Nice little earner, israel fines of up to $800,000 slapped against Palestinian minors

Israeli fines of up to $800,000 slapped against Palestinian minors

Steep fines of up to three million shekels were slapped by the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) against jailed Palestinian minors in 2016.


Researcher Reyad al-Ashkar said the fines issued by the Israeli military courts against imprisoned Palestinian minors had been estimated at nearly three million shekels ($800,000) in 2016.

Al-Ashkar added that 2016 witnessed a hike in such Israeli cash penalties against Palestinian minors, particularly those charged with involvement in anti-occupation attacks or stabbing attempts.

The activist cited the case of 16-year-old Murad Badr Idi’is, who was sentenced to life in an Israeli jail plus a fine of $460,000 on charges of carrying out an anti-occupation stabbing in the Israeli illegal settlement of Atna’el.

A fine of up to $46,000 was also issued against 14-year-old sick child Ahmad Munasra, sentenced to 12 years in Israeli jail.

Similar bails had been issued in 2016 against Mohamed Taha, 15, Mondher Abu Mayala, 17, Muawiya Alkam, 14, and the youngest Palestinian female detainee Dima al-Wawi, 12, among other Palestinian minors.

According to al-Ashkar such penalties make part of a blackmailing policy perpetrated by the occupation authorities against the imprisoned Palestinian minors and their families in an attempt to quash anti-occupation activism.

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