Good point: Lavrov Deep-Fries Merkel: US Tapped Your Phone, But You’re Whining About ‘Russian Hacking’?

Lavrov Deep-Fries Merkel: US Tapped Your Phone, But You’re Whining About ‘Russian Hacking’?

Russia’s Foreign Minister points out the obvious. Again.

A gentleman and a scholar
A gentleman and a scholar
It’s not even up for debate — Sergei Lavrov is in a league of his own. Russia’s Foreign Minister mutilates NATO press releases  in his sleep and eats Washington soundbites for breakfast — no salt.

As you are well aware, Sergei dropped a payload of painful truth on Mike Pence’s smug, smarmy face during the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. But that was just a warm-up. Pence is a small fish in a big ocean of idiots.

On the sidelines of the Munich conference, Lavrov participating in a meeting with top diplomats from the Normandy Four (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine).

Angela Merkel used this opportunity to lecture Lavrov and the rest of the audience about the dangers of Russian hacking.

You think Lavrov just sat there and took it on the chin? No. When it was his turn to speak, he reminded the entire world that Angela Merkel’s phones were tapped by her “ally”, and that this is a confirmed fact, and that Angela Merkel is a sad puppet:

The German story was shown to be a fact. You know when it happened, several years ago. It was confirmed that top officials had had their phones tapped. And the other day there was a leak showing that the 2012 presidential election campaign in France coincided with cyber-espianage on the part of the CIA. And talking to a journalist today, a CIA representative said that he had no comments to offer.

So I repeat: show us the facts.

So basically Lavrov can check “told Merkel to her face that she’s a miserable witch” off his bucket list.

A true hero. Watch (starts around 6:40):

We love this man:

How Russia Implements the Minsk 2 Agreement, by Scott Humor


A few years ago, I was having coffee with my then-business partner. He happened to be in the middle of a process called “enrolling your child in a private school.”

In my naiveté I thought that this process was a fairly straightforward one: you give them your application and a check, and they accept your kid. But apparently, there were more people with money that this particular school was willing to take, and as it happened, his step-daughter didn’t get in the previous year.

“You didn’t accept my daughter last year,” he reminded the head of the admission office.

“I am sorry, but your application came in after the deadline,” she was on speakerphone, so I could hear her clearly. He looked at me and shook his head mouthing, “No, she is lying.”

“Are you aware that I am an alumnus of this school? I was there from kindergarten through high school. After school I served in the Army, got a master’s degree in engineering and I’ve been a military contractor for thirty years.”

“Oh,” she said. “I didn’t know that. Congratulations.”

“I’m also a certified explosives specialist, which means that I know how to defuse explosive devices and also how to set them up. I can make a powerful explosive from several common household items. If you don’t accept my daughter to your school, I am going to blow up your administrative building with all of you inside.”

“Oh,” she said. “I see. Well, there is no need for you to do that. There is no need to blow us up. We are accepting your daughter as we speak. She is already in.”

Later I asked why wasn’t he worried about her reporting him to the feds.

“She is not going to. She got my message. I reminded her that the school is a private club in which I, as part of its alumni, am a member, and she is a hired aid. It costs north of a half a million dollars to go from kindergarten to  graduation in this school. She is getting paid and has her job with the club members’ fees that I pay. If they treat me badly, other alumni will realize that the hired help took power over the club members. As a result, they might withdraw their support, the school will go bankrupt, and all those f-ing servants would lose their livelihood.”

Something similar took place in the UN building to Mr. Lavrov, Russia’s foreign secretary. He was known to smoke before, during, and after meetings, so the UN secretary Kofi Annan declared “a war on smoking” and started gathering petitions among the staff workers to ban smoking inside the UN building.

Everybody understood that the smoking ban was directed personally against Lavrov and everyone knew that this would put additional pressure on him during the long and stressful negotiations.

For 70-some years, no one even thought about banning smoking, and now this. It all, allegedly, ended when Sergey Lavrov told to Kofi Annan that the UN was a common home for its members. I.e., Anon was nothing but a hired manager, a fired help in essence. “Please, don’t try to tell us, the owners of this home, how to behave,” Lavrov said reportedly.

On February 18, a historic event took place that very few people even noticed. In a word, Russia has started implementation of the Minsk 2 Agreement.

A couple of weeks ago, in one of my previous SITREPs,  I wrote that Russia was about to start implementing the Minsk Accord, after the numerous demands to do so coming from the EU and the US parliaments and also from their individual member states.

Russia has the same level of the involvement in this agreement as Germany and France. The agreement was signed by the Kiev authorities and the authorities of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics. At the signature time, all three sides had the same questionable level of legitimacy, resulting from the violent armed coup and the civil war.

After the Minsk agreement was signed, Germany, France, the EU and the US imposed political, economic and military sanctions on Russia, which have been completely illegitimate. The sanctions have been imposed under a false pretense of making Russia fulfill the Minsk Agreement, which it is not a part.

Russia, in response, imposed several counter-sanctions on the EU members and the US.

The Presidential executive order to recognize the identification papers issued by the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics is in fact the unilateral sanctions that Russia imposes on Kiev authorities, France and Germany, the EU and the US in order for them to fulfill the Minsk-2 Agreement, which should result in cessation of all armed hostilities and withdrawal of all foreign troops, including all the NATO troops, the US, Polish, German and Canadian military advisers, the CIA and so on.

After the foreign troops have been withdrawn, the federalization of Ukraine will take place with local independent elections.

Again, the Minsk-2 Agreement is a pure genius document that lays out a road map for a peaceful liberation of Ukraine from the foreign military occupation and the transfer of political and state powers from the hands of foreign agents that took the power as a result of an armed coup, and transfer this power back into the hands of the people.

By this presidential order, Putin demonstrates to all the politicians involved in the Ukrainian crisis that people living on the territory called Ukraine are the club members, and the Western politicians subjecting the people to an endless bloody armed conflict are nothing but hired help gone mad.

In the following days more will be written and said about this presidential executive order. There is no doubt that it was a carefully calculated, timed, and prepared event. Below is the outline of the some steps taken before this degree was signed.


We have been waiting for this for so long…

Everyone is ready.


  1. Anti-terror forces

On Thursday, February 16th, Vladimir Putin took part in an annual expanded meeting of the Federal Security Service (FSB) Board to discuss the FSB’s results for 2016 and the priority tasks for ensuring Russia’s national security.

“Military-political and economic rivalry between global and regional policy makers and between individual countries has increased.

International terrorist groups, essentially terrorist armies, receiving tacit and sometimes even open support from some countries, take active part in these conflicts.

At the NATO summit last July in Warsaw, Russia was declared the main threat to the alliance for the first time since 1989, and NATO officially proclaimed containing Russia its new mission. It is with this aim that NATO continues its expansion.

They have stepped up the deployment of strategic and conventional arms beyond the national borders of the principal NATO member states.

They are provoking us constantly and are trying to draw us into confrontation.

 We see continued attempts to interfere in our internal affairs in a bid to destabilise the social and political situation in Russia itself.

We also see the recent serious flare-up in southeast Ukraine.

