An Analysis of the Downing of Russia’s Il20 with 15 Onboard

September 22, 2018

Editor’s note:  Bodies and wreckage?  The search?  Nothing is right about this.  Am I missing something?
(Who did not attend Harvard Divinity School)
This past week we saw the spectacle of fifteen Russian servicemen losing their lives in the air. That comes on top of about two hundred Russian military contractors who got killed, and event to which Secretary of State Pompeo testified at his confirmation hearing.  The Il-20 was allegedly downed by Syrian fire led astray by Israeli aircraft, whereas the two hundred lost their lives as a result of a direct air attack by the US.  Every time USrael pushes Russia further, and Russia under Putin backs down, it builds up pressure inside a pressure cooker which may one day burst, making provocateurs in USrael realize what fools they have made of themselves and the rest of us that they drag along.
Let us examine the cause of downing of Il-20.  Today’s intelligent radar, when detecting a target, records its radar profile and keeps it in the memory of the radar’s on-board micro-controller. Consequently, the profile of one target, such as an Israeli fighter plane, cannot be confused with the profile of a larger plane such as the Tussian Il-20, Only older generations of radar which lack an on-board microcontroller or microprocessor and memory could make such a mistake.
Further, once the radar detects an object, it knows the distance of the object because of the round-trip time it takes for the radar waves to reach the target, bounce off, and return to the radar where they are detected. The bouncing off is instantaneous. The round-trip time halved then multiplied by the speed of light gives the distance of the object, which is recorded by the radar.  Radar waves travel at the speed of light, or 300 thousand kilometers per second.  In a modern radar, the distance from the target, once the target is detected, is recorded. This enables clear distinction of the target from other objects which may later enter the scene. If another object is detected to be at the same distance, and hence on the same arc as the first, it is the angle that separates them that helps the radar distinguish them.  If two objects are nearly co-linear with the radar, allowing one to largely hide another, it is their distance from the radar which distinguishes them. So if the Israeli planes came in front of the Il-20, the radar could not confuse them, because their distance from the radar is significantly different and because their radar profiles (signatures) are different. 
Based on the above two tracking and identification criteria, it would be impossible for the radar to mistake an Israeli fighter plane with an Il-20.  Once the radar has detected a target, being an Israeli fighter plane in the case under consideration, the identifying criteria of distance and profile enables the radar to lock onto the target. Therefore, unless the radar was from the 1960s-1980s, it is well nigh impossible for it to have made such a mistake. The same applies whether the radar is ground-based or mounted on the air-defense missile.  As I do not work in radar or electronic warfare I leave it  to those readers who do to comment to the general  readership if the above analysis is sound.
The above analysis would be known to Russian experts. They would have apprised Putin. Thus his statement that a series of tragic events led to this mistake is made-up, and serves to put a good face on his backing down. When Putin yields to criminals who have created, funded, armed and trained ISIS in the destruction of long-standing communities of the Middle East, to massacre the men of the community, rape the women, such as was suffered by Christians and Izadis, he hopes his conciliatory actions lead to rapprochement with the US and the West. But to USreal his action invites more crime and worse crime. Pressure inside the pressure cooker has been building up for some time.  Israel’s agents here helped it get away with its destruction of the USS Liberty, killing of 34 sailors and wounding of over 170.  The USS Liberty like the Il-20 was an intelligence gathering vessel. Each time Israel gets away with such actions it widens its horizons to commit more.  The Zionist lobby in Russia is no less effective than it is in the US. 
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