Perez: Fall of Al-Assad Death Blow to Hizbullah

Assad’s visit to Baba Amr …
Declaration of victory standing at the tomb of the plot
Top US officials all the way up to President Barack Obama are predicting the Syrian regime’s days are numbered, but recent US intelligence …. hinted at a continuing campaign lasting several months, if not longer…. the past year… has spurred new Syrian defections, including by the deputy oil minister, and the reported departure of two army generals, though none of them, nor previous defectors are regarded as part of Assad’s inner circle. And not all of the defectors have joined the opposition. Nor are there indications of the broader Syrian elite abandoning their support for their leader. That includes not just Assad’s Allawite clan, but the minority Christians, Kurds and Druze, who all fear persecution under the possible rise of a post-Assad Sunni Islamic regime. 
Asked about his approach to Syria this week, President Barack Obama called the bloodshed heartbreaking and inexcusable, but he made clear that he does not favor military action now. “The notion that the way to solve every one of these problems is to deploy our military, that hasn’t been true in the past and it won’t be true now,” Obama said. He suggested Assad will leave without an outside military shove, but he gave no indication when. 
Hillary Clinton speaks during a press conference“We are going to continue to work on this project with other countries,” Obama said at a White House news conference. “And it is my belief that, ultimately, this dictator will fall, as dictators in the past have fallen.”
So, Obama is using Annan’s mission to buy time, hoping his “Friends of Syria” project may succeed, if not,  Annan could provide face-saving window for the Americans and Europeans.   


“Setting up a no-fly zone to help the rebels would mean challenging Syria’s formidable air defenses….Syria has hundreds of anti-aircraft artillery batteries and thousands of shoulder-fired missiles…..Syria also has extensive chemical and biological weapons stockpiles, at more than two dozen locations…Iran continues to aid the Assad regime, now providing small arms and other weapons…..Iran also historically provided Syria with unmanned aerial vehicles that it is using for surveillance as well as intercepting phone and radio transmissions.
Russia assured Obama and friends “that the so-called Syrian opposition will never defeat the national army even if it was “armed to the teeth”.
Bad news for the Zionist entity and “Sunni” Zionists (SADLY WE HAVE MUSLIM ZIONISTS MOVEMENT).

Hamami from London to Mishaal
Leave Damascus now
Bad news, for “Rabi” Qaradawi, waiting to pray not in Al-aqsa, but in Damucuss Amawi mosque,
I guess Khalid Amayereh and Hamani are crying,
The first threatened Syria to reform itself or get reformed. The second, put himeself in Nasrallah shoes and “Sincerely” Promised the pro-revolutionary regimes trading in everything, especially when the Syrian regime start “shaking” that “with every revolution to rejoice their defeat and our next gloat will be soon from free Damascus, God willing, that’s a promise!”
Oh, Do’t forget Azmi, the “great Arabic thinker” of the Great Arab “revolution”,
And dont forget the Angry Arab, he is very angry because Bashar can “easily laugh and smile”
Israel, Awaiting Assad’s Fall and offered to Receive Syrian Alawite Refugees is frustrated after Assad’s speech its press while crying and mocking predicting his imminent downfall described his speech at Amawi Saquare as victory speech.
How many times we heard the past 10 months that Assad’s days are numbered from Nato and Nato brothers?
The war criminal Perez is sad but still dreaming to live and see his 2006 “Death Blow to Hizbullah” dream realized with the fall of the Lion of Damascus, the “Death Blow to Hizbullah”.
On Wed he confirmed Wednesday that the fall of the Syrian regime is in favor of Tel Aviv.
Perez: Fall of Al-Assad Death Blow to Hizbullah
As “Israeli” President admitted that the events in Syria would influence “Israel’s” military campaign and strategy, “Israeli” President Shimon Peres confirmed Wednesday that the fall of the Syrian regime is in favor of Tel Aviv.
“The fall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would deliver the death blow to Lebanon’s Hizbullah,” Perez claimed.
During touring the occupied Golan Heights with “Israeli” Army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, he said “until now, we have avoided striking strategic targets in Lebanon, but if missiles are fired at us we will know how to respond.”
“The “Israeli” president also described al-Assad “as more brutal and less intelligent than his father and predecessor, Hafez al-Assad.”
He further stressed that “we have military power but we also need to develop political intelligence.”
“We must make peace with the Palestinians so the conflict won’t serve the extremists cause,” Peres concluded.
Source: Ynet, Edited by
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  

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