What is more, they (the current Ukrainian authorities) speak openly about organising sabotage and terrorism, particularly in Russia. Obviously, this is a matter of great concern.”

  1. Warning to people to stay home

On the same day, 16 February 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning for Russian citizens travelling abroad on the risk of detention or arrest in third countries at the request of US law enforcement agencies or intelligence services

“The US continues the unacceptable practice of ‘hunting’ for Russian citizens around the world.”

“The number of such incidents now exceeds 30. In 2016, four Russian citizens were extradited to the United States: Maxim Senakh, Alexander Sergeyev, and Mikhail Serov from Finland, and Mark Vartanyan from Norway. Among the latest cases, we can cite the recent arrest of Stanislav Lisov in Spain.

We strongly recommend that Russian citizens, when planning travel abroad, weigh up carefully all the risks, especially if they have reason to believe that American law enforcement agencies might have demands in their regard. “

  1. Russia’s ultimatum

On February 18, Speaking at the Munich Security Conference Lavrov said:  Moscow as well will not lift counter-sanctions against the EU until Minsk deal is implemented

In essence, this is Russia’s unilateral sanctions against the EU and US. If the EU and US fail to do anything, there will be more sanctions.

“As our European partners are saying in regard to sanctions, I have already spoken on that matter. Since it is quite illogical and artificial to talk about the formula that Minsk agreements should be implemented by Russia then the European Union will lift sanctions. We also want the Minsk agreements to be implemented and our sanctions against the European Union would not be lifted as well until the Minsk agreements are implemented,” Lavrov said speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

  1. Moscow’s decision has been completely unforeseen and unanticipated

Lavrov didn’t mention the subject of validated IDs of Donbass resident at the Munich Security Conference and he didn’t mention this option during the Normandy Four meeting.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

FMs met on sidelines | Главы МИД “Нормандской четверки” встретились «на полях» Мюнхенской конференции по безопасности

“The decree stated clearly this was made out of humanitarian concerns…until Minsk agreements have been fulfilled. The presidential decree validated IDs of Donbass residents so that they could enter Russia legally and use Russian rail transport and air carriers,” he explained.”

After the eruption of the crisis in Ukraine in 2014, over a million of Donbass residents applied for a refugee status and temporary shelter in Russia. According to Russia’s Federal Migration Service, more than 1 million people fled to Russia following the outbreak of the civil war in Ukraine, of whom approximately 600,000 decided to settle there permanently.

  1. A day before, on February 17th, Plotnitskiy and Aleksandr Zakharchenko made a very important statement

“we decided to implement a programme of humanitarian aid and environmental safety for our brothers and sisters living in Ukraine-controlled Donbass areas. The main guidelines for humanitarian assistance are medical and educational services, payments to veterans and assistance to divided families.

We wish to underscore that humanitarian foundations have been set up to support our fellow countrymen. The programme also envisions joint cultural, educational and sport events involving residents on both sides of the contact line.”

This means that people living on the territory of Donbass that is occupied by junta and foreign supra-national organizations like the EU and NATO will be able to get  the republics IDs, and will be able to travel to Russia visa free for work, education or leisure.

This indicates that the Presidential order concerns not just the Donbass republics but an entire population of Ukraine.

Executive Order on recognising documents issued to Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons living in certain districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions

Being guided by universally recognised principles and standards of the international humanitarian law and in order to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, the President has resolved that temporarily, during the political settlement period of the crisis in certain districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions pursuant to the Minsk Agreements, personal identification documents, education and (or) qualification certificates, birth certificates, marriage, divorce, name change and death certificates, vehicle registration certificates, and vehicle registration plates issued by the corresponding authorities (organisations), valid in the specified district, will be recognised in the Russian Federation as valid for Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in those areas.

Pursuant to the Executive Order, Ukrainian citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in certain districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions can enter and leave the Russian Federation without applying for visas upon showing identification documents (birth certificates for children under the age of 16), issued by the corresponding authorities which are valid in the said districts.

The Government of the Russian Federation has been instructed to take the necessary measures to implement this Executive Order.

The Executive Order will come into effect upon its signing.

A few additional points

  1. On February 18th, the Red Star military TV channel posted two videos of what is a clear message from the Defense ministry that MIG-31 is able to fly in stratosphere and to shoot down satellites and ballistic missiles with R33 missiles.

This fighter jet is fully battle ready, it takes them about 7.5 minutes to reach the stratosphere

That’s how the Russian pilots see the earth from 21,500 meters at the speed of 2,500 k/h 


  1. Denazification of Ukraine is going at steady path: Ukrainian news sources report that in Munich airport Interpol arrested former commander of the punitive armed formation 11th battalion “Kievskaya Rus” Yuriy Starov. He was detained following the Simferopol court decision, on the charges brought up by FSB against Mr. Starov in relations to his activities during the war on Donbass. He is fighting an extradition, but it looks like the Kiev authorities won’t be able to prevent Germany from extraditing him to Russia, since as a  Crimean he is considered to be a citizen of Russia.
  2. If you are looking for a precedent, the South Ossetia and Georgia come to mind:

“Plainly speaking, Putin sent a wire to Poroshenko, with simple and clear message, “Peter, dot. Remember the South Ossetia, dot. Take care of yourself, dot. Putin, dot.” Upon hearing about this decree, I immediately imagined future developments, based on the experience of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. Georgia  had “experimented” with the population of South Ossetia prior to the Russian intervention, and tried to “experiment” after, but not for long. It all had started when Russia and South Ossetia signed an agreement on the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure, which implicitly recognized the Republic, and it ended with the Russian troops responding to the direct aggression of Georgia, after which Russia recognized the South Ossetia and Abkhazia. However, in this scenario, Russia didn’t have a need to recognize passports of the South Ossetia, which the Republic started issuing in 2006, as all the residents of the republic at that time have already had the Russian passports.”

Veritas:Meanwhile Porkie invites VP Pence to come to Ukraine and whines about what the Russians are doing in Donbass. The “Normandy 4” all agree steps and again the whinney FM of Ukrnazi land dismisses the meeting to Reuters as soon as he leaves……well I suppose they have insane McCain to keep them warm at night!

The Kulak: “I still think Putin has the radar data showing a (Georgian) Air Force SU25KM, likely with a Georgian pilot, ambushing the airline after being vectored to it from a controller on the ground, most likely at the Dnepro tower controlled by Ihor Kholomoisky. This is why he is acting as if he has a ‘Trump card’ pun intended in the coming negotiations with the Trump Admin over Ukraine.

Someone who did not wouldn’t double down or take a tougher negotiating line as they did over the Munich Security Conference weekend by announcing LDNR citizens will now have their documents recognized in the RF, which of course is a preliminary step as everyone understands to giving Donetsk or Lugansk residents Russian passports. The kompromat Putin has on the false flag group that carried out MH17 (with clear coordination with the CIA, if not direct Langley involvement for deniability purposes, since the CIA’s people orchestrated the media hate campaign that was prepackaged as it were) is along with the Polish/Right Sector combined team Maidan snipers IDs and other Russian SIGINT we don’t know of the ‘high card’ in the coming talks.

