Chief of Iran’s Armed Forces: We Will Quit the Nuclear Deal Once Sanctions are Re-Imposed


30-10-2017 | 13:01

Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri warned that in case sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program are brought back under other pretexts, staying in the nuclear deal will be in vain.



He further stressed that Tehran will quit the nuclear deal immediately if the sanctions were re-imposed.

“The Americans were in the process of eliminating the axis of resistance and widening the circle of their threats to include the Iranian depth; unfortunately, they succeeded in a case or two, but they faced a blowing response in Iran,” he added.

“The Americans have moved Daesh leaders from one place to another several times. They even armed them in many occasions.”

The Iranian military official noted that America’s main goal, through its new strategy, is to topple the Islamic Republic’s system, noting that “this is what the US State Secretary has announced lately.”

Bagheri also made clear that the “Nuclear deal is not a goal or a sacred verse to abide by under any circumstance. It is rather a deal that was agreed on by the United Nations.”

Commenting on the Iraqi Kurdistan issue, Bagheri noted that Iran will lift border restrictions with Iraq’s Kurdistan region “in the coming days following a closure after last month’s Kurdish vote in favor of independence.”

Quoted by ISNA news agency on Monday, Bagheri also said if Kurdistan implemented its plan to break away from Iraq, “there would be bloodshed in Iraq and neighboring countries would be affected.”

Kurdistan’s president said on Sunday he would resign after the independence referendum he championed backfired and triggered military and economic retaliation by the Iraqi government.

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  1. So help you God-like always-to lie.

    • Just to let you know that your comments are automatically marked as “.trash”, a perfect description . Just by chance that I noticed your latest inane comment. Israel has been claiming Iran close to having nukes for the last 30 years, although it’s clear that Iran doesn’t have & doesn’t want. Israel of course does and fails to comply with International Law requirements. Personally I would like to see Iran accept nukes, perhaps from Russia, to ensure their future security

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