Lobby: Trump’s ‘America First’ slogan is antisemitic!

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doublespeak[1]Pro-Israel lobby and mainstream media have condemned US president Donald Trump for using America First slogan. For example, MSNBC’s Rachel Anne Maddow (Jewish) emotionally proclaimed Trump’s “America’s First” slogan has “very dark echoes in American history.” ABC’s Terry Moran said: “It carries with it overtones from the 1930s when an antisemitic movement saying, ‘We don’t want to get involved in Europe’s war. It’s the Jews fault in Germany!‘”

On April 28, 2016, Jonathan Greenblatt, the top gun at Israel lobby ADL, asked candidate Donald Trump to stop using the ‘America First’ as it had antisemitic tone. “It’s used by pro-Nazi prominent Americans before the Pearl Harbor – seeking to keep America out of WWII.” It sounds like Greenblatt agrees with William Anderson that Jews did force America into WWII.

The AIPAC requires all American politicians to sign an Israel loyalty pledge to survive as country’s lawmaker (watch video below). On March 29, 2016, Israel’s newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Israel’s interior ministry asked Shuki Weiss, producer of British rock star Sir Elton John (gay) to sign declaration of loyalty to Israel on behalf of John in order to perform in Israel.

According to Jewish Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump’s inauguration speech in which he attacked Muslims, was written by two of Trump’s senior pro-Israel advisers, Stephen Bannon (Catholic), and Stephen Miller (Jewish). So if they inserted the so-called ‘America First’ – it confirms that the slogan is not antisemitic.

Donald Trump while signing presidential order to ban visas to Muslims from seven countries – did not bann Israeli Jews entering the US, who were behind the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks or even stripping American Jews of their Israel dual citizenship.

‘America First’ slogan reminds the Organized Jewry of president Andrew Jackson (1829-37) who waged crusade against Jewish bankers.

Instead of agitating for war, the Jewish groups in this country should be opposing it in every possible way for they will be among the first to feel its consequences. Tolerance is a virtue that depends upon peace and strength. History shows that it cannot survive war and devastations. A few far-sighted Jewish people realize this and stand opposed to intervention. But the majority still do not. Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government,” Charles Linderbergh said in a speech on September 11, 1941.

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