Kashmir: And their Conscience Didn’t Stir!

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The United Nations’ Security Council met yesterday, August 16, to ponder upon the noise created by Pakistan & China over India’s iron-handed fascist move to alter the disputed status of the ex-princely state of British India i.e. Jammu and Kashmir – the unfinished affair pertaining to the partition of British India in 1947.  After over 50 years the issue of Kashmir was again discussed by the high and mighty sitting on the Security Council.  Sadly the truth is if China was not so vociferous in her concern, the closed-door meeting of the 5 permanent Security Council members would not have occurred in the first place.  Yet despite China’s stern stand on the matter, the other Big Four i.e. America, Britain, Russia and France, did not feel the situation was pressing enough to convene an emergency session of the Council to further deliberate upon the fate of Muslim Kashmir, the gravity…

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It’s A Wrong Interpretation That Russia Supported Pakistan At The UNSC — Eurasia Future

Contrary to what’s being widely reported among some segments of the Alt-Media Community, Russia didn’t support Pakistan at the UNSC meeting about Kashmir, with this wrong interpretation being debunked by an objective reading of the official statements made by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN […] The post It’s A…

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Kashmir: Seeking an Authentic Uproar

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Albeit I have been lamenting upon the lack of authentic uproar in the quarters of global activism over the past few days as far as the terrible and ironical plight of Muslim Kashmir, I have not been able to discount the kind of news headlines recently observed in British and American mainstream news media not to mention Al-Jazeera from the Middle East.  Even the BBC ran a story on the recent turn of events wherein Muslim Kashmir has been effectively imprisoned under the watchful eyes of 900,000 armed Indian personnel stationed in their territory – the world’s most militarized zone which just became more militarized by around 200,000.  Quite obviously, as The Guardian admits, the British are concerned about the probable repercussions of Modi’s rising fanaticism and the probable consequences spilling over on British soil given the huge population of British Pakistanis, predominantly of Kashmiri origin, totalling at approximately 1.1…

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Pakistan’s Incomplete Independence Day

By Adam Garrie


The profound Choudhry Rahmat Ali was not only the inventor of Pakistan’s name but in great part he was the inventor of Pakistan’s purpose. His seminal 1933 work Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever? also know as the Pakistan Declaration outlined the supreme necessity of a south Asian homeland for Muslims as a rampart against violent, terror and mayhem. Choudhry Rahmat Ali also named Pakistan for each of its western provinces with the ‘K’ in Pakistan standing for Kashmir.

And yet whilst much of Kashmir stands annexed by India against the wishes of the Kahmiri people, Pakistan’s own independence is thoroughly incomplete. The importance of the two-nation theory that Choudhry Rahmat Ali argued for with such clarity is now beyond dispute. The key to Pakistan’s sustained survival now rests upon the completion of its liberating mission by securing the peace and freedom of Kashmiris.

The road ahead is a dark one and it is a grim one but the necessity of such persistence remains of paramount importance for the Pakistani state.

Because Pakistan was founded on an ideal, there is a grave danger that when politicians grow complacent, the very purpose of the nation will flounder and when this happens, the floodgates will be opened and those who never wanted Pakistan to be born and who cannot live with the reality that Pakistan was born, will rush in to do the dirty works they have perfected for over half a century.

The annexation of Kashmir is the fault not only of the hundreds of thousands of heavily armed soldiers setting upon Kashmiris as they sleep but it is also the fault of complacent rulers whose selfish mindsets allowed the rape of Kashmir to turn into an outright slaughter.

Today, on Pakistan’s independence day, celebrations are not in order. Today ought to be one of sorrow, mourning and anger. The Kashmiri people have been betrayed by the world and as such, Pakistan’s own national mission has yet to be fulfilled. Until all of Kashmir is peaceful and secure, Pakistan will only be a partly rather than a fully free and independent state.

The Betrayal of Muslim Kashmir

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After a rather long break from the Geo-socio-political globe, I was thinking of availing a few days off my gruelling routine which essentially changes hands between the working woman and the housewife over the 24 hours the day affords me leaving little room for intellectual exercise.  I wanted to write during the Eid holidays but did not feel that peculiar thrust inside despite an array of thoughts on many subjects, and just then dropped down the newest bombshell – Modi’s government abrogated Article 370 of the Indian constitution that safe-guarded the demographic makeup of Kashmir and was symbolic of the ex-princely state’s special status given that Jammu & Kashmir is a legally disputed region, under Indian occupation, awaiting the ‘Indian permission’ to hold a plebiscite that would determine the future of the valley in line with the wishes of its people – a dream which has been more than…

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Did Indian Intelligence Invent a Russian Diplomatic Statement to Pressure Moscow on Kashmir? — Astute News

It remains unclear at the time of writing whether the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs really did back India’s unilateral actions in Kashmir or not, with the mysterious circumstances surrounding its now-viral alleged statement of support suggesting that it might have even been invented by Indian intelligence as part of their third infowar against Moscow […]

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Why Don’t Activists Care About The Kashmiris As Much As The Rohingyas? — Eurasia Future

It’s certainly peculiar that the international activist community cares more for the Rohingyas than the Kashmiris despite both of these people being Muslim minorities that are facing a similar threat of ethnic cleansing, which suggests that there must be more behind their double standards than initially meets the eye. The […] The post Why Don’t…

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