP), Said was shot dead by Israeli forces with live ammunition around 9 p.m. near the entrance to the village. Israeli forces reportedly confronted Palestinian youth at the village entrance before the shooting. Said was not involved in the confrontations at the time he was shot.

“He sustained at least two gunshot wounds. He was struck with live ammunition in the back near his right shoulder and pelvis and both bullets exited from the front,” said DCIP.

According to DCIP, a Palestinian ambulance was prevented from reaching Said for at least 15 minutes. When paramedics were finally allowed to approach the boy, he had no vital signs. He was transferred to Rafidia hospital in Nablus where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

PRCS added that its medics also rushed to the hospital another Palestinian who sustained injuries after being hit with Israeli military live ammunition in the stomach. The casualty’s health condition was described as stable. According to DCIP, Israeli troops shot the other youth “as he approached Said to provide aid”.

“Israeli forces routinely unlawfully kill Palestinian children with impunity, using intentional lethal force against Palestinian children when they pose no threat,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program Director at DCIP. “Systemic impunity has fostered a context where Israeli forces know no bounds.”

(WAFA, PC, Social Media)

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  2. May young Mr. Odeh R.I.P. — but we know he cannot rest in peace as long as the terrorist monster and its thugs/goons are persecuting (a crime against humanity, according to the recent blockbuster report by Human Rights Watch) Palestinians serially and diabolically. May the Zionist regimen and its psychotic leaders (sic) and the ideology Zionism be expunged from the earth and from history. Viva Palestine Viva the memory and legacy of the young, martyred Mr. Odeh!

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