Iran: Syria Crisis Planned to Overshadow Palestinian Cause

of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Kamal Kharrazi told the Secretary General of Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad, Ramadan Abdallah Shallah, that the Syrian crisis was planned to make the Islamic World forget the Palestinian cause.

Kharrazi and Ramadan Abdallah Shallah

The Syria crisis which was planned by the Zionist regime, US and reactionary regimes of the region aimed to weaken the axis of resistance member states and to prepare the ground for overlooking the Palestinian issue, IRNA news agency quoted Kharrazi as saying.

He underlined that recent masseurs taken by certain regional states against Lebanese resistance Hezbollah and labeling it a terrorist groups was an action in support of Zionist regime.

Kharrazi and Shalah stressed unity among all Palestinian factions, adding that Palestinian cause should be the top priority of Islamic World.

During the meeting, Islamic Jihad S.G. said that Iran is the only advocate of Palestinian nation.

He underlined that Palestinian nation’s resistance will continue until liberation of the occupied lands.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian issue is not on the agenda of Arab states and instead of Israel, they label Iran as their enemy, the Iranian official added.

Source: Agencies

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IOF Destroys Palestinian House in West Bank 

Israel on Tuesday destroyed the West Bank home of a Palestinian accused of aiding in the October 2015 operation against Israeli settlers occupied territory.

Palestinian Zeid Amr, aged 26 or 27, is accused of being part of a squad from the resistance movement Hamas that ambushed and shot dead Naama and Eitam as they drove on a road between two West Bank settlements.

Amr, who is alleged to have staked out the attack site ahead of the shooting, was detained along with four other suspects a few days after the attack.IOF Destroys Palestinian House in West Bank

His father Ziad Amr told AFP that Israeli troops arrived at the family apartment in the northern West Bank city of Nablus around 6:30 am (0330 GMT on Tuesday.

“They destroyed interior walls and closed off our home,” he said, adding that the family had been given advance warning after their appeal in Israel’s Supreme Court was rejected.

An Israeli army spokeswoman confirmed the demolition.

It was the latest such demolition carried out by Israel, which human rights groups say amounts to collective punishment.

The occupied territories have been, since October 1, rocked by a wave of operations against Zionists in retaliation of the Israeli repressive measures against the Palestinians across the West Bank and especially in al-Quds.

Zionist settlers backed by occupation forces have been repeatedly storming the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, sparking Palestinian anger.

However the occupation forces have been brutally attacking the Palestinians under the pretext of staging stabbing attacks.

The Palestinian operations since the start of October have killed 28 Israelis, while the Israeli occupation forces killed 201 Palestinians.

Source: AFP

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