erdogan saudi king

by Jonathan Azaziah

Wherever the American regime and the genocidal Zionist entity are engaging in skullduggery anywhere in the world, the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness and its UAE partner are usually right around the corner. And now thanks to Mujtahidd, the infamous Saudi “royal” Twitter activist with a secret identity who has exposed many gruesome private tidbits about his monarchical kin, we know this is true for Turkey too. According to the Najdi whistleblower, Saudi Deputy “Crown Prince” Muhammad bin Salman was provided with advanced knowledge of the coup against Erdogan by Muhammad bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, the “Crown Prince” of Abu Dhabi. This would explain PERFECTLY why Al-Arabiya and Asharq al-Awsat–which has actually been going after Erdogan for weeks now–among other Saudi mouthpiece channels and papers, as well as Sky News Arabic, the mouthpiece of the Emirati autocrats, were jovially celebrating the Turkish Armed Forces’ attempted putsch. This would also explain PERFECTLY why Egyptian tyrant Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the butcher of Yemenis and besieger of Palestinians, didn’t merely rail against “Sultan” Recep but blocked a UN resolution to condemn the coup. Such a move by Sisi, an absolute minion of Al-Saud and Al-Nahyan’s petrodollars, could not (and would not) have been made without full coordination between the Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati foreign ministries. In layman’s terms, the Wahhabi despots in Riyadh and the UAE are blitzing Erdogan with full force on the media and political/diplomatic fronts, including through their paid clients like Sisi.

Let us also not forget that the ‘Israeli’-adored, murderous Masri maniac is also America’s client first and foremost, so the US State Dept was also consulted prior to blocking the UN resolution. And this isn’t the only area where the hands of Washington are present in the Turkey coup; the connections are piling up by the minute. General Bekir Ercan Van, the commander of the Incirlik Air Base where the US flies its fake “anti-ISIS” coalition missions out of, has been arrested in connection with the “regime change” operation. The missing 42 helicopters from the Turkish Armed Forces’ fleet, which represent an ominous possibility of a second coup attempt, also departed from Incirlik. Could that many choppers and the commander of the base where American forces are so deeply entrenched and in fact de facto control of disappear to take part in a coup without any American approval at all? Fat chance.

Moreover, anyone who watched the “news” in the US as the attempted ouster unfolded, didn’t matter if it was Chabadnik Murdoch’s Fox News, ‘Israeli’ billionaire Aviv Nevo’s CNN, ADL stalwart Ralph J. Roberts’ MSNBC and others, would have seen each of these channels hosting CIA, FBI, US army and DIA officials who were all waxing lyrical over the prospect of Erdogan’s rule being no more and even offering on-air advice to the coup plotters. It was almost surreal. So in a fashion identical to that of Saudi-Emirati media, the entirety of Zionist-owned media in the United Snakes of IsraHELL was agitating against Erdogan and advocating for the putschists.

Now granted there is an element of intra-Khaleeji/intra-Wahhabi rivalry at play here, with the Saudi and Emirati regimes backing the Turkish army as they did in Egypt and Qatar backing its “Muslim” Brotherhood brethren Erdogan. It is certain that Riyadh and Abu Dhabi want to keep Ankara in check, as they view Erdogan as their chief competition in maintaining total dominion over the Sunni world and maintaining its ongoing Wahhabiization, but this is a secondary analytical point. Saudi Arabia functions as a fulcrum of US-‘Israeli’ hegemony, not the hand that operates the fulcrum when it so chooses, and damn sure not an equal partner.

Thus, at the behest of its masters, Al-Saud is simply playing its part in more Anglo-Zionist destabilization against a “fellow brother in Islam” like it has done in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan and so many other states. Erdogan is scum made flesh, and a war criminal, but the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi alliance which has used him as a battering ram against the Syrian Arab Reublic and the Resistance Axis as a whole is infinitely more evil, destructive and dangerous. And it is for this reason that despite all of his crimes, sectarianism and treason–crimes which should secure him an everlasting place in Jahannam–the coup against Recep Tayyip Erdogan the Mad Takfiri Tyrant must be blasted and exposed, for the sake of staving off anymore chaos in our region; chaos which, ironically enough, the Turkish president himself is very much responsible for.


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