Lahoud: Whatever Sacrifices Needed, Lebanon to Protect Its Wealth


President Emile Lahoud called the “government to launch its action in a focused and intense way starting from giving the social and living conditions the absolute priority.”

“People are tired of waiting to get their intuitive rights as well as of worthless \authoritarian political disputes,” Lahoud stressed clarifying that “officials should also be careful to protect the entire Lebanese wealth including oil, natural gas, and water without any indulgence whatever sacrifices this needs.”

President Lahoud pointed to his visitors that the ” indictment’s secrecy, according to the decision of the judge approved by the Special Tribunal of Lebanon, did not prevent leakage workshops that marred the international investigation, and put an end to its of confidentiality.”

“Leaking the names of the defendants is reprehensible, for it seeks to raise the political fire of strife in Lebanon,” Former President added clarifying that “we didn’t witness spontaneous reactions which indicates that Lebanon has become immune to the instinctive reactions.”

Concerning the Syrian developments, President Lahoud stressed that “Syria will emerge stronger from the fabricated ordeal supported from foreign instigation, move, and funding that conspires on the line of impedance and resistance.”

“It is enough to look on the reform that President Bashar al-Assad has launched at the highest levels, as well on the national dialogue to feel the seriousness of his approach and the positive interaction of the leadership with the righteous demands,” he concluded.

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