You think you could defeat my will to be?

You think you could defeat my will to be?!

To those zionists thieves and murderers who rattle on about peace but have deaf ears to the word JUSTICE

They blather about understanding, but are blinded to their crimes of theft, violence and superiority that thwart any hope of reconciliation.

Those who claim that peace can be achieved without stopping their apartheid, human right abuses, supremacy, arrogance, oppression and occupation

Pay attention mouthpieces of Hasbara lies and deceit

WHEN I, along with the seven million Palestinian refugees are allowed to return back home

AND when all the refugees are compensated for all the years of agony in exile

AND when you bring to an end all forms of your aggression, violence, and terror and land theft

AND when you release ALL Palestinian abductees

AND when you give back all the land stolen from us by the might of your guns

AND when you freeze the illegal flood of Jewish colonizers who deluge from all over the world

AND when you dismantle all the illegal colonies

AND when you terminate all your stock of arms and WMS

THEN and ONLY then you could come to talk to us about peace and about the future.

But until then, we reserve the right to resist your oppression and crimes until you -willingly or unwillingly- change your evil ways and stop your terror and theft.

And btw you wouldn’t be doing us a favour if and when you stop your terror, and when and if you give us our land and our rights back

It’s the least you could do to save your disfigured souls

The favour is not to us at all, but rather to your poor scorched souls that you managed to allow it to sink so low in wickedness, corruption and inhumanity by acts of theft, terror and with lies as the icing on the cake to justify your ugly crimes

Despite all the armaments, arsenal and WMD that you have, all of this might you brag about, is absolutely zilch in our eyes; simply because it’s artificial, it’s an outer superficial shell that masks your pathetic, scrawny and shaky reality.
It is not authentic strength

That’s why when I address you, I look through this camouflage, I see only your essence; feeble weak, dependent, spineless who hide behind guns and tanks to conceal your frail entity

Yet on the other hand, we have nothing of the “impressive” weapons that you possess; but we feel much more powerful, even our little ones, and that’s because our strength -that you will never defeat- is genuine, it comes from within

The equation is simple:

you have the MIGHT but we have the RIGHT,

RIGHT is greater than MIGHT

The light of truth is more potent than the gloom of falsehood

That’s why we need no hasbara; the truth flows from our hearts to our lips to people’s hearts like a stream; powerful, pure and simple

We have nothing to hide, for our conscience is clear
Nothing to fear, for our inner strength is real

Your threats, aggression and lies are hollow
They mean NOTHING to us

Truth and lies
Lies like to be groomed
To be prepared in advance
Artificially manufactured
Laughable, not in a funny way
No amount of make-up can hide its ugly face
No trimming or adding can make it flow in lucidity
Still-born, incoherent, pitiable and frail
Unpleasant to the ear as much to the heart
TRUTH however, is spontaneous
Honest, eloquent and natural
It has a power of its own
The glory of truth has the qualities of light
No amount of darkness could kill or obscure
Delicate, sublime, inspiring and pure
Breathtaking with its splendour
Like a waterfall;
It flows gracefully from the heart
Needs no training for her to shine
Powerful, relentless, elegant and beautiful
Do this you lose….. Do that I win


No fear in my heart

You could imprison me!
With that you ONLY imprison my physical body
My joyful soul you cannot restrain
Out of your reach
Forever FREE
Floating in contentment, tranquillity and peace
Watching your despondent captive souls
Behind bars of your aggression and hostility
Walls of your guilt, fear and insecurity
You could kill me!
But my poetry is unassailable
The minds of many already impregnated with my words
As soon as you make me a martyr
Those seeds would be infused with life
Hubs of love
Like rays of sunshine… warm… tender… invigorating
Giving birth to a jubilant dawn
Hubs of love
Like summer rain… pure… cleansing… revitalizing
Gushing through hearts and minds
Hubs of love
They’d bloom and multiply
Budding… buoyant hope
Blossoming… verve and splendour


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