Zaspkin Discusses Importance of 2018 Russian Presidential Elections

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19-03-2018 | 14:05

In an exclusive interview with al-Ahed News, Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zaspkin discussed the importance of the 2018 Russian Presidential Elections in Russia and the region, pointing out to the massive voter turnout and landslide victory of the Russian President.

Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zaspkin

The Russian ambassador hailed the great public embrace of President Vladimir Putin’s persona, the fact that expresses a clear adherence to his independent approach and his stance against Western hegemony attempts.

Zaspkin believes that there is a promising future awaiting the Russians, as well as an important stage of optimism and hope.

When asked about the importance of the 2018 elections and what made this year different, the Russian ambassador said, “We noticed a higher turnout than previous years. The public’s vibe was very positive,” adding that “People were close and united with regard to the personality of President Putin. Results showed a higher voting rate than before.”

Zaspkin explained that “Russia’s important stances regarding the ongoing regional events, was the main reason and primary motive for the Russian public’s preference for Putin’s persona over any other.”

What is noteworthy is that Putin’s landslide victory reveals a lot amongst Russians; it is intended to send a message, both internally and externally.

“To begin with, internally, their choices show satisfaction towards the goals set by Moscow for coming years, with regards to economy, health and education, among others,” Zaspkin said, adding that “people in Russia want to move forward with the aforementioned plans and see them executed.”

To the outside world, Russians want to uphold their stance on Putin’s foreign policy throughout the past 17 years. “The more dangerous the situation gets, the more persistent the Russians become towards the master of the Kremlin, his independent approach and his fight against Western hegemony attempts and Washington’s efforts to create a unipolar international system,” the Russian ambassador clarified.

Elsewhere in the interview, Zaspkin shed light on the important and positive role Russia plays in the region. He said,

“Moscow always seeks to find political solutions in Syria and the region. It has a roadmap which it tries to achieve through the talks in Astana and Geneva; however, the Americans keep forcing their policies upon Russian approach, to the point of chemical use in Syria allegations.”

“This is completely unacceptable. It will not pass without reproach, unless Washington rethinks its aggressive policies. Until then, we are ready for talks,” the Russian official stated.

Accordingly, the reelection of Putin for a fourth term in a row with a landslide 76% of votes is an evidence of the popular backing for Russia’s policies in the region; the policies which made Moscow a country accounted for, especially by the United States.

“Putin’s reelection is a completion of an important phase in Russia, as it signals more progress and prosperity, as well as optimism for better years to come,” Zaspkin concluded.

Source: Al-Ahed News


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