Israeli Media: Possible Diplomatic Crisis Between “Israel”, UAE

23 Jul 21

Source: Israeli Media

By Al Mayadeen

The possibility of “Israel” canceling the oil agreement with the UAE may cause a diplomatic crisis affecting relations between the two parties.

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Eurasian pipeline project will transport oil from the Gulf to Europe.

Israeli “Channel 13” added that “the agreement to transfer oil through Israel, signed between them and the ‘CTSA’ company, will be reexamined following the Minister of Environmental Protection Tamar Zandberg’s request.”

It highlighted that recent news on the issue “recently surprised the UAE and sent anxious and firm messages to Israel.”

Today, Friday, Haaretz newspaper reported that Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid are reconsidering an agreement “Israel” signed with the UAE to “transfer Gulf oil to Europe via Israel.”

The newspaper revealed that a meeting would be held in the coming weeks to discuss the issue, with specialists from the Bureau of the Israeli Prime Minister and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Energy, Justice, and Environmental Protection. After that, the ministers responsible for the issue will meet to conclude the government’s position.

Israeli Energy Minister Karen Al-Harr stated in a meeting this week that her ministry believes that the agreement signed by “the Eurasian Pipeline Company does not benefit the Israelis.”

“The Ministry of Energy’s position on the issue is that we do not see any benefits to the Israeli economy from this agreement,” Haaretz quoted Al-Harr.

Israeli sources discussed the risks of a diplomatic crisis between the UAE and “Israel” if the latter cancels the agreement regarding the shipment of crude oil and oil products coming from the Emirates.

An investigation by the “Globes” newspaper reported earlier that none of the economic projects agreed upon between “Israel” and the UAE, following the normalization agreement between them about a year ago, “have yet entered into force.”

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