Israeli Soldier Breaks Palestinian Woman’s Skull



December 24, 2019

An Israeli occupation army soldier attacked a Palestinian woman in the town of Al-Essawiya, last month, causing her moderate wounds, which resulted in the breaking of her skull.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, doctors had to implant platinum in the skull of Mrs. Rina Derbas, 36, after the assault by a Border Guard soldier with the butt of his rifle on her head, while trying to prevent the arrest of her 14-year-old son.

Derbas said that when her son was arrested and put into the Zionist police car, she spoke to the policemen, and one of them raised his weapon and hit her with the heel of the gun on her face, so she lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital, as she suffers from several fractures of her skull and nose.

Doctors then performed a complex surgery to implant platinum, and her husband, Karim Derbas, said that “every time she looks in the mirror she starts crying.”

“My life has been destroyed; my head and face hurt me; my life has turned into a nightmare,” Derbas wrote, in the statement of her lawyer.

Derbas said that the investigators tried to persuade her that a stone hurt her, adding that she refused and insisted on her statements.

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  1. That cowardly son of a bitch will one day get a very very well deserved payback for this act. Striking a defenseless woman in the face and causing pain, potential disfigurement and humiliation just because he thinks of himself as some sort of ‘defender’ of the occupation of Palestine. It will be 10 times and then some. What goes around comes around. The world is watching, ‘israel’. Oh yes! And it is not too happy about your litany of crimes.

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