Sayyed To Hariri: Your Father’s Crime Doesn’t Justify Committing Other Crimes

22/09/2010 Former head of the Lebanese Security General, Major General Jamil Sayyed expressed “shock” Wednesday at PM Saad Hariri’s latest remarks during Tuesday’s Cabinet session.
Hariri, according to Sayyed’s statement, said that the issue of the ‘four generals’ cannot be compared to the blood of martyr Rafiq Hariri and the other 20 martyrs.”

Sayyed and three other top security generals were apprehended for four years over accusations that they had played a role in the Hariri crime, based on the testimonies of false witnesses.
Hariri acknowledged recently the existence of false witnesses and said that accusing Syria in the past five years was “wrong.” The generals were released last years after the Special Tribunal for Lebanon decided that they were not suspects in the Hariri murder.

Sayyed addressed Hariri saying that “the conspiracy of the false witnesses and their associates was behind injustice to the officers as well as the martyrs. False witnesses have deluded the investigation and deliberately diverted it from the real perpetrators, to accuse Syria and the four generals as Hariri himself acknowledged.”

“Based on this, we have always demanded that this conspiracy be revealed and its players be held accountable. This continues to be Hariri’s only way to find out the truth and give back martyr Hariri, the martyrs, and the generals their rights. The way is not to desperately protect the false witnesses and their associates,” Sayyed’s statement read.

The former general pointed that the murder of Hariri and others was a heinous crime that should not go unpunished, “and so is the conspiracy of the false witnesses, misleading the investigation, destroying ties with Syria, and putting Lebanon on the brink of civil war.”
“The apprehension of the four generals is also a big crime, maybe less important to Saad Hariri than the first crime, and this is his undisputed right, however, who says that the assassination of your father justifies other crimes by your close aids against Lebanon, Syria, and the four generals?” asked Sayyed.

The statement concluded saying: ‘Yes Prime Minister, as much as your wound is deep and sincere, the crime of assassinating your father does not justify other crimes in his name, and it certainly does not justify aggrieving him twice; the first at the hands of the killers and the second at the hands of the false witnesses. Any logic different than this, that some opinion traders in your entourage would harm you and drag you deeper into their schemes and stupidity. Wouldn’t be best for you to replace all of those with people like minister Bahij Tabbara to be your guide to wisdom and justice? Do you consider that your father, the martyr, was unaware of the human nature when he set all of them aside and chose Tabbara and his peers to be his aids?”

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