Per the Kulak: John Helmer: US Navy releasing no pics/video of latest SU24 flyby incident in Black Sea, USS Porter may’ve been closer to Crimea than USN admits

“The US nuclear-armed missile destroyer, USS Porter, was steaming full-speed across the Black Sea in the direction of the Russian coastline, its Tomahawk firing radars activated, when a Russian airborne signals reconnaissance aircraft and three SU-24 fighter-bombers arrived in three waves. The US European Command headquarters in Stuttgart announced that the incidents had occurred on Tuesday, February 14, calling the Russian flights “unsafe and unprofessional”, putting the vessel and the militaries of the US and Russia at risk of “accident or miscalculation.”  The Pentagon repeated the exact words after daylight broke on the same day in Washington. But that was four days after the incidents had  actually taken place on Friday, February 10. The Russian Defense Ministry replied in the Moscow evening of February 14 that there “were no incidents”.”

This is how NATO ends:  Not with a bang but a whimper

This is how NATO ends: with the quiet shuttering of an irrelevant Brussels office building in September 2020. 

Scott Humor

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We Are Living in a ‘Post-Truth’ Era


By Richard Edmondson

Recently Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made an interesting comment. He described the time we are living in as a “post-truth” era. It’s a very apt, on-target description.

Lavrov made the comment at the Munich Security Conference, held February 17-19 in Munich, Germany. In his remarks at the gathering he spoke of the need for nations to seek harmony by advancing justice and also by practicing “modesty,” as he termed it. It’s hard to find fault with such a proposal.

“If everyone adopts that approach,” said Lavrov, “we could overcome the period of post-truth fast and resist information wars imposed on the international community.”

“Information wars” in a “post-truth” era–this of course is what we are experiencing now.

Lavrov also said that the expansion of NATO “has led to an unprecedented level of tension over the last 30 years in Europe,” and yet Russia now nonetheless seeks a relationship with the US based upon “pragmatism, mutual respect, and an understanding of special responsibility for global stability.”

Compare Lavrov’s remarks to those of Vice President Mike Pence, who represented America at the conference. Pence alluded to President Trump’s desire for better relations with Russia, but at the same time he also adopted a belligerent tone, calling for Russia to be held “accountable” for events in Ukraine.

“In regard to Ukraine we must hold Russia accountable and demand that they honor the Minsk agreements, beginning by deescalating the violence in eastern Ukraine,” Pence said.

He also spoke of “Russia’s efforts to redraw international borders by force,” an apparent reference to the alleged “forced annexation” of Crimea. Despite claims perpetually made by the media in this post-truth era, Crimea was not annexed by force. A referendum was held there on March 16, 2014 in which more than 96 percent of the people voted to join Russia. The referendum took place after the US had sponsored a coup in Kiev, overthrowing the legitimate, democratically-elected government.

One wonders: does Pence believe the US should be held “accountable” for organizing the coup which triggered the Ukrainian conflict in the first place? Apparently he does not.

Another US speaker at the conference in Munich was Sen. John McCain, who discussed what he views as the indispensable role that America and the rest of the West have played in advancing “truth,” and in advancing the current global order as well as the “prosperity” that the West now supposedly enjoys.

“We must take our own side in this fight,” said McCain. “We must be vigilant. We must persevere. And through it all, we must never, never cease to believe in the moral superiority of our own values—that we stand for truth against falsehood, freedom against tyranny, right against injustice, hope against despair.”

McCain made no mention of America’s shameful support for terrorists in Syria, and it defies logic of course to describe the US, whose mainstream media are widely recognized as the number one purveyors of fake news, as standing “for truth against falsehood” in today’s world.

The Arizona senator also described the West as having ushered in an “unprecedented period of security and prosperity that we have enjoyed for the past seven decades”–and of course for the wealthiest one percent, we are, no doubt about it, in an “unprecedented” period of prosperity. But the unemployment rolls and the numbers of homeless people on the streets of America would suggest that the “prosperity” has not been enjoyed by all. McCain may not be “certified,” as such, but he does appear to be a fully-fledged lunatic.

The unprecedented period of security and prosperity that we have enjoyed for the past seven decades did not happen by accident. It happened not only because of the appeal of our values, but because we backed them with our power and persevered in their defense. Our predecessors did not believe in the end of history—or that it bends, inevitably, toward justice. That is up to us. That requires our persistent, painstaking effort. And that is why we come to Munich, year after year after year.

McCain objectified his laudatory comments in terms of “the West,” for of course he was speaking at a conference held in the EU. But in his use of the words “we” and “us,” what he really meant was America. America is the “indispensable” and “exceptional” nation–this is the ideology relentlessly, one might even say fanatically, adhered to by US leaders and the mainstream media.

So it seems that while we get truth out of a Russian official like Lavrov, we get delusions, reverie, fantasy, and outright lies from our own leaders. Americans, I would say for the most part, are good, decent people. How did we end up in this fix?

Perhaps worth recalling are the words of Jesus: “The last will be first, and the first will be last.” If that principle applies to nations as well as to individuals, then the implications for America are not good.

By the way, those words–about the last becoming first and the first becoming last–appear in one form or another in Matthew 19:30 and again in 20:16, as well as in Mark 10:31 and Luke 13:30. Additionally, in Luke 9:48 we have Jesus telling his disciples that, “the one who is least among all of you is the one who is the greatest,” this after overhearing them arguing about which one was to become the “greatest.”

And let us not forget also the episode related in the Gospel of John of Jesus washing his disciple’s feet. What we can conclude, then, is that the practicing of humility was a central tenet of Jesus’ teachings. Perhaps little wonder that Jesus was not terribly popular with his fellow Jews. Jewish “exceptionalism” (or more specifically “chosenness”) was, and still is, a central component of Judaic belief.

And yes, what we have in America are leaders who, rather than practice humility, spout boastful words like McCain’s. Thus it should come as no surprise we now find ourselves in a “post-truth” era. After all, boasting and lying are two human traits which go very much hand in hand.

I often wonder when, if ever, we will have a leader who will make Americans proud to be Americans again. Sadly it has been a very long time since we had one.

De Mistura between Lavrov, Al-Jubeir, and Guterres دي ميستورا بين لافروف والجبير وغوتيريس

De Mistura between Lavrov, Al-Jubeir, and Guterres

Written by Nasser Kandil,

فبراير 7, 2017

Since his assuming the mission of the UN Envoy in Syria Steffan De Mistura was a mediator in promoting the sectarian formula to reorganize the state in Syria by the force of the war waged by the alliance extends from Washington to Al-Qaeda organization including Turkey, France, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, but he determined to make Syria surrounded by a region that feels hostility toward it starting from Al-Qaeda organization represented by Al Nusra front towards which he was keen on creating formulas to improve its position as money laundering returning from the sale of drugs, and the Saudi Israeli bilateral with which he has relations starting from the money and ending with the intelligence work with Israel, since he was an envoy in Lebanon sponsoring the hostility toward the resistance. De Mistura is the owner of the theory of the inspiring Lebanese example for the political solution in Syria in a call for a settlement that ensures the presidency of the President Bashar Al-Assad but by making the presidential position for his sect without powers and making the position of the Prime Minister belong to a sect that is controlled by Saudi Arabia with powers that drive Syria to a path similar to the path of Lebanon after Taif Agreement but without an  auspices as provided by Syria to Lebanon.

