Islamic Jihad Denounces Assault on Liberated Prisoner Al-Akhras

22 Aug 2021

Source: Al Mayadeen

The family of liberated Palestinian prisoner Maher Al-Akhras protests alongside dozens of Palestinians in front of the police headquarters in Bireh to demand the release of their kin whom the Palestinian Authority arrested.

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Liberated Palestinian prisoner Maher Al-Akhras (Archive)

The family of liberated Palestinian prisoner, Maher Al-Akhras, demonstrated alongside dozens of Palestinians in Bireh, 15 km from occupied Jerusalem, to demand the release of their kin whom the Palestinian Authority Security Forces have arrested during a protest.

The protest was against the assassination of Palestinian human rights activist, Nizar Banat, in Ramallah.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad denounced the attacks carried out by the Palestinian National Security Forces, calling the assault on liberated prisoner Maher Al-Akhras ‘shameful’ to the Palestinian Authority.

PIJ also denounced the PA’s heavy-handed suppression of the Palestinians, who went on a march demanding for the killers of Nizar Banat to be held accountable.

Additionally, the resistance movement called on the Palestinian Authority to free all prisoners and to stop violating rights and liberties.

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  1. Thank you for this post and Al-Mayadeen’s reporting. Freedom and justice for Maher Al-Akhras! Nizar Banat: R.I.P., if that is possible.

    I appreciate, with solidarity, Jeff Blankfort’s comment. The Palestinian polity badly needs to get its act together in the face of the common enemy Zionism that practices persecution and apartheid daily for decades.

    Jeff, it has been too many years since I’ve encountered you; how glad I am that you continue to be a stalwart supporter of Palestine and a superlative human being!

    Viva Palestine! Palestine Is Still THE Issue!

    • It’s now 51 years, Robert, since I spent four and a half months photographing life in the refugee camps of Lebanon and Jordan. It was, literally, a life changing experience and my support for the Palestinian struggle for justice and my outrage against the injustices inflicted by Israel backed by the Zionist International which that trip ignited, has never waned for a single moment. Thanks for remembering and the kind words. Palestine will be free!

  2. I and other long time supporters of the Palestinian struggle continue to be bewildered that collaborator Mahmoud Abbas and the PA police who have consistently betrayed their Palestinian brothers and sisters are still allowed to function after Abbas, whose term of office, expired a dozen years ago, cancelled the most recent scheduled elections and suppressed protests in the West Bank during Israel’s latest assault on Gaza

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