Resisting President LAHOUD: We Must Defend Lebanon Whenever Being under Attack

Lahoud: We Must Defend Lebanon Whenever Being under Attack

Local EditorLebanon: Former President Emile Lahoud

Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud stressed on Monday that “Lebanon did not abandon the Arab consensus, but Arabs abandoned it as they are working to reach consensus on Israel,” attributing the reason of Saudi escalating policies towards Lebanon to the losses of Kingdom in the Syrian battlefield.

During an interview with Al-Manar TV channel, President Lahoud pointed out that Saudis wanted to deliver a message to the Lebanese people that the existence of their country depends on its sponsorship, stating that whenever there is an attack on Lebanon, the Lebanese people must defend themselves and not distance themselves.

Lahoud expressed beliefs that the root problem of the region is ‘Israel’, which is plotting conspiracies sponsored by the United States within the Persian Gulf states, and implemented by the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) takfiri group.

The outline is made by Israel and the executioners are some regional states with the help of Washington, whose foreign policy is influenced by the Zionist lobby,” the ex-President said, adding that the United States wanted to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as a punishment for his stand with the resistance against Israel.

“His [Assad’s] stance rescued Lebanon, especially Christians who are being exterminated in the region at the hands of ISIL and other terrorist groups,” he said.

He noted that the first loser in Syria will be ‘Israel’, which is trying to compensate for its defeat by provoking sedition in Lebanon.

“If the Saudi claims about fighting ISIL were true, so why they would have stopped the aid to the army that is fighting terrorist groups?” Lahoud asked in reference to halting the Saudi ‘grant’ promised for Lebanon, stressing that those terrorist groups are being supported by the countries that halted aid to the Lebanese army.

“Saudi Arabia is confused today, therefore it is behaving this illogic in Lebanon, while the Lebanese politicians who are walking the Saudi path receive monthly salaries from the Kingdom, while the Saudi aid for Lebanon is being allocated for the leaders and not for the impoverished people in the North, Akkar and other poor regions.

Ex-president Lahoud stressed that we were able to liberate the land because our dignity is very dear, where as the biggest threat is coming from the refugees whom are being used as a card to put pressure on Lebanon and to blow up the situation.

Moreover, putting pressure on the Resistance by threatening the Lebanese abroad with their livelihood, will be in vain, Lahoud stressed, noting that our dignity comes in the first place before our livelihood,” reassuring that the economic situation is stable and strong amid the presence of Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riyad Salameh.

Regarding the apology demanded by Saudi Arabia from Lebanon’s cabinet, Lahoud said that the Lebanese people didn’t commit any mistake and they are not slaves for anyone.

Lahoud highlighted that the Resistance in Lebanon has defeated ‘Israel’, and today “we are stronger than before by our army and resistance, and we can defeat the countries that are conspiring against Lebanon and Syria.”

Source: Al Manar TV

01-03-2016 – 15:24 Last updated 01-03-2016 – 15:25


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