’Israel’ Attempts to Impose Maritime Borders, Lebanese Officials Respond

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21-12-2013 | 10:19

Yediot Ahronot “Israeli” daily revealed Friday that the Zionist entity is attempting to impose maritime border with Lebanon.

The Hebrew newspaper further pointed out that the so-called “Israeli” Ministry of “Justice” “distributed, after a delay of years, a new draft law to the maritime economic “Israeli” border.”

The bill , according to Yediot, identifies the areas “Israel” considers as its boundaries in which it could search for oil, gas and other natural resources. It is worth mentioning that ” Tel Aviv ” agreed with Cyprus on its maritime borders.

” Yediot ” also hinted that the area of dispute between Lebanon and “Israel” reaches 850 km.

In response to the “Israeli” move Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, House Speaker Nabih Berri, caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati , Head of Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Mohammad Raad said that that “Israel’s” drawing up maritime border is “negligible” since it is “just ink on paper”.

According to as-Safir Lebanese daily, President Suleiman stressed that “any “Israeli” procedure relating to offshore oil and gas exploration is deemed void as long as there is no demarcation of maritime boundaries according to global standards.”

“The only pragmatic response will be mirrored through the president’s visualization of a comprehensive national defense strategy,” Suleiman said.

For his part, Speaker Berri urged the UN to draw a white line demarcating the maritime border, similar to the blue line drawn along Lebanon’s land border.

In remarks to as-Safir, Berri added: “The resolution 1701 encompasses maritime border as well. Hadn’t the UN been involved also in monitoring the country’s maritime border, there wouldn’t have been naval units for the UNIFIL.”

Head of the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MP Mohammed Raad condemned the “Israeli” move, calling on the people to remain diligent and protect their country’s complete sovereignty.

“Theoretical and diplomatic slogans alone will not prevent “Israel’s” assault,” he warned, and noted that “Lebanon enjoys all means to deter “Israel”.”

This comes as caretaker PM Mikati affirmed that that Lebanon is committed to demarcating the border of the Exclusive Economic Zone.

Meanwhile, he warned of “Israel’s” escalation if it goes ahead with adopting the law, demanding that the United States and UN take the necessary measures to confront the repercussions of this issue.

Similarly, caretaker Water and Energy minister Gebran Bassil told the daily that Lebanon will not accept to usurp the Lebanese territorial water on maps as well as in reality.

In addition, Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour told as-Safir that “Israel” is seeking to stir up a crisis. “There is a range of actions to confront such an act, including diplomatic, political and even resistant ones.”

Source: dailies, Translated and Edited by website team 

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