Jamil Sayyed: Hariri Head of Conspiracy in His Father’s Case

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General Jamil Sayyed said that the first thing that came to his mind when receiving the news about the accusation of Hezbollah members in the assassination of late PM Rafiq Hariri, was the day when he, and the three other generals were falsely accused and arrested for the same reason.
In an interview with Al-Manar TV Friday, General Sayyed asked: “What Saad Hariri and what international justice will the Lebanese believe now?”
“Will they believe the “justice of 2005” or the “justice of 2011”, and what will stop the same incidents that happened with the four officers from happening with the accused members of Hezbollah?”
He stated that “Saad Hariri leads the false witnesses’ conspiracy in his father’s assassination. He knows that he assassinated his father once again when he conspired with the false witnesses, and I have evidence on that…”
General Sayyed further considered that “for Hezbollah to triumph over the indictment, it neither needs arms nor strength. It only needs the state’s recognition that the tribunal failed due to its mistakes.”

“The International Tribunal’s General Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare seeks to protect Saad Hariri, Marwan Hamadeh and others. Hence, the tribunal is a tool in the hands of Israel and America against Syria and the resistance… the false witnesses issue is not just political but also juristic.”
Regarding Bellemare’s intention to officially declare the names of the four Hezbollah members accused by the international tribunal, former General Security Chief reminded that “the international tribunal has destroyed itself, and now Bellemare and (Daniel) Francen are fighting for executing their goals. Justice requires that Saad Hariri gets imprisoned in Lahai because of the false witnesses.”
In parallel, when asked about the false witnesses’ effect on the tribunal, General Sayyed said: “the case starts with (Information Branch Chief) Wissam Al-Hasan, (State Prosecuter) Said Mirza, (ISF Chief) Ashraf Rifi, (PM Saad) Hariri, and (MP Walid) Jumblatt, as the people cannot believe them anymore unless they clarify before the Lebanese public opinion the reason behind seizing Lebanon for six years and protecting as well as creating the false witnesses. What was their goal?”
Moreover, General Sayyed added that “after the international tribunal refused to adopt the false witnesses’ case, the Lebanese court should study such a case. The tribunal is supposed to refer this case to the judicial council and trial Mirza and Rifi”.

Source: Al Manar TV
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