The balances of the ruling powers of the first stages of De Mistura’s mission were providing his project the prosperity, so it was an opportunity to reveal his cards which were no longer hidden for each one who dealt with the issue entitled the political solution in Syria, and because Moscow before its military involvement in Syria was dealing with the political endeavors and preventing the employment of  the decision of the war in the philosophy of politics, it was witnessing De Mistura’s plots and clashing with them, towards the stages when the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who was concerned in following up the political issue of Syria was forced to talk about De Mistura in a language that beholds him the responsibilities of supporting the terrorism and the postponement in doing what is needed, being away from accomplishing his duties and mobilizing his position as a UN envoy unfairly. Many times De Mistura has disabled Russian initiatives as the attempt of expanding the delegation of the opposition, or neglecting the talk about a ruling transitional body in order to go to a political ceiling for a solution that stems from the Syrian constitution and includes its modification and holding the elections on its basis. Lavrov does not forget the interferences of De Mistura in the Security Council in which he did not hesitate to accuse Russia of committing war crimes. Syria as well cannot forget all the collisions with De Mistura and his malignant behavior, as well as his conspiracies in the essence and in the details.

The coincidence between the victory of the Syrian army supported by its allies in Aleppo and the election of Antonio Guterres as a new Secretary-General of the United Nations has formed a change in the destination of the surrounding circumstances with the work of De Mistura whose his task will end in Spring unless renewed by Guterres. The information says that the understanding which enabled Guterres to occupy the position includes an agreement with Russia to exempt De Mistura from his tasks and nominating an alternative that is agreed upon with Moscow. In the beginning of the year, De Mistura has been notified by the Secretary- General the ending of his tasks in spring, so he assumed to coordinate with Russia and through the withdrawal of the veto on the continuation of his tasks. It seems that this has happened with the positions which expressed by De Mistura recently, that includes the formation of a delegation that gathers the formations of the opposition by consensus or by force, and a political ceiling that includes the government, constitution and elections. The campaign organized by the opposition that lives in Riyadh against him was just the echo of the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir to restore the changeable UN envoy, while the interference of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to support him was just the echo of the understanding between Gutterres and Lavrov.

Once again after the victory of Aleppo and Astana Path the role of the UN envoy in the United Nations has moved to be under the test, to see his concordance with the variables, will De Mistura succeed or fail?

Translated By Lina Shehadeh,

دي ميستورا بين لافروف والجبير وغوتيريس

فبراير 3, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– منذ توليه مهمته كمبعوث أممي في سورية كان ستيفان دي ميستورا وسيط تسويق الصيغة الطائفية لإعادة تنظيم الدولة في سورية، بقوة الحرب التي يشنها الحلف الممتد من واشنطن إلى تنظيم القاعدة وبينهما تركيا وفرنسا والسعودية و«إسرائيل»، لكنه عقد العزم ليكون لسان حال منطقة وسط هي الأشد عداء لسورية، بين تنظيم القاعدة ممثلاً بجبهة النصرة التي كان يحرص على ابتكار صيغ تبييضها، كما يتم تبييض الأموال العائدة من بيع المخدرات، ومن جهة مقابلة الثنائي السعودي «الإسرائيلي» الذي تربطه به علاقات تبدأ من المال وتنتهي بالعمل الاستخباري مع «إسرائيل» منذ كان مبعوثاً في لبنان يرعى العداء للمقاومة. ودي ميستورا هو صاحب نظرية انموذج اللبناني الملهم للحل السياسي في سورية، بدعوة لتسوية تثبت رئاسة الرئيس بشار الأسد، ولكن وفقاً لجعل المنصب الرئاسي لطائفته ونزع صلاحياتها، وجعل رئاسة الحكومة من موقع طائفي تتحكّم به السعودية وبصلاحيات تأخذ سورية لمسار شبيه بمسار لبنان بعد الطائف، ولكن من دون رعاية كالتي وفرتها سورية للبنان.

– كانت موازين القوى الحاكمة للمراحل الأولى من مهمة دي ميستورا تتيح لمشروعه فرص الحياة، ولذلك كانت فرصة ليكشف أوراقه التي لم تعد خافية على كل من تعاطى عن كثب بالملف المسمّى الحل السياسي في سورية، ولأن موسكو منذ ما قبل انخراطها العسكري في سورية تقف على بعض المساعي السياسية وتوظيف منع قرار الحرب في فلسفة السياسة، كانت تشهد مؤامرات دي ميستورا وتشتبك معها، وصولاً لمراحل كان وزير الخارجية الروسية سيرغي لافروف المعني بمتابعة الملف السياسي لسورية، يضطر للحديث عن دي ميتسورا بلغة تحميله مسؤوليات الدعم للإرهاب والمماطلة بالقيام بالواجب والانحراف عن المهمة، وتوظيف صفته كمبعوث أممي بصورة غير نزيهة، وكثيراً ما عطّل دي ميستورا مبادرات روسية من نوع توسيع وفد المعارضة أو تخطّي الحديث عن هيئة حكم انتقالي للذهاب إلى سقف سياسي واقعي للحل ينطلق من الدستور السوري ويتضمّن تعديله وإجراء انتخابات على اساسه. ولم ينسَ لافروف مداخلات دي ميستورا في مجلس الأمن التي لم يتورّع خلالها عن اتهام روسيا بارتكاب جرائم حرب، أما سورية فلا يمكن أن تنسى كل محطات التصادم مع دي ميستورا وسلوكه الخبيث ولا مؤامراته في الجوهر وفي التفاصيل.

– شكّل التزامن بين انتصار الجيش السوري مدعوماً من حلفائه في حلب، مع انتخاب أنطونيو غوتيريس كأمين عام جديد للأمم المتحدة، متغيّراً في وجهة الظروف المحيطة بعمل دي ميستورا، الذي تنتهي مهمته في الربيع ما لم يجدّدها غوتيريس. والمعلومات تقول إن التفاهم الذي سمح لغوتيريس بالفوز بالمنصب تضمّن اتفاقاً مع روسيا بإعفاء دي ميستورا من مهامه، وتسمية بديل عنه يتفق عليه مع موسكو. وفي مطلع العام تبلّغ دي ميستورا من الأمين العام إنهاء مهامه في الربيع، فتعهد بالتنسيق مع روسيا وسحب الفيتو عن مواصلة مهامه، ويبدو أن شيئاً من هذا قد حصل مع المواقف التي عبّر عنها دي ميستورا مؤخراً، وما تتضمّنه من تشكيل وفد جامع للمعارضة بالتراضي أو بالإكراه، ومن سقف سياسي يتضمّن حكومة ودستوراً وانتخابات. وما الحملة التي نظّمتها المعارضة المقيمة في الرياض عليه إلا صدى لصوت وزير الخارجية السعودية عادل الجبير لاستعادة المبعوث الأممي المتبدّل، بينما تدخل الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة لدعمه ليس إلا صدى التفاهم بين غوتيريس ولافروف.

