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Yesterday, I discussed Saudi Arabia’s almost guaranteed role in the downing of the Russian Metrojet airliner which departed Sharm Al-Shaykh, Egypt, carrying over 200 passengers and crew returning to St. Petersburg in Russia.  This is hardly the beginning of the intimate relationship this barbaric Stone Age kingdom of apes and cockroaches has with international terrorism.  The roots of the love affair with mass murder actually goes back decades to the Saudi flair for building mosques around the world and plying their Wahhabist clerics with enough money to insure obedience whenever the circumstances require.

Forget for a moment the deep Saudi involvement with the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.  Forget the fact that the Saudis and Qataris have a vital stake in blocking the natural gas pipeline from Iran, across Iraq, to Syria for export to Europe which will put to death the banana plantation of Qatar.  Forget that Saudi Arabia is the most oppressive regime on earth with laws reminiscent of those promulgated by Hammurabi, Assur-Nasir-Pal or Neanderthal Man.  Forget that women cannon drive cars in their monarchy of squat; that you can’t have a cold beer on a hot day; that you can’t go to the cinema even though you can watch the same thing on satellite television; that a woman cannot travel without permission from her simian husband or some even more apelike male close relative; that you have to believe in their fake god or else; that you cannot build a church on their stinking sand dunes; that they crucify people they behead.  Forget all these things, but, remember this:

That they have swindled their own people out of trillions of petrodollars by siphoning off profits from oil and concluding illusory contracts for arms and technology most of which resulted in absolutely nothing but the purchase of England.  If the Saudis and Qataris were to withdraw their money from banks on the Isle of Man, the entire sceptered island with all its pretensions would sink like a stone merd in a cesspool of memories.  If you want to know why Cameron is the slave of these monkeys and why he is so bloody terrified of doing anything to offend them, “cherchez l’argent”.  The banks on the Isle of Man know fully well how the Saudi regime is financing terror.  The English government deliberately ignores all reporting statutes to permit the Saudis to prosecute their war crimes against the people of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, and, now, Russia.  Nobody fears this disclosure more than David Cameron whose own crimes against humanity are now fully ripe and parallel to those of his predecessor, Tony Blair.  If you want to know why he is so vehement in his opposition to Jeremy Corbyn’s potential rise to power in the U.K., it’s because Corbyn will put an end to this charade and rid England, once and for all, of the Arabian troglodytes who infest the English corridors of power.  And, it’s not only England, as so many Americans now know.

We have said this before: it all started out in 2007 as revealed by Wikileaks.  The plan to destabilize Syria and overthrow its legitimate sitting government was hatched back then by a committee of criminals made up of Saudis, Englishmen, Americans, Jordanians, Germans and French.  Turks did not participate because at that time, Erdoghan enjoyed excellent relations with everybody on the block.  Right?……..Right.   The “mindermast” for the project was none other than the CIA-spook and crypto-diplomat, Robert Ford. (“Mindermast” is a mastermind invented by the great British comedy team of Beyond the Fringe in one of their legendary skits. Using the word “mastermind, you see, demoralized those trying to capture him.)  He was aided and abetted by his French counterpart in Damascus, Eric Chevalier (no relation to Maurice).  Together they assembled the teams which would coordinate the war crimes against the people of Syria.  This was the democratic and civilized West at its best and most predictable.

The project required the right moment.  Syria’s vaunted internal security system was frightfully adept at keeping rats out and the Ford team knew that a mere blip on the radar inside Syria would be tantamount to rushing at a nest of wasps.  They had to have the right time.

They also needed the right president.  Hafez Al-Assad, Dr. Assad’s father and predecessor,  fought an ugly 4 year war with a kaleidoscope of terrorists, referred to conveniently as the Muslim Brotherhood, and finally annihilated them at Hama where your editor, Ziad, was situated in February of 1982 to watch the events unfold.   Dr. Assad was analyzed by the CIA’s Psychiatric Profile Office as a modest person with an aversion to excessive force.  He was also, to some degree, westernized with an obsession for the internet and science.  In other words, he would be a soft touch.  But, you still needed the right moment in order to vex the entrenched security supremos who would more than make up for the president’s sheepish personality.

You also had to have, as part of this plan, a member state capable of financing the revolt.  That was a no-brainer.  Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia had, at that time, reams of cash deposited in British banks.  All it took was a look askance and the process would move very smoothly.

Time?  Which time?  When would the project start?  Enter the Arab Spring.  President Assad was interviewed about this phenomenon and he brushed aside suggestions that events in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya could spread to Syria.  He felt that the economy, which was at a 6% annual growth rate, with hundreds of millions of dollars being deployed for massive tourist development, thanks to the Arabian plutocrats, with excellent cooperation from Turkey, would dispel any fear of such a metastatic process in his country.  It just couldn’t happen.  The people were too happy.

