On the Maronite Patriarch call for Lebanon’s “Neutrality”

Sheikh Qabalan: Neutrality in Logic of Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ Means Aligning with the Right and Facing Oppression


July 19, 2020

Head of the Higher Shiite Islamic Council in Lebanon, Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan, addressed Sunday the nation on the anniversary of 2006 War, hailing and greeting the martyrs and victory makers “who have protected the dignity and pride of all the Lebanese.”

Sheikh Qabalan stressed that absurdity and crookedness characterize all those who voice sympathy with the traitors who collaborated with the Israeli enemy under various pretexts, warning against intersecting plans with the foreign schemes based on imposing the economic siege on Lebanon and stirring sedition among the various Lebanese parties.

Sheikh Qabalan emphasized that neutrality in the logic of Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ means aligning with the right and facing oppression, noting that who follows this path may never lose.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

Bassil Supports Neutrality “Which Preserves Lebanon’s Strength in Face of Israel”


July 19, 2020

Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) Head, MP Gibran Bassil, said on Sunday, at the end of his meeting with the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi, in Diman, that the FPM supported Lebanon’s neutrality, noting that he applied this approach at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Neutralization is a subjective decision, and distancing is a decision that is required of us and others,” Bassil added.

“Neutralism is a decision we have taken and should be implemented with the aim of taking a strategic position, in order to reach a local consensus, otherwise we will face internal problems,” he went on.

In this regard, the MP also called for “securing an international umbrella to include countries that respect and implement neutrality, and neighboring countries must recognize this principle.”

He added that he supports the neutrality that preserves Lebanon and its unity and protects its strength in facing Israeli ambitions and eliminating the weighty burden of the Syrian displacement.

Bassil concluded by saying that Lebanon is basically a point of convergence and a bridge linking both East and West together, and characterized by its system of cultural openness and integration, as well as a role model of coexistence between religions and cultures, which ensures the stability of the country.

Source: NNA

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