– انتقل مجدداً مع انتصار حلب ومسار أستانة، دور المبعوث الأممي والأمم المتحدة ليكون تحت الاختبار لدرجة ملاءمته للمتغيرات، ينجح دي ميستورا أو يفشل!

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Syria and the performance of the allies Putin & Lavrov – Al Khamenei & Rouhani سورية وأداء الحلفاء بوتين ولافروف الخامنئي وروحاني

Syria and the performance of the allies

Putin & Lavrov – Al Khamenei & Rouhani

Written by Nasser Kandil,

During the past days we witnessed positions that raised debate about the situation in Syria; these positions were issued by the most prominent allies of Syria internationally and regionally Russia and Iran.  That led to confusion about the image of these two allies in the eyes of the Syrians in particular and the Arabs in general, and the people who observe and see what the Syrians and their allies say about the differences between the treatment of an ally to an ally and  the treatment of the colonial to the subordinate. Some echoes of these questions and suggestions have reached the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov from malicious sites by some of the opponents, which likened the draft of the suggested Russian constitution for Syria to the constitution that was formed by the representative of the US occupation Paul Bremer for Iraq. So this has obliged the Minister Lavrov and his spokesman Maria Zkharova to clarify.

At previous time the Russians talked about a draft of a federal constitution for Syria, and they were trying to open paths in front of the Kurdish groups, however at similar time the Iranians talked about a draft of a new constitution and constitutional reforms for Syria, and about sharing the powers of the president and the government, they were trying to form opposition platform that is similar to Cairo’s platform and Moscow’s platform. In the past days, in addition to the talk about the draft of the Russian constitution for Syria was the speech of the Minister Lavrov which we discussed here in this corner in which he said that without the intervention of Moscow, Damascus was about to fall within two or three weeks at the hands of the terrorism, and yesterday the Iranian President Al Sheikh Hassan Rouhani has said that without the intervention of Iran Damascus and Baghdad were about to be governments for the terrorists.

The debate about the Russian and the Iranian positions is divided between two extremisms, each one of them belongs to misapprehension and misconception. The first extremism is the talk about the Russian and the Iranian interests that put the two allied countries at the level of any countries that have interests that do not behave at the basis of the alliance and the diligence, but at the basis of the convergence of the spirit of tyranny and guardianship according to what they have presented to Syria and consider it a justification to practice this guardianship. The second extremism is a speech of denial that is similar to the error committed by the Iranian and the Russian speech by saying that without Syria, Iran and Russia were about to fall and there is no favor for each one of them in the victories of Syria.

What must be noticed by all the allies; the Russian, the Iranian, and the Syrian and others of those who confronted the US arrogance and its project of hegemony is that the war is not over yet and it still has rounds, and it is not possible for a declining alliance that fights on counting gains to win, so all these lapses must be discusses as lapses, starting from that the speech which expresses deeply the position of Russia is the speech of the President Putin as a leader and politics-maker, he said that Russia has fought with Syria in defense of Moscow, at a ceremony in Kremlin  he said that “ the terrorists in Syria do  not hide their expansion plans” calling his forces to be ready for the appropriate response to the threats, indicating to the permanent seek of Moscow to solve the crisis in Syria through the political and the diplomatic ways. He indicated as well that the terrorists in Syria describe frankly Russia as an enemy and they do not hide their expansion plans, pointing out that the Russian forces in Syria are defending the national interests of Russia, he estimated highly the work of the Russian armed forces in Syria considering that “the war skill of the Russian army is improving now due to the military process in Syria” he added “ Through their fighting in this Middle Eastern county, our soldiers and officers protect the interests of the Russian Federation  and eliminating the militants who call directly our home as an enemy, did not hide their expansion plans on the Russian territories and the Commonwealth of independent States. The Iranian leader and the Supreme Leader of Iran Al Sayyed Ali Khamenei said in similar speech in the funeral of Iranian soldiers and officers who were killed in Syria “if we did not fight in Syria, we would fight the terrorism and the strife in Tehran, Fares, and Khorasan”.

The speech of the President Putin and Al Sayyed Khamenei is based on the depth of the strategy and estimating the mutual contribution of the allies in protecting each other’s security. The speech of Lavrov and Rouhani is the speech of the politician who has to show the strength of the country which he represented and its status as a prelude for the international and regional negotiation. Noting that the security of the Mediterranean which Syria represents an important element in it, and on which the security of the West depends was about to change radically without the Russian and the Iranian roles, but the blame here is that the goal can be reached with expressions that do not affect or hurt the national dignity of the Syrians by showing that their role as people, army and president a secondary role in achieving the victory on the terrorism, while it is a constituent role which without it there is no value neither for the Russian support nor for the Iranian support, which without the people, the army , and the president in Syria they were as the blind US force in Iraq at the phase of the occupation or the failed US force in Raqqa due to the absence of the active ground force which is able to fill the gaps caused by the aerial bombardment in the ranks of the terrorist enemy. The effect of the show which is needed by the major countries internationally and regionally in their maneuvers would not have been underestimated if it had said that without the steadfastness of the people and the army in addition to the two allies in Syria and their support and solidarity, Damascus was about to fall and to be ruled by the terrorists.

In the issue of the constitution and the Russian draft, the followers of the politics sideline know that there is Russian plan that is similar to Astana plan, which many people talked about its failure while it succeeds in igniting a termination and extermination war between the armed groups and Al-Nusra front, as the draft of the constitution which neutralized the right of the President of standing as a candidate, and has ignored his powers in leading the armed forces and his right to be a candidate for two new terms each one of seven years, it has collected what is said by every opponent  faction regarding the other terms and has made out of its incoherent constitution and presented it to be debated upon by everyone, self-rule for the Kurds and positions that depends on sects except the non –sectarian presidencies,  no constitution that based on law, Syria will be entitled the Syrian Republic, no expanded decentralization, two election associations one is national and the other for the areas, ignored the circulation just from the Syrian state, and the final word will be for the referendum, but what is related to the President which is the strategic value of the constitution will be out of circulation after transferring all the powers related to the administrative  and the economic affairs to the Council of Ministry. Once again we say that Russia was not in need to submit a draft under its name, it is enough to gather popular opponents and assuming someone of them to submit the draft under Russian encouragement and sponsorship and to assign a secretariat from the participants to formulate a draft from the discussions under Russian implicit supervision to have the same draft under the name of Moscow Dialogues’ draft without raising what provoked murmurs to the extent of accusing Russia of guardianship.

Deeply, neither Russia nor Iran are countries that have interests in the opportunistic sense, as Syria not so for sure, each of the allies has in its records dozens of evidences of what it received to sell its alliance in prices that surpass the direct interests which it will gain from its sticking to that alliance, but Russia, Syria, and Iran have deep mutual strategic interests that based on opposing the US hegemony and countering the terrorism in the concepts of the national security and the national dignity and the sovereignty. Everything experienced by the past years is enough to say that what drives the allies is the deep strategic interests not the direct superficial interests which usually arise between the colonizer and the guardian on one hand and the subordinate on the other hand as the case with America and its allies, where no one can find a justification that is related to the deep interests and the national security for a country such as France or Saudi Arabia with America.

