Yemeni Army Military Media Releases New Scenes for Victory from Allah Operation in Najran


News – Yemen

Military Media released, on Wednesday, scenes of that included more details of the 1st phase of the victory from Allah Operation, carried out by the Army and Popular Committees in Najran front.

The scenes revealed new details of dozens US and Canadian armored vehicles and military vehicles while they were seized in ambushes by the Army’s Engineering Unit. Dozens of these armored were burned and others were pulled out of the battleground to be used in the future against the US-Saudi forces. The scenes highlighted the steadfastness of the Yemeni fighter in front of the armored vehicles and dozens of airstrikes.

Extensive scenes showed the progress of Yemeni Army units while storming the sites of the mercenaries of aggression and chasing hundreds of Saudi mercenaries as they flee with their vehicles and armored vehicles. The scenes also showed the Army’s ethical treatment of hundreds of the Saudi war prisoners and mercenaries who surrendered.

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