Professor Described as ‘last voice of reason in a world gone mad’ has video removed from YouTube

The blogger and Russian analyst who goes by the name “Saker” yesterday posted a video featuring comments by Professor Stephen Cohen on the current tensions between the US and Russia. His post includes a brief commentary which reads as follows:

Professor Stephen Cohen is, in my opinion, the best Russia specialist in the USA.  He is also a wise, decent, honest and courageous man.  A friend send me this video of him this morning (he begins at 1:38) and I can only agree with him.  We are, once again, looking at the very real possibility, or even probability, of a hot war between Russia and the USA.  As I write these words I ask myself whether I am exaggerating or not, and I come to the extremely depressing conclusion that no, I am not.  Things are really that bad.  Professor Cohen seems to have some hopes left for todays  Tillerson visit to Moscow.  I sure hope that he is right.  The future of mankind might depend on the outcome of this visit and, alas, I have to say that I am not hopeful at all.  My best hope is that somebody in the Kremlin can convince Tillerson that Russia will fight.  That is all I personally can hope for even though I realize that even if Lavrov and/or Putin convince Tillerson, Tillerson might not be able to convince the crazies in DC.  God help us all!

The Saker

The post is entitled – Professor Stephen Cohen–the last voice of reason in a world gone mad?

The video Saker mentions had been available here. However, it has since been removed from YouTube.

After noting the removal, Saker put up the following comment:

This video is no longer available from youtube … do not know why … Saker Webmaster 2017.04.12 3pm GMT

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