The Zionist Connection to the Coup in Brazil

As I have said on a number of occasions, anytime or anyplace trouble breaks out somewhere in the world, scratch the surface deeply enough and you will  likely find a Zionist connection. It’s almost guaranteed. And interestingly enough, Jonathan Azaziah has just published an article uncovering the Zionist connections to the coup in Brazil.

Among the things Azaziah reports:

  • an Israeli by the name of Ilan Goldfein has now been appointed head of Brazil’s central bank;
  • mass protests against the government of democratically elected President Dilma Rousseff were organized in the main by two groups–Vem Pra Rua (To the Street) and the Free Brazil Movement, both of which are funded by Jewish billionaire George Soros;
  • an Israeli “start-up” company known as “StoreSmarts” is said to have played a role in monitoring the situation in Brazil by means of its “innovative count” of anti-Rousseff demonstrators

 photo goldfein_zpsvnxloof3.jpg

Israeli-born Ilan Goldfein–newly-appoited president of the Central Bank of Brazil

Additionally as I noted in an article back in January–and as Azaziah also notes–Brazil was in a diplomatic standoff with Israel for a good portion of last year, this over the Rousseff government’s rejection of an Israeli settler to serve as the Zionist state’s ambassador to Brazil.

You can access Azaziah’s full article here. So far as I’m aware, none of this information has been reported by news organizations like Telesur or RT, respectable media outlets you would think might have an interest in reporting it. Why they have remained silent, one can only speculate.

In any event, the people of Brazil are fighting back. Protestors have taken over the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry of Culture is one of several ministries the new interim President Michel Temer shut down upon taking power. Some 2,000 people are now occupying the building…

while more protestors are in the streets….

and meanwhile a Brazilian political analyst says the country is headed for a summer of political turmoil…

Will the people of Brazil be able to stop those now seeking to destroy their sovereignty and independence as a nation? I suspect a lot has to do with how strong their religious faith is.


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