Neither Russia nor Iran can, knowing that they surely do not want to manipulate with the fate of Syria as some people who talk about buying and selling and transactions that they fear. There were   gaps in the performance that require the review and the attention, because the condition of the power and the cohesion of the allies is their penetrating into the popular conscience, it basis is the feeling of the national pride. It is enough to say what was said by Al Sayyed Hassan Nasrollah after the victory of Aleppo where the resistance has a big contribution in its achievement “ the Syrian people, their leadership, and their army are those who have taken the decision of the confrontation, their steadfastness is the basis for achieving the victory of Aleppo, while the role of the allies was a complementary, integrated, and a supportive factor”, pointing out that “the Syrians are making the future of their country and the entire region”.

The speech of the leaders is different from the non-politicians to which we aspire to that it will be at the level of the speech of the leaders, because we trust those by whom this speech is issued and the size of their experience, their status, responsibilities, and their awareness of the accuracy of what we experience as circumstances and pitfalls and who ambushes us at every crossroads and stop.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,

سورية وأداء الحلفاء بوتين ولافروف الخامنئي وروحاني

يناير 30, 2017

ناصر قنديل

– شهدنا خلال الأيام الماضية مواقف أثارت جدلاً حول الوضع في سورية صادرة عن حليفين هما الأبرز دولياً وإقليمياً لسورية، روسيا وإيران، ما أثار تشوشاً حول صورة هذين الحليفين في عيون السوريين خصوصاً والعرب عموماً، والشعوب التي تراقب وتنظر إلى ما يقوله السوريون وحلفاؤهم عن الفوارق بين معاملة الحليف للحليف، ومعاملة المستعمر للتابع، وقد وصلت بعض أصداء هذه التساؤلات والتلميحات إلى أذان وزير الخارجية الروسية سيرغي لافروف من مواقع خبيثة لبعض المعارضين شبّهت مشروع الدستور الروسي المقترح لسورية بالدستور الذي وضعه ممثل الاحتلال الأميركي بول بريمر للعراق، ما اضطر الوزير لافروف والمتحدثة باسمه ماريا زاخاروفا للتوضيح.

– في مرة سابقة تحدّث الروس عن مشروع دستور فدرالي لسورية، وكانوا يحاولون فتح القنوات على الجماعات الكردية. وفي مرة مشابهة تحدّث الإيرانيون عن مشروع دستور جديد وإصلاحات دستورية لسورية وتقاسم صلاحيات الرئيس والحكومة. وكانوا يسعون لتشكيل منصة معارضة شبيهة بمنصة القاهرة ومنصة موسكو. وفي الأيام الماضية كانت إضافة للحديث عن مشروع الدستور الروسي لسورية، كلام للوزير لافروف ناقشناه هنا في هذه الزاوية يقول فيه إنه لولا تدخل موسكو لسقطت دمشق خلال أسبوعين أو ثلاثة بيد الإرهاب، وأمس كلام للرئيس الإيراني الشيخ حسن روحاني يقول فيه، لو لم تتدخل إيران لكانت في دمشق وبغداد اليوم حكومات للإرهابيين.

– ينقسم النقاش حول المواقف الروسية والإيرانية بين تطرفين ينتسب كل منهما لخطأ في التفكير والتحليل. التطرف الأول الحديث عن أطماع روسية وإيرانية تضع البلدين الحليفين في مصاف أي دول ذات مصالح لا تتصرّف بخلفية التحالف والحرص، بل بخلفية تقارب روح التسلّط والوصاية بالاستناد إلى ما قدّمته لسورية وتعتبره مبرراً لممارسة هذه الوصاية. والتطرف الثاني هو في خطاب إنكار مشابه للخطأ المرتكب في الكلام الإيراني والروسي، عبر القول إنه لولا سورية لكانت إيران وروسيا سقطتا، وإن لا جميل لأي منهما في انتصارات سورية.

– الذي يجب الانتباه إليه لدى الحلفاء جميعاً، الروسي والإيراني والسوري وسواهم، من الذين خرجوا يواجهون الغطرسة الأميركية ومشروعها للهيمنة، هو أن الحرب لم تنته ولم يزل أمامها أشواط، لا يمكن الفوز بها بحلف متخلخل، يتقاتل على ترصيد المكاسب، ولذلك تجب مناقشة كل هذه الهفوات بحجمها كهفوات، منطلقين من أن الكلام الذي يعبر بعمق عن موقف روسيا هو كلام الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين كزعيم صانع للسياسة، قال إن روسيا قاتلت مع سورية دفاعاً عن موسكو، وخلال كلمة له في احتفال اُقيم في الكرملين، قال بوتين «إن الإرهابيين في سورية لا يخفون خططهم التوسعية»، داعياً قواته الى ان تكون جاهزة للردّ المناسب على التهديدات، مشيراً الى سعي موسكو الدائم لحل الأزمة في سورية بالطرق السياسية والدبلوماسية. وأشار الرئيس الروسي إلى أن الإرهابيين في سورية يصفون روسيا صراحة بالعدو ولا يخفون خططهم التوسعية، لافتاً إلى أن القوات الروسية تدافع في سورية عن مصالح روسيا الوطنية. وثمّن بوتين عالياً عمل القوات المسلحة الروسية في سورية معتبراً «أن المهارة الحربية للجيش الروسي تزداد تحسناً الآن وبفضل العملية العسكرية في سورية»، مضيفاً «فبقتالهم في هذا البلد الشرق أوسطي يحمي جنودنا وضباطنا مصالح الاتحاد الروسي ويقضون على المسلحين الذين يسمون وطننا مباشرة عدواً، ولا يخفون خططهم التوسعية بما فيه على الأراضي الروسية ورابطة الدول المستقلة».

– وفي كلام مشابه للزعيم الإيراني ومرشد الجمهورية السيد علي خامنئي يقول في تشييع ضباط وجنود من الإيرانيين الذين سقطوا في سورية «لو لم نقاتل في سورية، لكان علينا أن نقاتل الإرهاب والفتنة في طهران وفارس وخراسان».

