Arabsat Action against Al-Manar Widely Condemned

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After Arabsat company blocked the broadcasting of Al-Manar via its satellites, scores of condemnations were issued in solidarity with the Lebanese channel and the free media.

The Syria information ministry firmly condemned Arabsat action and greeted Al-Manar staff, considering that victory is achieved by the free and honest.

Ansarullah Yemeni movement expressed its solidarity with Al-Manar, noting that Arabsat measures are in the context of targeting all the channels which face the imperialist project.

The Islamic Radios and Televisions Union denounced the unjust attempts to silence Al-Manar voice and spotless image.

Al-Mayadeen TV channel also expressed solidarity with Al-Manar, calling on establishing an alternative Arab media strategy.

The Palestinian Radios and Televisions Union pointed out that Arabsat action against Al-Manar is included in the scheme of aborting the Intifada.

Several other Arab and Islamic TV channels denounced Arabsat measures against Al-Manar, considering that they serve the Zionist scheme in the region.

Source: Al-Manar Website

05-12-2015 – 08:52 Last updated 05-12-2015 – 08:52

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