Death To Daesh: Martyr Count In Last Night’s Double Baghdad Bombing Keeps Rising

by Jonathan Azaziah

Death to Daesh. Death to these filthy, Zionist-run, Saudi-financed, American-armed Takfiri terrorist goons a million times over, a million times after that and then a million more times.

Martyr count in last night’s ungodly attacks on Iraqi innocents in the Karrada and Shaab districts of Baghdad has now reached at least 167, among them many, many children, and casualties are expected to keep rising. Pictured here are only some of the civilians who were brutally and criminally snuffed out by Zio-ISIS; fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, their whole lives ahead of them.

Think you’re gonna see their handsome faces and their stories plastered across the NYT? How about the LA Times? Maybe the Chicago Tribune? Perhaps the BBC or Dönmeh Al-Saud’s Al-Arabiya?

No. Hell the fuck no. Because all of these outlets are owned and/or controlled by Zionist Jews and the slaves of Zionist Jews and in case you forgot, it is the Zionist Jews who hate Iraqis with a visceral, sickening vehemence. That’s why they sanctioned us, invaded us and then unleashed MossadDaesh on top of our heads. That’s why their “Clean Break” and “Oded Yinon” plans are centered around facilitating our demise. That’s why they developed P2OG. Don’t want or need sympathy from them as it isn’t even remotely necessary to validate the bravery and purity of our martyrs. Simply pointing out that MSM is the enemy of all free people, especially Iraqis, and its coverage/reportage on everything (and our region particularly) should not be sought out but thrashed, debunked, broken down and destroyed.

In this instance, the atrocious hasbara of the Judeophilic Western press (aka Daesh’s greatest mouthpiece) that needs obliteration is the sectarian narrative that ISIS is only targeting Shi’a. Yes, both Karrada and Shaab are predominantly Iraqi Shi’a Muslim districts but people from other Islamic schools of thought and a sizeable number of Christians live there as well, with Karrada being known as one of the most pluralistic places in all of Iraq. There were over 200 innocents wounded on top of the (at least) 167 martyrs, and among them were indeed Shi’a, Sunnis and Christians. Stop using Zionist-Saudi-Takfiri language and sectarianizing the struggle against the Wahhabi current; leave that to the terrorists and their masters. It is our job, nay, OUR DUTY, to unify in the face of Dajjal. Besides, as Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah once said, he who speaks with sectarian language is an ‘Israeli’, so there you have it straight from the Hizbullah Secretary-General himself:

QUIT FOLLOWING THE ZIONIST-GCC MSM LINGUISTIC LINE as you are only performing a huge service for the enemies of Islam and doing a huge disservice to all those hurt by Takfirism. My heart bleeds, breaks, contorts and screams for my beloved fallen countrymen. May ALLAH (SWT) grant the families of the martyrs sabr, sumoud and salaam and provide the speediest of recoveries to the wounded.

‪#‎LongLiveIraq‬ ‪#‎DeathToDaesh‬ ‪#‎DeathToSectarianism‬ ‪#‎WeAreOneHand‬

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