Terrorist admits Hamas has key role in training terrorist groups in Syria


A Palestinian-Jordanian terrorist affiliated to the Muslim brotherhood, has confessed that Hamas has played a key role in supporting terrorist groups fighting the Syrian Arab army units and it has sought to build up a base for the brotherhood group in Syria.

In an interview with the Syrian Television channel last night, the terrorist Besher Yousef Ali al-Janodi admitted that he participated in terrorist acts and in training terrorist groups in the Palestinian refugees camps and in other areas in Syria.

“I am Palestinian- Jordanian and I carry a Jordanian passport. I was born in Kuwait in 1970 and I am dubbed ‘Abo Jawdat’. I also have a passport in the name of ‘Abdul Rahman Jamal Abo Nahel’. I studied in Kuwait and pledged alliance to the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ in 1989. Then I travelled to Pakistan and studied in the Islamic university. I lived there till 1996 working in relief field,” he said.

The terrorist added that he returned to Jordan and worked in the Brotherhood center in Amman city before working with Khalid Mash’al in the same country.

“In 2001, I moved to Syria and worked in the field of protecting persons with Imad al-Alami and Mousa Abo Marzouq till Khalid Mash’al came from Doha to Damascus,” he said.

Secret meeting in 2011

“At the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Muslim brotherhood’s leaders in the Arab and Islamic world held a secret two-day meeting in a farm in Sehnaya suburb in Damascus countryside in July 2011. The participants decided that I will work with others in the file of supporting the ‘Syrian revolution’,”

Among the other decisions adopted in the meeting are the departure of the Hamas Movement’s leaders and opening channels with scholars in the Levant, whose mentality is similar to that of brotherhood.

Training courses  

The terrorist said that he supervised training Palestinian people from the Palestinian refugees camps in Syria in Drosha area outside Damascus and trained a Syrian person from the “Free Syrian Army’, dubbed Sheikh ‘Abo Abdollah’, alongside 7 persons in the same area.

Further training courses on ‘fighter preparation program’ were held by Hamas movement members in Daraa Province and in Der al-Asafir town in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus as well as in Tal Mardekh area in Idleb countryside and in Rankos area in al-Qalamoun and in other areas in Syria.

“A Syrian-Palestinian person from Hamas Movement Mahomd Saleh Hilal trained the ‘al-Sahabeh’ battalions in Daraya city in Damascus countryside before I went with the help of Abo Ahmad Ziad from Hamas Movement to Sarmada area in Idleb countryside to train the ‘Ahrar al-Sham’, the ‘al-Tawhid’ brigade’, the ‘Soqor Idleb’ and the ‘ Failaq al-Sham,” the terrorist said, indicating that he met Abo Ahmad Ziad in Turkey.

Then, Sheikh Nawwaf al-Takrori, dubbed Abo Thabet, delegated two members of Hamas Movement to set up a training academy in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus called the ‘Aknaf Bait al-Maqdes Academy.

Rapid intervention group

The terrorist pointed out that he suggested- during his visit to Beirut-establishing a “rapid intervention group” from Hamas cadres in al-Yarmouk Camp, south of Damascus, which was set up, facilitating the entry of the “Free Army” into the Camp whose fighters committed looting acts.

He admitted that he supervised the operations of digging tunnels and setting up fortifications in an area located between Palestine Street and the Yarmouk Street in the Yarmouk camp.

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  1. Is this really true UP or just a ploy by Israel to discredit Hamas?

    • It is true, The confession is aired by Syria not by Israel. Hamas used resistance to get into negotiation table. Hamas is seeking a long truce and Palestinian state in Gaza.

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