– كلام الرئيس بوتين والسيد الخامنئي مبني على عمق الاستراتيجية وتقدير الإسهام المتبادل للحلفاء في حماية أحدهما أمن الآخر. وكلام لافروف وروحاني كلام السياسي الذي عليه تظهير قوة الدولة التي يمثلها ومكانتها تمهيداً لموائد التفاوض، الدولية والإقليمية، بالإشارة إلى أن أمن المتوسط الذي تمثل سورية حلقة هامة فيه ويتوقف عليه أمن الغرب كله كان ليختلف جذرياً لولا الدورين الروسي والإيراني، لكن المأخذ هنا هو على كون الهدف قابل للبلوغ بتعابير لا تمسّ ولا تجرح الكرامة الوطنية للسوريين بتصوير دورهم شعباً وجيشاً ورئيساً ثانويا في تحقيق النصر على الإرهاب، بينما هو دور تأسيسي ما كان بدونه ليكون قيمة للدعم الروسي ولا للدعم الإيراني، اللذين كان ليصيرا بلا الشعب والجيش والرئيس في سورية، كما القوة الأميركية العمياء في العراق زمن الاحتلال أو القوة الأميركية الفاشلة في الرقة بسبب غياب القوة البرية الفاعلة والقادرة على ملء الفراغات التي يحدثها القصف الجوي في صفوف العدو الإرهابي، وما كان لينتقص من مفعول الاستعراض الذي تحتاجه الدول العظمى دولياً وإقليمياً في مناوراتها، لو قيل لولا صمود الشعب والجيش الحليفين في سورية ومساندتنا ودعمنا لسقطت دمشق وحكمها الإرهابيون.

– في قضية الدستور والمسودة الروسية يعرف المتابعون لكواليس السياسة أن هناك خطة روسية تشبه خطة أستانة، التي تحدّث كثيرون عن فشلها، بينما ها هي تنجح بإشعال حرب تصفية وإبادة بين الجماعات المسلحة وجبهة النصرة، ومثلها مسودة الدستور التي حيّدت حق الرئيس بالترشح وتجاهلته ومثله تجاهلت صلاحياته بقيادة القوات المسلحة وحقه بالترشح لولايتين جديدتين، كل ولاية من سبع سنوات، وجمعت كل ما يقوله كل فصيل معارض في البنود الأخرى وجعات منها دستوراً غير متماسك ووضعته في النقاش، ليناقش الجميع الجميع. حكم ذاتي للأكراد ومناصب تراعي الطوائف ما دون الرئاسات اللاطائفية، ولا دستور يستند إلى الشريعة واسم سورية الجمهورية السورية، ولامركزية موسّعة وجمعيتان انتخابيتان واحدة وطنية وأخرى للمناطق، وتركت التداول وسيكون مثله من الدولة السورية، وكلمة الفصل للاستفتاء، لكن يكون ما يتصل بالرئيس وهو القيمة الاستراتيجية للدستور قد بقي خارج التداول، بعدما نقلت كل الصلاحيات المتصلة بالشؤون الإدارية والاقتصادية إلى مجلس الوزراء. ومرة أخرى نقول لم تكن روسيا مضطرة لتقديم مسودة باسمها، فيكفي جمع معارضين يتداولون وتولي أحدهم تقديم مسودة بتشجيع ورعاية روسيتين، وتكليف أمانة سر من المشاركين بصياغة مسودة من المناقشات بإشراف ضمني روسي لتخرج المسودة ذاتها باسم مسودة حوارات موسكو من دون أن تثير ما أثارت من لغط وتنثر غباراً يصل حد الاتهام لروسيا بالوصاية.

– في العمق ليست روسيا ولا إيران دول مصالح بالمعنى الانتهازي، كما سورية ليست كذلك بالتأكيد، وكل من الحلفاء في سجله عشرات الشواهد على ما تلقاه من عروض ليبيع حلفه بالآخر، بأسعار تفيض المصالح المباشرة التي سيجنيها من تمسكه بهذا الحلف، لكن لروسيا وسورية وإيران مصالح استراتيجية عميقة متبادلة تقوم على مناوأة الهيمنة الأميركية والتصدي للإرهاب، بمفاهيم الأمن القومي والكرامة الوطنية والسيادة. وكل ما شهدته السنوات الماضية كافٍ ليقول إن ما يحرك الحلفاء هو المصالح الاستراتيجية العميقة وليست المصالح السطحية المباشرة التي تنشأ عادة بين المستعمر والوصي من جهة والتابع من جهة أخرى بمثل حال اميركا وحلفائها، حيث لا يمكن لأحد العثور على مبرر يتصل بالمصالح العميقة وبالأمن القومي لدولة مثل فرنسا أو السعودية مع أميركا.

– ليس بيد روسيا ولا بيد إيران، لو أرادتا، وهما لا تريدان أصلاً، التلاعب بمصير سورية، كي يتحدث البعض عن بيع وشراء وصفقات يخشاها. فما جرى هو ثغرات في الأداء تستوجب المراجعة والانتباه، وشرط قوة وتماسك التحالفات دخولها في الوجدان الشعبي، وأساسه الشعور بالعزة الوطنية، ويكفي لقول ما يجب قوله استعادة ما قاله السيد حسن نصرالله بعد نصر حلب الذي كان للمقاومة إسهام كبير في تحقيقه، «إن الشعب السوري وقيادته وجيشه هم مَن أخذوا قرار المواجهة، وصمودهم هو الأساس في تحقيق نصر حلب، وإن دور الحلفاء عامل مكمّل ومتمّم ومساعد»، لافتاً إلى أن «السوريين يصنعون مستقبل بلدهم والمنطقة كلها».

– كلام الزعماء غير كلام السياسيين الذي نتطلع إليه بمستوى كلام الزعماء، لثقتنا بمن يصدر عنهم وحجم خبرتهم ومكانتهم ومسؤولياتهم وإدراكهم دقة ما نعبر من ظروف ومطبات ومَن يتربص بنا عند كل مفترق ومحطة.

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عودة دمشق أم عودة العروبة للجامعة!؟

فبراير 3, 2017

سعد الله الخليل

لم تأتِ الدعوة الروسيّة إلى تجديد عضويّة سورية في جامعة الدول العربيّة، وعلى لسان رأس الدبلوماسيّة الروسية سيرغي لافروف، من فراغ أو مجرد استثمار لمناسبة عابرة تتمثّل بِاختتام اجتماع منتدى التعاون الروسي العربي في موسكو، إنّما تستند إلى مقوّمات سياسيّة وميدانيّة فرضتها ظروف الحرب على سورية بسنواتها الست العِجاف من جهة، والرؤية السياسيّة الدبلوماسيّة الروسيّة من جهةٍ أخرى.

تُدرك موسكو أنّ جزءاً كبيراً من الحرب التي شُنّت على سورية نتيجة لتمسّكها بالقضايا القوميّة، ولوقوفها في وجه مشاريع الغرب للسيطرة على القرار العربي، وأنّ إخراجها من منظومة الجامعة العربية كان في سياق مشروع مخطّط له لشنّ تدخّل عسكريّ ضدّ سورية، عبر نقل الملف السوري إلى مجلس الأمن، وهو ما أضرّ بالجهود الصادقة لحلّ الأزمة السوريّة منذ بدايتها كما أضرّ بمنظومة الجامعة، وبطبيعة الحال لم يُخرج دمشق من عروبتها. وبالتالي، فإنّ السّعي الروسي يأتي لضمان انسيابيّة الحلول السياسيّة للأزمة السوريّة، ضمن مسارات المؤسسات الرسميّة ولو شكلياً، كونها تُدرك عجز الجامعة عن الخروج من المنظومة الغربيّة وتحالفاتها في الحرب على سورية، وبالتالي لن تكون مُنصفة بحقّ دمشق في قادمات الأيام بما ينسجم مع تاريخها القريب في التعاطي مع الأحداث. وتُضاف إلى دوافع موسكو، رؤيتها للسياسة الدوليّة القائمة على احترام الشرعيّة الدوليّة وسلطة القانون الدوليّ، وهو ما يدفعها للسّعي لإعادة الأمور إلى نصاب المؤسسات والمنظمات، والجامعة العربية إحدى تلك المؤسسات بطبيعة الحال…

