photo from Jasmine Saadat Al Assad FB page

photo from Jasmine Saadat Al Assad FB page

2014 Presidential Elections



Peace in the Aftermath of Syria’s Elections? Washington’s Continuation of the “Civil War” After Syrian Elections, Jun 4, 2014, Global Research TV

Assad wins presidential election with 88.7% of the vote, Jun 4, 2014, al Akhbar

Western focus on ‘delegitimizing’ Syria election, Jun 4, 2014, Sharmine Narwani, RT Op-Edge

Elections in Syria: The People Say No to Foreign Intervention, Jun 4, 2014, Ajamu Baraka, Oriental Review

Presidential election marked by rallies in Syrian city attacked by foreign-backed armies, Jun 4, 2014, Fight Back News

Dr. Bashar Hafez al-Assad wins post of President of Syria with sweeping majority of votes at 88.7% [VIDEO], Jun 4, 2014, Syria News

Syrians cast their votes to choose their next leader [VIDEO], Jun 3, 2014, Press TV

Syrians Celebrate First Pluralistic Presidential Election, Jun 3, 2014, NSNBC

Interviews with Syrians at Lebanon border , Jun 3, 2014, Al Jadeed

Syria presidential vote underway despite militancy, Jun 3, 2014, Press TV

The Real Farce: Media Distortions on the Syrian Elections, Jun 3, 2014, Counter Punch

Strong support for Assad on polling day in Syria, Jun 3, 2014, Times of India

Dispatches from the Election Observation Team in Syria: June 3: Election day, Jun 3, 2014, SSM

Syrians vote in presidential election, Jun 3, 2014, al Akhbar

International observers endorse Syrian elections, Jun 3, 2014, Eva Bartlett, Oriental Review

The Inference from Lebanon About the Syrian Presidential Elections, Jun 3, 2014, Strategic Culture Foundation

Syrians out to vote, the photos speak for themselves,  In Gaza

Imperialism & elections in Syria, Egypt & Ukraine, Jun 2, 2014, Sara Flounders, Workers World

Is Washington Planning a Terrorist Operation against Syria on the Day of the Elections? Jun 2, 2014, Global Research

27 killed in attacks in Syria’s Aleppo, Jun 2, 2014, Press TV

Militant mortar attacks on Aleppo kill 20, May 31, 2014, Press TV

Dispatches from the Syria Election Observation Teams: May 31, Gathering in Beirut and Tehran, SSM

Historic Syrian Election Brings Multitudes of Voters, May 30, 2014, Dissident Voice

Why are They Afraid of the Syrian Elections? May 30, 2014, Rick Sterling, Counter Punch

Syrians Flock to Vote in Lebanon… But Not in The West, May 30 2014, Eva Bartlett, IPS

Bashar al-Assad supporters stage rallies in Australia ahead of Syrian poll, May 30, 2014, the Guardian

Syrian students hold pro-Assad rally in Idlib, May 30, 2014, Press TV

Syria’s Election: No U.S. Intervention, May 28, 2014, IAC

Presidential election a positive step, May 29, 2014, Ken Stone, the Spec

Bashar al-Assad posts a letter of support from a Virginia state senator, May 27, 2014, Washington Post

Syrian presidential election starts overseas, May 28, 2014, Irib World Service

Syrians in Lebanon marched toward the embassy in elections [VIDEO], May 28, 2014, Al Jadeed TV

Former French FM: Elections in Syria good move, French stances ridiculous, May 27, 2014, Sana News

Syrians determined to national unity ahead of Presidential elections, May 27, 2014, Sana News

Syria says UAE joins others in banning expats from voting, May 27, 2014, al Akhbar

Foreign Ministry: UAE followed suit and decided to prevent Syrian presidential vote, May 27, 2014, Sana News

Syria: Free and Fair Elections Despite Western Sabotage, May 23, NSNBC

Rebel shelling kills Assad supporters at Daraa campaign rally, May 23, 2014, al Akhbar

A Tale of Two Elections: Syria, Ukraine, and the West’s Double Take on Democracy, May 21, 2014, Oriental Review

Syria pres. candidates pushing ahead with campaigns, May 17, 2014, Press TV

Syrian update prior to Presidential election, May 3, 2014, Lilly Martin, OpEd News

Syria: 24 registered candidacy for presidential elections as deadline expired, May 1, 2014, NSNBC

Elections in a time of civil war: America 150 years ago, and Syria today, Apr 25, 2014,

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