To make this section a bit shorter and more to the point:  the project depended upon two events:  The first was an on-going demonstration of popular discontent.  That was started in Der’ah and spread to cities like Homs and Idlib.  Surprisingly, it did not catch on in Hama, a city which already pocketed the wages of insurrection in 1982.  The second was predicted to be “mass defections from the army and security services”.  The Americans, especially, studied the downfall of Romanian dictator, Caucescu, whose reliance on the security services was misplaced once the army took the side of the people.  It was imperative that the army also join the Syrian insurrectionists – who would be mostly discontented Sunnis with some minorities backing them.  BUT, THE PROJECT WAS A FLOP.

The Army did not lose many soldiers or officers to defections.  With the exception of some bigoted dead-career failures like ‘Abdul-Jabbaar Al-‘Uqaydi and Riyaadh Al-As’ad, the army remained very cohesive and loyal to the state.  What to do now that the force which was arrayed against the government simply did not have the oomph to assault the capital or even occupy a neighborhood?  You needed to get “support”.  The word “nusra” means exactly that.  You had to get support for the nascent insurrection against the massive Ba’ath infrastructure in Syria.  Without hundreds of thousands of mercenaries to give support,  the poorly trained, underpopulated and incompetent gangs of terrorists would be facing the full weight of the 300,000 man standing army of Syria, its hundreds of thousands of Ba’ath Party stalwarts and the pervasive, ubiquitous, all-seeing internal security services.  But, how can you get the “supporting” savages?

The Saudis stepped up to the plate as the only member of this cabal of mass murderers.  They had deep contacts with the terrorists of Iraq – even deeper with many disgruntled former Sunni officers in Saddam’s army, Alqaeda in Iraq, and its leaders.  They also had the tens of thousands of mosques they had financed all over the world.  The mosques they funded were inevitably led by militant Wahhabist money-grubbing hypocrites who would not hesitate to spread the call of “Jihad” in Syria.  And that’s exactly what they did.  Imagine how effective they were in snookering thousands of their “pious” degenerates from mosques in England, Germany, France, Belgium and Spain.  And now imagine how critical it was to maintain the financial health of these mosques in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and all the peninsular countries who would form the backbone of the “support” forces which would engulf Syria and its people in a cauldron of fire that would continue until the ouster of its sitting secular president, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  BUT,  IT DIDN’T WORK.

All the money spent on buying reporters like Charley Rose, CNN, ABC, NBC, the NYT, WSJ, and the list goes on ad nauseam….all this and the attempt to shake down Vladimir Putin….the drop in oil prices which boomeranged right in their hideous Wahhabist faces…all that and more, with chicanery reaching levels of obnoxiousness worthy of Zionism… dealings with Mileikowski……millions upon millions spent on Turkish cooperation and salaries for downtrodden Third World grunts dreaming of the Paradise which, if they were truly lucky, would be death and respite from the unctuous hypocrisy of the stinking Wahhabist regime which daily robs its own people of any self-respect or dignity.

Biden admitted it. Saudi Arabia funds terrorism. But, Saudi Arabia is your ally, Mr. Biden.  Turkey aids and abets terrorists.  Turkey is a member of NATO.  France has a war criminal in office by the name of Hollande – his popularity level now below 12% – and he calls our president illegitimate.  He hungers so much for Saudi lucre, you can smell his froggy sweat all the way across the lake.  He has sold out to the devil.

Today, Saudi students don’t have the money to study overseas because the House of Saud has stolen every penny.  They stole money and sent it to terrorists.  They preferred the interests of terrorists over those of their own people.  They are illegitimate.  They have no future in any Arabian government.  They have no future in Arabia.


LATAKIA:  With all the noise now about the impending SAA attack on the terrorist lines in Kuwayris, you would think there is no other news.  Not so.  We are seeing a sea-change in the balance of forces on the Turkish border in Latakia.


Ghumaam:  The SAA has now successfully dismantled all booby traps and IEDs in this area.  The entire Ghumaan area is rat free.  This means, you will not see any more missiles being fired at the provincial capital.  It was here, from Ghumaan where the Turk-supported murdering rodents fired Saudi-supplied rockets at our people in Latakia.  All the mountaintops here are cleansed.  A command-control center for all terrorist groupings was found yesterday and it contained a treasure-trove of CDs and other very incriminating evidence which will be used to prosecute the war criminals of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Jabal Al-Firk:  All hills surrounding the area now liberated by the SAA.

Jubb Al-Za’roor:  The SAA killed 22 rodents here an took over 15 prisoners.  3 field hospitals were discovered filled with Turk-manufactured pharmaceuticals and Saudi-supplied cocaine.  The Captagon slated for delivery is still in Beirut with its Saudi mule.  A Hell Cannon was also destroyed along with a 23mm Doschka, 20 gas canisters readies for detonation, C-4 and TNT and stolen pharmaceuticals from Syrian clinics.



Nuland a liar?  No. No way. Try this one:

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