DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:15 PM) – Footage released by the Ansarullah Media Center and media office of the Ministy of Internal Affairs of Yemen show that forces loyal to Ansarullah, also known as the Houthis, have raided and shut down Sana’a-based news outlet Yemen Today, which is tied to the General People’s Congress party (GPC) of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Pictures show Ansarullah troops in the studio of the television broadcaster, as well as flags of the GPC and a poster of Saleh’s eldest son, Ahmed Saleh, who used to be Yemen’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates before the outbreak of the war in March 2015. Broadcasting was reportedly still taking place right up to the moment when Ansarullah forces entered the compound.

The shutdown of Yemen Today comes after Ali Abdullah Saleh turned against his former Houthi allies on Friday.

The past three days have witnessed fierce clashes between Ansarullah forces and troops supporting Saleh, after a conflict between the two former allies sparked in the wake of Thursday’s celebrations commemorating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Former president Saleh reportedly called on the Saudi-led coalition to “turn the page” on Saturday, to which Saudi Arabia responded by supporting his forces with aerial bombardments on Ansarullah positions in Sana’a.

However, reports have it that Ansarullah has regained control over much of the Yemeni capital city on Sunday, driving the Saleh militias back and raiding several military compounds, one of which was reportedly positioned close to the Saudi embassy.

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