أمّا في توقيت الدعوة، فيبدو أنّها رغبة روسيّة إضافيّة في التأكيد على موقف موسكو على احترام عروبة سورية، خصوصاً بعد ما رُوّج عن مسوّدة الدستور السوريّ والتي وزّعتها موسكو على الأطراف السوريّة في لقاء أستانة، بأنّها تُسقط عروبة سورية كون المسوّدة وصفت سورية بالجمهورية السوريّة وغابت كلمة العربيّة عنها. وبالتالي، فإنّ الدعوة الروسية تُنهي اللغط الدائر حول المسوّدة، وتضع الكرة في ملعب الجامعة لإدراك موسكو بأنّ أيّ دور للجامعة لا يمكن أن يتمّ من دون عودة سورية إليها، ويبدو من ردّ الأمين العام للجامعة أحمد أبو الغيط، أنّ الجامعة ستطبّق أيّ قرار يتمّ الاتفاق عليه في الاجتماعات الوزاريّة أو اجتماعات الأمانة العامّة، ما لا يغلق الأبواب على تلك الدعوى بما يبقيها مشرّعة لنقاش الخطوة من دون أن تحبط الرؤوس الحامية التي أخرجت سورية من الجامعة، لتأتي كلمة سرّ العودة من بوابة الإجماع العربي.

في الدخول لحيثيّات وتفاصيل الخطوة، فإنّ الدعوة لعودة سورية إلى الجامعة العربيّة تحمل دلالات عدّة، خصوصاً إذا ما بحثنا في ماهيّة الجامعة ودورها في تسعير الحرب على سورية، لتغدو الخطوة بداية هزيمة لمخطّط إسقاط سورية، وانتصاراً لدمشق التي فرضت بصمودها تغيير المعادلات الإقليميّة والدوليّة. وبالتالي، فإنّ العودة في حال تمّت، ليست منّة، بل استحقاق واعتراف بسقوط المشروع القطريّ السعوديّ التركي بالهيمنة على العالم العربيّ من بوابة البترودولار، كمنصّة لتنفيذ الأجندات الغربيّة والتي كرّست عمالة الأنظمة العربية لقوى الإمبرياليّة. وبناءً على التحالفات السوريّة خلال سنوات الأزمة، فإنّ العودة السوريّة لن تضيف أيّ مكسب سياسيّ لدمشق في منطق المصالح وحسابات الربح والخسارة، فمن يقف في محور موسكو وطهران ودول بحجم دول بريكس وشنغهاي، ليس بحاجة للسّعي إلى العودة لمنظّمة شبه ميتة كالجامعة العربيّة…

الموقف السوري لم ولن يكون في هذا الوارد، بل سيجعل من العودة السوريّة إلى الجامعة خياراً لا بُدّ منه لمواجهة ومحاسبة من ساهم في الحرب على سورية، وكمنطلق لتفكيك المعسكر المعادي لسورية في السياسة كما فكّكته عسكريّاً، وأسقطت كلّ مشاريع الاستحواذ بالمنطقة انطلاقاً من بوابة إسقاط سورية.

بين خيارات العروبة والعرب والعربان، ترجح كفّة العروبة في التفكير الجمعي لكلّ المكوّنات السورية شعباً وقيادة، وبالتالي لن تسمح سورية لأيّ من خصومها بالاستفراد بالجامعة العربية وجعل دورها شرعنة التدخّل الأجنبي والعسكري في الدول العربيّة المستقرة، ما يجعل من العودة أمر غير مستبعد ويدخل في حسابات الدولة السوريّة.

تُدرك سورية والجامعة العربيّة أنّ عودة سورية إلى صفوف الجامعة، يخدم الجامعة أكثر ممّا يخدم سورية، ويُعيد إليها عروبتها المفقودة بغياب سورية عن اجتماعاتها ومؤسّساتها.

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The Trump-Putin Phone Call: New US-Russia Partnership? Hold the Cheers!

Global Research, January 29, 2017
Trump and Putin

Except for cooperating during WW II to defeat Nazism, America has been largely adversarial toward Russia for the past century.

On Saturday, Trump and Putin spoke by phone. Discussion lasted nearly an hour. Both leaders agreed to continue “regular personal contacts.”

They’ll meet later in the year for face-to-face talks on an unspecified date at a mutually acceptable venue. A White House statement said the following:

The positive call was a significant start to improving the relationship between the United States and Russia that is in need of repair.

Both President Trump and President Putin are hopeful that after today’s call the two sides can move quickly to tackle terrorism and other important issues of mutual concern.

A more detailed Kremlim press service statement said “(t)he pressing international problems, including tackling terrorism, the developments in the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the strategic stability and non-proliferation area, the situation around Iran’s nuclear program and the Korean Peninsula were discussed in detail.”

The key aspects of the Ukrainian crisis have been touched upon as well. It has been agreed to establish partner-type cooperation in those and other areas.

The presidents spoke in favor of creating real coordination of Russian and American actions with a purpose to defeat the ISIL and other terrorist groups in Syria.

Both sides demonstrated their will to take joint steps to stabilize and expand the cooperation between Russia and the United States, on a constructive, equal and mutually beneficial basis.

It was stressed that it is important to restore the mutually advantageous trade and economic ties between business circles of the two countries, which could further enhance a gradual and sustainable development of bilateral relations.

Saturday’s conversation was the first one between both leaders since Trump’s inauguration. One phone call doesn’t erase a century of US-instigated hostility, its longstanding plans for regime change, thousands of US-led heavily armed NATO forces positioned on Russia’s borders, and virtually the entire Congress opposed to normalized relations.

Putin reportedly told Trump he sees Washington as Russia’s most important partner in fighting the scourge of terrorism.

After his deceptive reset outreach, Obama hugely soured bilateral relations. Stepping back from the brink won’t be easy, warm relations likely impossible after adversarial ones for so long.

Bipartisan congressional consensus irresponsibly considers Putin public enemy number one. America’s intelligence community and major media challenged Trump’s legitimacy.

Congress may block lifting sanctions on Russia by executive order. Trump said he’s open to doing it “if we can make some good (bilateral) deals…”

He tweeted and publicly said having good relations with Russia is a good thing. He warned only “fools” believe otherwise.

Moscow is no stranger to US duplicity, its practice of saying one thing and doing another. Putin will proceed cautiously in relations with Trump.

He’ll welcome anything positive, knowing things can change unacceptably any time for any reason. It happened so many times before.

Last week, addressing Russia’s lower house State Duma, Sergey Lavrov said “(w)e have no illusions that there will be a new reset with the United States. We have no naive expectations.”

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at

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